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Exploring holiday options online can leave you frustrated and weary. Between the information overload on the internet, and the overwhelm you feel now that Covid has changed how we travel – from hiring a car abroad, to visas, vaccines, safety issues and hidden taxes, it can quickly become overcomplicated and leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless.
As you head into your second summer without a foreign holiday, you want security and reassurance. And yes, you are looking forward to having a nice break – you’ve earned one!

I’m Sinead Lonergan, an award-winning Travel Counsellor based in Westmeath and Offaly. I have walked in your shoes and have travelled the world for over twenty years.
I’ve been the newly engaged fiancée, on the hunt for that perfect honeymoon without the stress. Seeking that perfect get away together for some quality time. As a former wedding planner, I also know how much work you’ve put into your big day and how much your honeymoon means to you.

As a mum and wife, I know the stress of getting out and about, and arranging a family holiday. It’s important to get it right and to make happy memories together.
I understand how busy you get and that desire to jump off the hamster wheel and unwind - to see the world and experience new cultures.
I have also worked with retirees, who have looked forward to their long-awaited holidays, whether it’s safaris, cruises or adventures.

I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your holiday hopes and dreams. Getting to know you and what you want from a holiday is one of the best parts of my job. I offer a personalised service and treat each itinerary as if it were my own with my client’s needs at the heart of everything that I do.
With your itinerary booked, you can relax and enjoy your tailormade holiday while I make sure it all runs smoothly.

I promise you will have a stress-free holiday that will recharge you, inspire you and make you feel like YOU again.
I can see you now – relaxing on the plane and ready to take-off on your adventure. Or, stepping onto that cruise ship to see the sights of the world while traveling in luxury. Did I mention that I lived and worked on cruise ships for ten years? I also won the 2018 and 2019 Best Cruise recognition by the Irish Travel Counsellors and I am considered to be a cruise expert.

Don’t take a gamble on planning your holiday - there’s never been a more important time to have someone you know and trust looking after your travel investment.
Travel Counsellors are licensed and bonded with the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland.
And talk to me about our flexible promise itineraries. Enjoy the extra peace of mind as we can amend your travel itineraries up to eight weeks before your trip.
Even if you’re travelling solo, you’re never alone with a Travel Counsellor. You’ll also have use of the myTC travel app - a direct line of contact with me. Together with our 24-hour duty office, we are with you every step of the way.

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River Cruising

15 March 2024

River Cruising- River vs. Ocean What is a River Cruise? A holiday voyage on a river. The definition can also extend to more than rivers, however. Any inland water body, so lakes count too. Some of the more scenic river cruises may also briefly venture into open waters, where the river empties to the sea. The most noticeably difference between river and ocean cruising is the size of the vessel. River cruises must be much smaller than their counterparts because the navigate narrower and shallower waters. They will rarely exceed 200 passengers. In fact, some luxury river cruise liners will carry less than 100. Cabins tend to be smaller, and they rarely have an interior cabin, and Some river cruises will also offer solo cabins. River cruises don’t tend to have many onboard activities in comparison to ocean cruises. However, river cruise ships can get up close and personal, they tend to dock in the heart of these large and small cities, they visit quaint locations. They tend to include tours and excursions in their overall costings, and these are focused on health, history & culture. River cruises tend to be more all-inclusive than ocean cruises. They offer a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere; they include cultural experiences where you can learn about & taste local specialities in terms of food and wine. They have ever changing views, mountain ranges, lush vineyards, bustling cities, and fairy-tale castles. These stunning River cruise vessels are floating luxury hotels and offer the best sunsets, photographic destinations & a voyage to discovery. The service and food on board is exceptional including dishes local to the region you are visiting. I have just returned from CLIA River Cruise Conference 2024, the most informative few days and I not only had the chance to experience River cruising, I also spent time exploring 11 different river cruise vessels. If River cruising interests you, there are dates available for the next 2 years, so let’s start planning.

