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Wouldn’t you love a tailormade break away without any of the hassle? Get in touch with me today and let’s talk about your next holiday.

Exploring holiday options online can leave you frustrated and weary. Between the information overload on the internet, and the overwhelm you feel now that Covid has changed how we travel – from hiring a car abroad, to visas, vaccines, safety issues and hidden taxes, it can quickly become overcomplicated and leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless.
As you head into your second summer without a foreign holiday, you want security and reassurance. And yes, you are looking forward to having a nice break – you’ve earned one!

I’m Sinead Lonergan, an award-winning Travel Counsellor based in Westmeath and Offaly. I have walked in your shoes and have travelled the world for over twenty years.
I’ve been the newly engaged fiancée, on the hunt for that perfect honeymoon without the stress. Seeking that perfect get away together for some quality time. As a former wedding planner, I also know how much work you’ve put into your big day and how much your honeymoon means to you.

As a mum and wife, I know the stress of getting out and about, and arranging a family holiday. It’s important to get it right and to make happy memories together.
I understand how busy you get and that desire to jump off the hamster wheel and unwind - to see the world and experience new cultures.
I have also worked with retirees, who have looked forward to their long-awaited holidays, whether it’s safaris, cruises or adventures.

I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your holiday hopes and dreams. Getting to know you and what you want from a holiday is one of the best parts of my job. I offer a personalised service and treat each itinerary as if it were my own with my client’s needs at the heart of everything that I do.
With your itinerary booked, you can relax and enjoy your tailormade holiday while I make sure it all runs smoothly.

I promise you will have a stress-free holiday that will recharge you, inspire you and make you feel like YOU again.
I can see you now – relaxing on the plane and ready to take-off on your adventure. Or, stepping onto that cruise ship to see the sights of the world while traveling in luxury. Did I mention that I lived and worked on cruise ships for ten years? I also won the 2018 and 2019 Best Cruise recognition by the Irish Travel Counsellors and I am considered to be a cruise expert.

Don’t take a gamble on planning your holiday - there’s never been a more important time to have someone you know and trust looking after your travel investment.
Travel Counsellors are licensed and bonded with the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland.
And talk to me about our flexible promise itineraries. Enjoy the extra peace of mind as we can amend your travel itineraries up to eight weeks before your trip.
Even if you’re travelling solo, you’re never alone with a Travel Counsellor. You’ll also have use of the myTC travel app - a direct line of contact with me. Together with our 24-hour duty office, we are with you every step of the way.

You deserve the holiday of your dreams so get in touch today


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