November in New York.

Sinead Lonergan 16 November 2022
November in New York

The only thing cold about New York in November is the weather!! The atmosphere of course is always pretty electric, and the Thanksgiving buzz is really getting in full flight and the appearance of the Christmas decorations adds a further level of excitement to any visit at this time of year.

Ireland is good at Christmas displays - but the tree at The Rockefeller Centre, the night show in Saks 5th Avenue, the window display in Macy’s and Bloomingdales, not to mention the Christmas markets and Ice-skating rink in Bryant Park, all add that extra Christmas dimension and a bit more pizzazz.

Staying one block from Times Square at the Riu Plaza makes access to everything simple. Both Central Park & mid-town shopping are a short walk, and you are only a few blocks from Subway accessibility to the entire city.

Apart from the excellent breakfast buffet, the hotel boasts a spacious bar and an excellent coffee shop. The hotel is located at the end of the famous “Restaurant Row” so dining out is a straightforward operation (although choosing your favourite restaurant after a few days here is not such a simple task!!!). If you want to move beyond the immediate neighbourhood- there is Mama Mia 44, a wonderful family run (3 generations) Italian just 2 blocks away. Or of course, you have Times Square favourites such as the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co or Carmines Italian.

In most places throughout the world Irish Bars are often avoided as they are not Irish owned or run at all - that is certainly not the case in NYC where there is a plethora of well-run establishments to choose from. If the Diddly Idols happen to be playing a gig in O’Donoghue’s (44 Street between Broadway & 6th) make sure to drop in & you will be guaranteed some great entertainment. If you are looking for real authentic American Sports Bar concept but with the welcome & service, you would expect from a real Irish bar then Daltons (9th Ave between 43 &44 Street) is the place for you.

Apart from the usual dining out & shopping what is there on offer? Very simply, it is not possible to be bored in New York City!! This trip was a group of 8, all with various interests. Here is our activity list:

-A visit to The Edge at Hudson Yards ~ spectacular views of New York City. Book for later in day to avail of day and night views.

-Two of the group braved the City Climb adventure where they got the opportunity to climb the top section of the 1270-foot-tall sky-scraper - certainly not for the faint hearted, but it was the highlight of their trip

-Tour of the retired US Navy Ship USS Intrepid

- Daily morning walks/ runs around Central Park

-Walk the New York Highline & visit Little Island Park

-Ferry tours on the Hudson River

-The Summit ~ Much like the Edge, this can be enjoyed both day and night. I would always suggest not to book these too early in the morning in case the morning is not so clear.

-Walking the Brooklyn Bridge (making sure to walk from the Brooklyn side back into Manhattan, it is much more spectacular)

-Ice Skating at Bryant Park (morning times are best for the less experienced as its much quieter) But the Christmas Markets and Hot Chocolate during the afternoon & evening is excellent too

-Tour of Ellis Island

-Visit Oculus and Grown Zero

-Christmas Spectacular Rockettes show at Radio City Hall

-Lunch at Ellen’s Stardust Diner ~ This is not to be missed, especially if you are travelling with children

Any trip to NYC is both full on and relaxing at the same time - you are guaranteed an enjoyable time and you will certainly sleep on the return flight!!!!

If you are interested in discussing a trip to New York, do get in touch. New York is amazing at any time of the year.