Lucy's Search for Santa

Sinead Lonergan 07 December 2021

How many times have we been planning a trip abroad to some place exotic and classified it in advance of being a trip of lifetime (probably as the basis for justifying the cost), only to return and start dreaming of a return trip??

Well!! Canterbury’s “Search for Santa” expedition to Lapland is a true once in a lifetime experience that should be enjoyed if the opportunity ever arises for you.

Having flown to the Arctic Circle in Christmas 2021 and experienced Santa’s homeland first hand – this is most definitely a trip worth taking. Of course, it is primarily for the kids – but it’s safe to say that all the adults on the trip came away believing in some of the magic as well.

This is as authentic an experience as you are likely to find. Your accommodation is in traditional Finnish Log Cabins at the ski-resort of Pyha and every morning and evening you trek with your little-ones through the forest area through the snow for mealtimes. Whilst it is a commercial ski-resort; the whole thing is not one bit “commercialised”. Every cabin has its own toboggans so you can do your own little sleigh rides at every opportunity. The fact that there is 20 hours of darkness doesn’t at all inhibit the experience.

Your coach group is guided through a maze of forest roads – with no sign of any towns or villages – until you have encountered all the elves who give you clues on how & where to find Santa in this magical place. Indeed, the elves along with the singing, are also great entertainment.

Ever gone mushing with Husky Dogs (either as a driver or a passenger)? Ever gone for a ride on an actual Reindeer sleigh, pulled by actual reindeers? Ever driven a Snow-mobile? Ever been able to go tobogganing with your kids relentlessly? Ever had a Sauna in your own log cabin & been able to run outside then to cool-off by rolling in the snow? Ever met the real Santa? (A) All this is possible (B) I have done it all only a few weeks ago with my family and another family of friends. To say we had an incredible experience is simply the understatement of the century. I have been fortunate to visit many corners of the world in my life but can safely state my belief that this trip will stay etched in my memory for a long, long time to come.

To see the amazement on the faces of the children when the elves who work in Santa’s post office are able to find one of their little buddies letter is simply indescribable; let alone seeing their jaws drop and silence befall them when they meet Mrs Clause and Santa himself with their hand written letter in his hand!

The kids really buy into the whole adventure, carefully keeping track of the outstanding “clues” they need to crack – engaging in the theme song at every opportunity (as do the adults) - and of course, letting their hair down at the final nights “We found Santa” disco!!!!

This truly authentic once in a lifetime experience is worth every single cent!!!!!

If a "Search for Santa" is on your bucket list, start looking at it sooner rather than later. I am happy to chat evenings when there is no little ears listening or at any time that suits you.