Secrets Moxché

09 October 2023

Secrets Moxche, Cancun Secrets Moxche, located in Playa del Carmen first opened its doors in April 2022 and has fast become one of the most sought-after resorts in Cancun. I felt extremely fortunate to have spent a week there in September on my first every Gold Travel Counsellors Trip. Located 5 miles north of downtown Playa del Carmen and 30 miles south of Cancun’s International Airport, it will take 40 minutes to reach this stunning resort from airport. My first impressions were wow, greeted in the usual 5-star Secrets fashion, cold face cloth and crisp glass of bubbles… I was taken from the entrance to the Preferred Club Lounge check in area for a very personal and warm check in. Secrets Moxche has a total of 485 rooms with a few different categories to choose from. I stayed in a Preferred Club Junior Suite with (in my opinion) the best view of the entire resort - check out my pictures and you can decide. The room was so bright and spacious and the bathroom was just out of this world with every amenity you might require over your stay including sun cream and mosquito spray. The balcony with my amazing view had a large bathtub and corner couch. The room itself had all the top-level amenities you would expect in a 5-star all-inclusive resort including steamer and hair dryer and the mini bar was fully stocked and replenished with soft drinks, wines and beer. Like all Secret properties, Moxché has the interactive tablet beside the bed which allows you check daily activities, make reservations in restaurants and spa, check weather etc … extremely useful. Secrets Moxché has a total of 10 restaurants, 7 bars and Coco Café, a 24-hour coffee shop. I didn’t get to experience them all, but here’s my thoughts on what I did experience. Market Café served Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day. I had breakfast here most mornings and some mornings there was live music including a singer, harpist and another morning a sax player. A wide variety and selection of food, hot and cold and displayed so lovely. Very friendly service. Bisou was a French Restaurant and I ate here the first night, typical French, small portions but very appealing on the eye. Barefoot Grill is the perfect name for this Secrets favourite. Serving from 11-6 each day and located right by the pools. Perfect for something quick and easy such as pizza, wings, hotdogs, tacos. etc. Seasoul, is a Seafood Restaurant open for lunch and dinner each day. The fish tacos are their speciality and I loved the open-air concept of the restaurant and the rope swings at the bar was really cool. Bamboo, this is an Asian Restaurant, lovely location overlooking the lagoon pool and live music every lunchtime. It’s also open for dinner each evening. The Conservatory, this is the Preferred Club restaurant and breakfast, lunch and dinner here is out of this world. Allora is an Italian Restaurant. I ate here the last night and it was one of the nicest meals I had. There is indoor and outdoor seating, I sat outside and enjoyed a pesto pasta dish with a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio and watched the evening go by. The resorts boasts 8 heated pools as well as 3 man-made cenotes pools, unique to this specific resort. The Lagoon pool is large and a quieter pool overall. Great place to spend the late afternoon and you can also listen to music from Bamboo. Many of the pools have hot tubs, hammocks and sunchairs in the pool itself. The main pool is located next to the beach and this is the largest and busiest pool with a swim up Sugar Reef Bar. The musicians that played here daily were really amazing and there were numerous other acts around the pool, not to mention the pool activities itself … a busy location, but lots of fun. I must mention the Nightclub, The Gypsy Club, a secret spot, hidden behind the Pharmacy shelves, a speakeasy so you must have the daily password! This was a busy spot every evening and the music had us all on the dance floor. I would also like to highlight how absolutely amazing and immaculate the staff were. They took pride in their roles, the resort and their appearance. The service was very efficient. All in all, I loved this luxurious property. It is a perfect location for honeymoon, anniversary trip, couples escape, girlie getaway or even a group trip. With so many options, this adult only resort has something for everyone. I would strongly recommend Preferred Club here, I believe it’s worth it for the rooftop restaurant, (the conservatory) and infinity pool. If this stunning 5 Star Adult Only property appeals to you, reach out.

November in New York.

24 November 2022

November in New York The only thing cold about New York in November is the weather!! The atmosphere of course is always pretty electric, and the Thanksgiving buzz is really getting in full flight and the appearance of the Christmas decorations adds a further level of excitement to any visit at this time of year. Ireland is good at Christmas displays - but the tree at The Rockefeller Centre, the night show in Saks 5th Avenue, the window display in Macy’s and Bloomingdales, not to mention the Christmas markets and Ice-skating rink in Bryant Park, all add that extra Christmas dimension and a bit more pizzazz. Staying one block from Times Square at the Riu Plaza makes access to everything simple. Both Central Park & mid-town shopping are a short walk, and you are only a few blocks from Subway accessibility to the entire city. Apart from the excellent breakfast buffet, the hotel boasts a spacious bar and an excellent coffee shop. The hotel is located at the end of the famous “Restaurant Row” so dining out is a straightforward operation (although choosing your favourite restaurant after a few days here is not such a simple task!!!). If you want to move beyond the immediate neighbourhood- there is Mama Mia 44, a wonderful family run (3 generations) Italian just 2 blocks away. Or of course, you have Times Square favourites such as the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co or Carmines Italian. In most places throughout the world Irish Bars are often avoided as they are not Irish owned or run at all - that is certainly not the case in NYC where there is a plethora of well-run establishments to choose from. If the Diddly Idols happen to be playing a gig in O’Donoghue’s (44 Street between Broadway & 6th) make sure to drop in & you will be guaranteed some great entertainment. If you are looking for real authentic American Sports Bar concept but with the welcome & service, you would expect from a real Irish bar then Daltons (9th Ave between 43 &44 Street) is the place for you. Apart from the usual dining out & shopping what is there on offer? Very simply, it is not possible to be bored in New York City!! This trip was a group of 8, all with various interests. Here is our activity list: -A visit to The Edge at Hudson Yards ~ spectacular views of New York City. Book for later in day to avail of day and night views. -Two of the group braved the City Climb adventure where they got the opportunity to climb the top section of the 1270-foot-tall sky-scraper - certainly not for the faint hearted, but it was the highlight of their trip -Tour of the retired US Navy Ship USS Intrepid - Daily morning walks/ runs around Central Park -Walk the New York Highline & visit Little Island Park -Ferry tours on the Hudson River -The Summit ~ Much like the Edge, this can be enjoyed both day and night. I would always suggest not to book these too early in the morning in case the morning is not so clear. -Walking the Brooklyn Bridge (making sure to walk from the Brooklyn side back into Manhattan, it is much more spectacular) -Ice Skating at Bryant Park (morning times are best for the less experienced as its much quieter) But the Christmas Markets and Hot Chocolate during the afternoon & evening is excellent too -Tour of Ellis Island -Visit Oculus and Grown Zero -Christmas Spectacular Rockettes show at Radio City Hall -Lunch at Ellen’s Stardust Diner ~ This is not to be missed, especially if you are travelling with children Any trip to NYC is both full on and relaxing at the same time - you are guaranteed an enjoyable time and you will certainly sleep on the return flight!!!! If you are interested in discussing a trip to New York, do get in touch. New York is amazing at any time of the year.

