The City Climb at the Edge, Hudson Yards , New York City

Sinead Lonergan 16 November 2022
The City Climb at The Edge, Hudson Yards, New York City!

I’ve always said it’s not possible to be bored in NYC – it certainly is the city that never sleeps and there is literally something for everybody there.

For the adventurous brigade and thrill seekers among you – check out the City Climb at The Edge in the Hudson Yards area. Opened in 2019, it really offers a level of adventure, without the need to get your hands dirty!!

The Edge is suitable for everybody in your group. You will experience magnificent views over downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River across to Jersey City and all the way across to Staten Island past the “Lady in the bay” from the observation deck (uptown is also fully viewable; albeit from the inside area). Standing on the glass floor section isn’t necessarily for the faint hearted – but it’s surreal to be able to take a photo of your feet all the way down to street level some 1100 feet below!!

If you really want to step it up a gear, you should try the City Climb. It’s not for the faint-hearted and a head for heights is very useful (although one gentleman in our group was doing it as a final stage to overcome a height-phobia he has had for years – a bit extreme in my own opinion!!!). The trip is a 2-hour experience from start to finish – the excitement builds as your group is weighed, their heights are checked and they go through the first of the safety briefings. Participants are then moved on to get kitted out with their overalls, harnesses, helmets and gloves. This is when things start to get a little more real and even the bravest in the group start to become quiet in themselves and you might even see a nervous tremble in some of their hands or legs with the anticipation of what is going to happen next.

The final indoor step is when their harnesses are secured to the track system- everybody goes quiet at this stage and it’s hard to grasp if it’s excitement or nervousness that has caused it!!

Finally, your group gets to step out to “the cliff”- where they have uninterrupted views across Jersey City, the entire Westside & along the Hudson- it’s also their first opportunity to “look down”- quite the experience!! I am assured that despite the nerves you actually feel totally safe and secure at this point. The guides are excellent and have finely mastered the art of putting the participants at ease.

A trek then of 100-150 feet along a narrow steel stair – from where you can enjoy the best possible views of downtown – to the Apex. This is where you get the “hang out”, first facing forwards/ downwards where you can shout hello to your friends below on the “The Edge” observation deck (not a hope of them hearing you with the wind though); then facing backwards, putting your arms wide and tasting a level of exhilaration few people might ever get to enjoy!!! Time then for the group photos and some free time to do more hanging out if you have really got the feel for it.

With the Apex at 1270 feet tall – you have now completed the highest open air building ascent in the world ……………………. An achievement not many people dare or accomplish!!

Tips: No matter what the weather is like down at street level it is going to be cold up there with the wind-chill – dress accordingly. Only book as close as you can to the date/time you would like and check the weather forecast before completing the booking – to give yourself the best chance of having a clear day and maximum visibility.

Try to do it so that you will be at the Apex for dusk – seeing the lights start to flick on throughout Manhattan is very special (they also do night-climbs) Video footage of the adventure is included in the admission fee – but buy the photo package from them, for $27 it is well worth it.

Enjoy – as the sign inside the “weigh-room” says.

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”!!!!