The City Climb at the Edge, Hudson Yards , New York City

19 January 2023

The City Climb at The Edge, Hudson Yards, New York City! I’ve always said it’s not possible to be bored in NYC – it certainly is the city that never sleeps and there is literally something for everybody there. For the adventurous brigade and thrill seekers among you – check out the City Climb at The Edge in the Hudson Yards area. Opened in 2019, it really offers a level of adventure, without the need to get your hands dirty!! The Edge is suitable for everybody in your group. You will experience magnificent views over downtown Manhattan, the Hudson River across to Jersey City and all the way across to Staten Island past the “Lady in the bay” from the observation deck (uptown is also fully viewable; albeit from the inside area). Standing on the glass floor section isn’t necessarily for the faint hearted – but it’s surreal to be able to take a photo of your feet all the way down to street level some 1100 feet below!! If you really want to step it up a gear, you should try the City Climb. It’s not for the faint-hearted and a head for heights is very useful (although one gentleman in our group was doing it as a final stage to overcome a height-phobia he has had for years – a bit extreme in my own opinion!!!). The trip is a 2-hour experience from start to finish – the excitement builds as your group is weighed, their heights are checked and they go through the first of the safety briefings. Participants are then moved on to get kitted out with their overalls, harnesses, helmets and gloves. This is when things start to get a little more real and even the bravest in the group start to become quiet in themselves and you might even see a nervous tremble in some of their hands or legs with the anticipation of what is going to happen next. The final indoor step is when their harnesses are secured to the track system- everybody goes quiet at this stage and it’s hard to grasp if it’s excitement or nervousness that has caused it!! Finally, your group gets to step out to “the cliff”- where they have uninterrupted views across Jersey City, the entire Westside & along the Hudson- it’s also their first opportunity to “look down”- quite the experience!! I am assured that despite the nerves you actually feel totally safe and secure at this point. The guides are excellent and have finely mastered the art of putting the participants at ease. A trek then of 100-150 feet along a narrow steel stair – from where you can enjoy the best possible views of downtown – to the Apex. This is where you get the “hang out”, first facing forwards/ downwards where you can shout hello to your friends below on the “The Edge” observation deck (not a hope of them hearing you with the wind though); then facing backwards, putting your arms wide and tasting a level of exhilaration few people might ever get to enjoy!!! Time then for the group photos and some free time to do more hanging out if you have really got the feel for it. With the Apex at 1270 feet tall – you have now completed the highest open air building ascent in the world ……………………. An achievement not many people dare or accomplish!! Tips: No matter what the weather is like down at street level it is going to be cold up there with the wind-chill – dress accordingly. Only book as close as you can to the date/time you would like and check the weather forecast before completing the booking – to give yourself the best chance of having a clear day and maximum visibility. Try to do it so that you will be at the Apex for dusk – seeing the lights start to flick on throughout Manhattan is very special (they also do night-climbs) Video footage of the adventure is included in the admission fee – but buy the photo package from them, for $27 it is well worth it. Enjoy – as the sign inside the “weigh-room” says. “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”!!!!

Lucy's Search for Santa

23 January 2022

AN ACTUAL TRIP OF A LIFETIME: How many times have we been planning a trip abroad to some place exotic and classified it in advance of being a trip of lifetime (probably as the basis for justifying the cost), only to return and start dreaming of a return trip?? Well!! Canterbury’s “Search for Santa” expedition to Lapland is a true once in a lifetime experience that should be enjoyed if the opportunity ever arises for you. Having flown to the Arctic Circle in Christmas 2021 and experienced Santa’s homeland first hand – this is most definitely a trip worth taking. Of course, it is primarily for the kids – but it’s safe to say that all the adults on the trip came away believing in some of the magic as well. This is as authentic an experience as you are likely to find. Your accommodation is in traditional Finnish Log Cabins at the ski-resort of Pyha and every morning and evening you trek with your little-ones through the forest area through the snow for mealtimes. Whilst it is a commercial ski-resort; the whole thing is not one bit “commercialised”. Every cabin has its own toboggans so you can do your own little sleigh rides at every opportunity. The fact that there is 20 hours of darkness doesn’t at all inhibit the experience. Your coach group is guided through a maze of forest roads – with no sign of any towns or villages – until you have encountered all the elves who give you clues on how & where to find Santa in this magical place. Indeed, the elves along with the singing, are also great entertainment. Ever gone mushing with Husky Dogs (either as a driver or a passenger)? Ever gone for a ride on an actual Reindeer sleigh, pulled by actual reindeers? Ever driven a Snow-mobile? Ever been able to go tobogganing with your kids relentlessly? Ever had a Sauna in your own log cabin & been able to run outside then to cool-off by rolling in the snow? Ever met the real Santa? (A) All this is possible (B) I have done it all only a few weeks ago with my family and another family of friends. To say we had an incredible experience is simply the understatement of the century. I have been fortunate to visit many corners of the world in my life but can safely state my belief that this trip will stay etched in my memory for a long, long time to come. To see the amazement on the faces of the children when the elves who work in Santa’s post office are able to find one of their little buddies letter is simply indescribable; let alone seeing their jaws drop and silence befall them when they meet Mrs Clause and Santa himself with their hand written letter in his hand! The kids really buy into the whole adventure, carefully keeping track of the outstanding “clues” they need to crack – engaging in the theme song at every opportunity (as do the adults) - and of course, letting their hair down at the final nights “We found Santa” disco!!!! This truly authentic once in a lifetime experience is worth every single cent!!!!! If a "Search for Santa" is on your bucket list, start looking at it sooner rather than later. I am happy to chat evenings when there is no little ears listening or at any time that suits you.

My First Cruise Post CoVid was EPIC .. Norwegian Epic

27 October 2021

As a Cruise specialist, I was delighted to be invited by Norwegian Epic, to experience their Inaugural return to sea sailing on board Norwegian Epic. The sailing was in and out of Barcelona visiting Sardinia. This was my first overseas trip in 19 months and the fact that it was a Cruise and involved me crossing a gangway, had me very excited. That coupled with the fact that whilst I sell Norwegian Cruise Lines, I have never had the pleasure to experience an NCL Cruise. I must say, the Dublin airport experience was seamless. This was also down to the fact that I was full prepared, knew exactly what documents were required and had everything loaded onto MyTC (our customer travel app). Having enjoyed Barcelona on a few occasions in the past, we opted to stay one night pre-cruise and I would always encourage my clients that regardless of destination, to incorporate at least one night pre-Cruise. This makes way for any unforeseen flight delays, changes, or lost luggage. But the main advantage of this for me, you have a great night sleep after your flight, and you arrive at the port fresh. and you can board the Ship as soon as its ready for boarding. You get great value out of that first day on board when you are not tired, and you can start exploring the Ship as soon as you cross the gangway! A short taxi ride from centre of Barcelona, we arrived at the pier for boarding nice and early and it was great to see Norwegian Epic in the distance. Our luggage was taken from us and then we procced to an area to have our Antigen test. We then waited a short time for the result before we checked in and boarded Epic. As I had pre-checked in prior to sailing, this was a very quick process. I tend to check all my clients in for their cruise as it just leads to a very seamless check in. The check in is very similar to that of an airline check in, but on a cruise it’s much more organised. There is a lot of some misconception that it could take hours to check in on a cruise ship, but this is not the case, the check in lines which are organised in deck order, move very fast. You will have security photo taken if you had not pre-loaded a picture and you will be issued your key card for all your on-board purchases. And of course this key card is used for getting on and off the ship, opening your stateroom door and it also contains details on your “Muster Station”. So I have finally crossed the gangway and am ready to dip my toes into new water and explore Norwegian Epic… She was built in 2010 and at that time was the 3rd largest Cruise Ship in the world, with 4200 passenger and a crew of 1750. Equivalent of a 16-story high building with a waterslide on top!! (Reminds me of the National Lotto add on TV!) The Ship was refurbished in 2015 and the Haven has had further revitalization in 2020. Staterooms As with most Cruise lines when booking a Stateroom, you have many choices. I had a Balcony cabin mid-ship, and this is where I like to assign all my clients, you will feel less motion of the ocean. My stateroom had floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and a small balcony perfect for watching the Ship coming in and out of port, or just enjoying the glass of wine as the sun sets. The staterooms have American and European plug sockets and mine had a double bed and a sofa that converted into additional bedding to accommodation a 3rd passenger in the room. It was spacious and had ample storage and hanging space. The bathroom layout, however, was something I had never seen before. Each area was separate, toilet and shower had their own separate cubicles and the vanity sink itself, was in the stateroom. If you are looking to add a bit of luxury to your cruise, I would recommend upgrading to a luxurious cabin and I’d be delighted to discuss the options with you. Norwegian Epic also has an excellent option for solo travellers. They pioneered The Studio staterooms, which Norwegian has added to each of their ships since. The Studios are rooms designed for a single traveller, getting rid of the unwanted single supplement fee. These staterooms are cosy, but also come with a private lounge where you can meet other single passengers over coffee, a TV show, or some pre-dinner snacks. The food I experienced was amazing. NCL would be known for great food and Epic is no different, with over 20 different dining options on board, I didn’t have time to try them all. There are numerous restaurants, cafes and bars and I’d be happy to share more detail on each of them, just let me know and I will send on. Norwegian Cruise lines are known for their award-winning entertainment, and I must say, I was blown away by what we experienced on board, particularly their two headline shows. Please contact me for more detailed information on each of the dining choices and what other delights this ship has to offer. From your cruise expert – Sinead.

Discover the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises

18 May 2021

Named one of the Best New Cruise Ships & Itineraries in the World in the Condé Nast Traveller Hot List 2020, the state-of-the-art Celebrity Flora® is the first ship of its kind to have been designed and built specifically with the thrilling destination of the Galapagos islands in mind. Sailing these spectacular islands all year round, Flora® offers a choice of seven-night Inner Loop and Outer Loop itineraries. Whichever you choose, you’ll experience unforgettable encounters with the endemic wildlife the discovery of which led Charles Darwin on his journey to writing The Origin of the Species, the foundation of evolutionary biology. I have outlined what you can expect on this truly once-in-a-lifetime trip. Note that a 7-night Galapagos cruise can be packaged with a pre -or post-adventure to the likes of Quito, Ecuador, Lima, Cuzco, Peru and the extraordinary Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Packages are available for 10, 11 or 16 nights; just let me know what appeals to you and Ill put together a proposal . Unique Encounters and Insights Giant tortoises, Galapagos hawks, finches, sea lions, marine iguanas and Galapagos fur seals are just some of the incredible animals you’ll see while travelling around the Galapagos; if you choose to snorkel, you’re likely to encounter sea turtles too. Landscapes to admire on your voyage of discovery include the likes of Daphne, a satellite volcanic cone with a crater floor that forms an important breeding site for blue-footed boobies and a cliff shore that is home to sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed boobies and tropical birds that you can see as you sail around it. Along the way, you’ll discover unique slices of history, such as Post Office Bay, Floreana Island – so named for being home to the post office barrel that was established around 1793, whereby pirates, buccaneers, whalers and others could leave their mail to be picked up by outbound ships. All-Inclusive Galapagos On board Flora® you can sit back and take in the spectacular nature in the knowledge that everything is being taken care. That embraces menus expertly crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, unlimited drinks, room service, the use of snorkelling equipment and wet suits, and excursions led by Galapagos National Park certified naturalists. Galapagos Glamping In the first experience of its kind at sea, guests on the Flora® can spend a night stargazing with a naturalist using some of the top-deck cabanas, followed by an exclusive campfire-inspired dinner and then a night on deck, waking to the sunrise and a breakfast in bed that you’ll never forget. All-suite accommodation Celebrity Flora® suites are large and luxurious, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let the light flood in, specially designed balconies to take your accommodation virtually to the water's edge, and personal suite attendants to unpack for you and tend to your every request – summoned by the touch of a button. The natural materials inspired by the islands that are used in the decor ensure that the ship forms a true complement to its destination, merging seamlessly with its surroundings to create a greater connection with nature. A Focus on Sustainability From the natural materials used in the elegant interiors and the sustainably caught produce to the anchorless dynamic positioning system and the solar panels, Celebrity Flora® is one of the most eco-friendly and environmentally safe of ships. Discovery Lounge This relaxing spot is the place to hear presentations and briefings put on by Flora®’s own naturalists and to learn all about the activities and excursions you’ll have the opportunity to take part in during your cruise. Book this bucket list adventure and take advantage of exclusive benefits including financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and after your stay. 2022 & 2023 dates available I look forward to hearing from you.

Lavish Pool Suites

15 May 2021

Pool Suites are increasingly popular. Alongside the space and privacy that inevitably comes with a higher room category, having your own pool feels like the indulgence we all need at the moment. They’re the solution if you’re looking to keep your children entertained whilst giving you plenty of distance from other guests. Crete You’ll find no better choice of rooms with pools than throughout Greece and her islands. The multi award-wining all-suite-and-villa Domes of Elounda is one of our favourite choices for families, with an enviable position on a private blue flag beach beside a natural lagoon. The views over to Spinalonga island are sensational; there are few better welcomes. Family suites are exceptional; spacious interiors and natural designs create a soothing retreat for you and your loved ones with views from your pool straight over the sparkling backdrop of the Gulf of Korfos. Good to know: A Domes New Normality protocol has been introduced, including temperature checks for all. Corfu On Corfu, amid lush gardens on the edge of the Ionian Sea, MarBella Corfu is a five-star beachfront resort hosting lavish suites complete with personal Jacuzzi or pools looking out across the lush gardens or the Ionian Sea. Pastimes for all ages can be found here; whilst youngsters enjoy ‘Meli’ clubs with activities like archery, pools with slides and a playground, you can sip cocktails and listen to live music at Eleonas or ease tension with hot stone massages at the spa. Good to know: The We Care Health and Safety Protocol has reduced the number of touchpoints you’ll have with others. Amalfi Named for the stretch of coastline it sits upon, the town of Amalfi is the proud owner of a sea faring history which brought tremendous riches to the area. Away from the main tourist traps, you can still find echoes of this glorious past if you’re willing to wander the narrow streets in search of your own hidden gems. From its grand entrance to its sea-level pool, the Hotel Santa Caterina exudes luxury from its cliffside setting in Amalfi. The elegant seaside property is surrounded by vibrant bougainvillea and fruit orchards, with light and airy accommodations featuring hand-painted floors. The hotel’s Special Suites feature romantic outdoor pools on their private terraces where the unmistakable scent of orange and lemon groves fills the air and the panoramic views capture one of the most famous stretches of coastline on earth. Good to know: On stays through July and August, guests receive a complimentary traditional sunset aperitif to be enjoyed on one of the outdoor terraces. Halkidiki With 22 acres of evergreen landscape and stunning views of the picturesque Aegean, Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki is contemporary, spacious and ultra-all-inclusive. Take full advantage of the 24/7 in-room dining service so you don’t have to stray too far from your suite or pool as you take some long overdue time in the sun. Their private beach on the Gulf of Toroneos is fabulous too if you tear yourself away from the pool! Good to know: Ikos Olivia has an Infinite Care Protocol is in place. Santorini On the exclusive island of Santorini, suites usually have to be booked a long time in advance, so it's a rarity that space can still be found for this summer. On the fringe of the picturesque village of Oia, just a short stroll from the centre yet far enough away to ensure peace and privacy, the all-suite Andronis Arcadia has tranquil private pools to slip into, some with terraces that capture the sensational sunset views. If you’re ready to splurge, the exclusive Grace Santorini also has availability at the time of writing. Good to know: Andronis Arcadia will provide personal protection kits to all guests, including masks, antiseptic gel, gloves and sanitizing wipes. If Lavish Pool Suites appeal to you and you are interested in hearing more about these properties, Feel free to get it contact

Discover the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises

17 May 2021

Named one of the Best New Cruise Ships & Itineraries in the World in the Condé Nast Traveller Hot List 2020, the state-of-the-art Celebrity Flora® is the first ship of its kind to have been designed and built specifically with the thrilling destination of the Galapagos islands in mind. Sailing these spectacular islands all year round, Flora® offers a choice of seven-night Inner Loop and Outer Loop itineraries. Whichever you choose, you’ll experience unforgettable encounters with the endemic wildlife the discovery of which led Charles Darwin on his journey to writing The Origin of the Species, the foundation of evolutionary biology. I have outlined what you can expect on this truly once-in-a-lifetime trip. Note that a 7-night Galapagos cruise can be packaged with a pre -or post-adventure to the likes of Quito, Ecuador, Lima, Cuzco, Peru and the extraordinary Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Packages are available for 10, 11 or 16 nights; just ask your Travel Counsellor about your options. Unique Encounters and Insights Giant tortoises, Galapagos hawks, finches, sea lions, marine iguanas and Galapagos fur seals are just some of the incredible animals you’ll see while travelling around the Galapagos; if you choose to snorkel, you’re likely to encounter sea turtles too. Landscapes to admire on your voyage of discovery include the likes of Daphne, a satellite volcanic cone with a crater floor that forms an important breeding site for blue-footed boobies and a cliff shore that is home to sea lions, pelicans, blue-footed boobies and tropical birds that you can see as you sail around it. Along the way, you’ll discover unique slices of history, such as Post Office Bay, Floreana Island – so named for being home to the post office barrel that was established around 1793, whereby pirates, buccaneers, whalers and others could leave their mail to be picked up by outbound ships. All-Inclusive Galapagos On board Flora® you can sit back and take in the spectacular nature in the knowledge that everything is being taken care. That embraces menus expertly crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, unlimited drinks, room service, the use of snorkelling equipment and wet suits, and excursions led by Galapagos National Park certified naturalists. Galapagos Glamping In the first experience of its kind at sea, guests on the Flora® can spend a night stargazing with a naturalist using some of the top-deck cabanas, followed by an exclusive campfire-inspired dinner and then a night on deck, waking to the sunrise and a breakfast in bed that you’ll never forget. All-suite accommodation Celebrity Flora® suites are large and luxurious, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let the light flood in, specially designed balconies to take your acccommodation virtually to the water's edge, and personal suite attendants to unpack for you and tend to your every request – summoned by the touch of a button. The natural materials inspired by the islands that are used in the decor ensure that the ship forms a true complement to its destination, merging seamlessly with its surroundings to create a greater connection with nature. A Focus on Sustainability From the natural materials used in the elegant interiors and the sustainably caught produce to the anchorless dynamic positioning system and the solar panels, Celebrity Flora® is one of the most eco-friendly and environmentally safe of ships. Discovery Lounge This relaxing spot is the place to hear presentations and briefings put on by Flora®’s own naturalists and to learn all about the activities and excursions you’ll have the opportunity to take part in during your cruise. Book this bucket list adventure and take advantage of exclusive benefits including financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and after your stay. 2022 & 2023 dates available I look forward to hearing from you.

Which Caribbean Island is right for you ?

14 May 2021

After spending 10 years sailing around the Caribbean , you would think I would have visited them all! Not a chance. With more than 7,000 islands scattered across an area reaching from the east coast of Florida to the northern tip of South America, this gorgeous archipelago is perfect for any holiday. I have chosen our favourite destinations around the Caribbean, whether you’re travelling with your family, taking a romantic break, want to experience natural beauty or local cuisine, or are looking for an adrenaline rush. Best for luxury - Turks & Caicos These 40 coral islands south-east of the Bahamas are centred on Providenciales or ‘Provo’ and its Grace Bay Beach, where high-end resorts, boutiques and restaurants abound. But if you’re looking for an extra layer of exclusivity, head for the private island resort of COMO Parrot Cay which is a favourite amongst celebrities. Turks & Caicos is also fabulous for diving, with a 2km underwater wall off Grand Turk Island and a 22km barrier reef on Provo’s north shore. Best for foodies – Anguilla Many islands claim to be the culinary capital of the Caribbean, but tiny Anguilla has been punching above its weight in recent years to become a true culinary powerhouse. From street food stalls and beach snacks to award-winning restaurants, you can sample traditional island cuisine combining Caribbean, Spanish, French, English and African influences – with a focus on fresh local seafood. Keep an eye out for the mahi-mahi, conch fritters, red snapper and lobster rolls. Best for families – Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands may be known for being a financial hub, but there is plenty for families to sink their teeth into. Seven Mile Beach is one of the islands’ best coastal spots, with powder-white sand and water so shallow that kids can paddle 25 feet from shore. At Cayman Turtle Farm, kids can learn more about turtles and even swim with them in the lagoon. Best for activities - Jamaica Jamaica is perfect for active holidays, even with children in tow, with a remarkably diverse terrain that lends itself to all kind of adventures: think cliffs, waterfalls, lagoons and hot springs in addition to those glorious beaches. A whole array of thrilling or more laid-back activities are available here, including chilling out on a river-raft ride or zip-wiring through the rainforest and over ancient sugar mill ruins. Best for culture lovers - Cuba This fascinating island-nation blends stunning beaches and landscapes with a compelling past and lively present-day culture. From the centuries-old pastel buildings and vintage cars of the capital Havana to the history-laden Bay of Pigs and the one-time home of Ernest Hemingway, this is a destination guaranteed to enthral. Best for nature lovers - Puerto Rico This US territory is home to three of only five bioluminescent bays in the entire world. Head for Laguna Grande, La Parguera and Mosquito Bay to witness the truly jaw-dropping spectacle of the water illuminated by millions of microscopic marine organisms that light up when touched by your hand or the paddle of your glass-bottom kayak. Best for wellness - Saint Lucia This lush island is ideal if you’re in need of some TLC, with spiritual mountains, therapeutic mineral springs and mud baths, healthy food based on fresh local produce and plenty of fantastic resorts with excellent spas and wellness facilities. Among the best places to revive is The BodyHoliday, an all-inclusive beach retreat where offerings include fitness classes, yoga, water sports and nutrition and lifestyle guidance. Best for eco-friendly holidays - Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic leads the way when it comes to biodiversity, with forest reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where you can enjoy unforgettable eco-adventures. They include the Marine Mammal Sanctuary (up to 5,000 humpback whales migrate through the area between January and March), the 27 Damajagua waterfalls, Los Haitises National Park with its swamps, islets and caves, and Saona Island with turtles, sharks, bottlenose dolphins and manatees. Best for divers - Grenada Dramatic shipwrecks, brightly coloured reefs and thrilling drifts make the ‘Spice Isle’ a world-class diving destination, especially around its south and west coasts. Don’t miss the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ – the luxury liner Bianca C, sunk in 1961 – or the underwater sculpture parks that provide a home to prolific marine ecosystems including whip corals, sea fans, rainbow runners and Creole wrasse.

Tenerife for me when the World starts to spin again

06 May 2021

Tenerife for me when the world starts to spin again Following on from my last blog , I waned to delve deeper into my top 5 destinations and if I could travel anywhere right now it would be to Tenerife with my husband and daughter . We enjoyed 3 family holidays together in Tenerife and I would love to be holding 3 boarding passes for TFS Airport right now. This Canary Island boasts huge beaches, balmy year round sunshine and wonderful family resorts, a quick 4 and half hour plane journey , this is why Tenerife is such a popular holiday destination for Irish family holiday makers . My areas I prefer most in Tenerife is Costa Adeje & Los Cristianos . Los Cristianos is quieter than Cosa Adeje, but it has some lovely restaurants . Costa Adeje is where I stay and my preferred property here, It the Baobab Suites . From the moment you set eyes on the Baobab Suites building in person you know you are about to experience something different & you check in with a real expectation that the WOW factor awaits. You will not be disappointed. The check process is seamless and having been there before was welcomed with “Lovely to have the Lonergan’s back with us again” the complimentary glass of vino, a very welcome drink after a long day travelling this little gesture from the hotel is a great clue as to the hospitality that is about to be extended to you for the duration of your stay. The staff are very friendly, warm welcoming and helpful at all times. The Suites are amazing in the Baobab, but we tend to stay in the same suite as its perfect for our family ( and we know our way around) The suites are extremely spacious – this is something a lot of places advertise but very few actually deliver on. Baobab does deliver!! Apart from being spacious, the suites (& indeed the whole complex) is extremely clean. Nothing is too much bother for the staff and they all appear to be genuinely friendly and helpful without being over the top in any way. A special word must go to Maria who operates the omelette station at breakfast who is especially welcoming and hospitable. All the dining options are excellent - but our favourite had to be the BB restaurant where the food, cocktails, surroundings, scenic views, and staff were all exceptional. Travelling with a young child can present many challenges but Baobab is very suitable – there is a large kid play facility which offers a welcome distraction and the fact that we had our own private pool left us with ample opportunities to provide entertainment for her without having to “pack-up & leave-home” at all. Baobab offers the perfect mix of 5-star luxury but is still welcoming to all. If it is a peaceful & relaxing location, you are after – then this is definitely the place for you. We were so impressed that we returned again and again and will quite possibly be our first trip away, when the world starts to spin again. If you are interested in hearing more about Tenerife and the Baobab Suites , Do get it touch

How my passion for travel was my exhilarating education of life

28 April 2021

The other day, I walked past some landscape paintings in my home and felt an urge to admire them. It made me think of my late aunty Lily from Ardee who painted them. We used to call her the family photographer, as she was the only one of us with a camera in the 80s. She was a retired matron, and we shared a bond through our love of beautiful landscapes. While working on a cruise ship for ten years, I would often send her photos from my travels. One of which was Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, which today remains as one of my favourite places. She also painted an image of one the islands in The Bahamas I sailed past many times. Working as a Guest Services Manager aboard the cruise ship - I had joined for the adventure and wow - did I get that. I got my travel education in what Lily called “the university of life”. I made friends in every corner of the world during my cruise days, before going on to work in the hospitality industry as Wedding and Event Manager with the Knightsbrook Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort in Meath. My cruise days were a far cry from my first trip abroad to Tenerife with my cousin Orla when we were in our early twenties. I laugh now when I think of how unprepared I was. Why did I pack so many pairs of heavy Irish jeans for such a hot country? These days, I have packing down to a fine art and I’m usually packing for three – my 6-year-old daughter Lucy and my husband Noel. If I was packing for a holiday, my favourite destinations would be... 1: Alaska As an asthmatic, I found Alaska’s air fresh and clean. Whether you canoe, trek or go dog sleighing, it’s such a beautiful place. I felt so sad for their tourist industry this year as their cruise window is only a few short months long and they’ve now missed out on two years. 2: Maldives, South Asia I don’t think there is anywhere in the world that lets you switch off as easily as you can in the Maldives. I honeymooned there and it was gorgeous. 3: New York The ultimate girls’ trip away, I love the buzz of New York. And I’m looking forward to my trip there this November. 4: Tenerife, Spain If you told me tomorrow that I could fly off on a holiday, this is where I would go. Easy to get to, safe and reliable with everything you want from a family holiday. 5: Sint Maarten, Caribbean The Dutch part is nice and the French side, while less explored, is incredible. Also, Maho Beach beside the airport is a must-see, as the planes fly so low you could almost reach up and touch one. Being a Travel Counsellor Becoming a Travel Counsellor was an obvious career move for me and I suppose it’s not surprising that cruise holidays are my favourites. I was fortunate to win Travel Counsellors ‘Best Newcomer’ award in 2016, and after being nominated for ‘Best Cruise’ in 2017, I won the award in 2018 and 2019. This has been an honour and reflects my passion for cruise holiday planning. Cruise holidays require multi-dimensional planning but they’re second nature to me. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on some very exciting itineraries, a Kilimanjaro climb, a honeymoon in Bora Bora, a self-drive in Iceland, a South African safari, Lapland for this December, numerous trips to New York, Maldives, Dubai, fantastic cruises and many more. So many people have missed out on celebrating special occasions over the last year from birthdays to anniversaries, and so I’m delighted to now be working with clients to help them celebrate these very special milestones. Travel Counsellors benefit from working with Destination Management Companies located in many different countries around the world. Having someone on the ground helps with precision planning of transfers, attractions and guided tours, and weather updates - to offer a real authentic experience. Many people are now planning and booking 2022 and 2023 holidays. For extra peace of mind, talk to me about our flexible promise itineraries. These are a selection of itineraries that you can amend up to eight weeks before your trip. You can start planning your holiday or honeymoon now and give yourself something to look forward to. Let your next trip be part of your university of life. But don’t leave it too late, get in touch with me for a video chat or call about your next holiday.

This past year in Travel

16 March 2021

The past year, the travel industry has really been hit badly and I for one have had a pretty intense 12 months. Initially, my priority was getting my clients home and pushing departure dates for those due to travel in March in April out by a couple of months. However, as the year moved on and the severity of the pandemic became more apparent, the bookings that were for March/April and all subsequent months, were moved each time there was new travel guidance to follow or to when my clients would feel more comfortable travelling again. As each booking is tailor made for my clients, every booking takes time to move on, each time – so this has been a very lengthy process. Keeping in contact with my clients when amending these bookings and issuing refunds was crucial to relieve them of this stress, they knew to trust it would be handled. It is a personalised service after all! Whilst the last year has been pretty grim, I am beginning to see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. I am grateful to my clients and I know that all the hard work will stand to me when the world begins to spin again. After a year none of us will forget any time soon, receiving this amazing testimonial from my clients Liz and Matt Senior means the world to me and left me with a lump on my throat! Planning travel has become confusing and complicated, so don’t take any chances, contact me for expert advice and guidance. Stay Safe , Sinead February 2021 Testimonial for Sinead Lonergan Travel Counsellors We had the pleasure of meeting Sinead from Travel Counsellors several years ago and even though we normally took control of organising our own holidays we were fairly absorbed running our own business so decided to ask Sinead to take care of arranging our next holiday. It was a decision we have never regretted and since the first trip that Sinead took care of, we have never considered doing anything except ringing Sinead. However, today I don’t want to talk about how professional, approachable, or knowledgeable Sinead is about her industry nor the way she runs her business so seemingly effortlessly that you have 100% confidence in the fact that before you ever know about a potential problem with or about your holiday Sinead has probably already solved it. It really is a case of Sinead treats your holiday like it was her own. Today I want to talk about Sinead’s integrity, strength, and resilience and why she literally is worth her weight in luggage tags. We had two holidays booked with Sinead, our second honeymoon and an Alaskan cruise, which we were naturally excited about…. then the pandemic struck, whilst other would-be holiday makers were fighting with airlines, hotels and all things travel industry related, we had Sinead! Once our first holiday looked like it might be in jeopardy Sinead rang and said I don’t want you to worry, I am working on getting you the best solution. She tried so hard to make that holiday happen, she moved flights on I don’t know how many times, she pressured hotels we were booked into to transfer us to new dates, she arranged and re-arranged transfers and she did all these things whilst staying in contact with us outlining new options for us to choose from every time there was a further cancellation. Eventually it became apparent that travel in 2020 was a non-starter so again Sinead set about providing new options for 2021 and rebooked us onto a new holiday. I don’t think this would be a fair testimonial to give without pointing out the most obvious thing here, Sinead worked tirelessly for the best part of a year not just for us but for all her clients because she made a commitment to them when they entrusted their holiday plans to her. She never gave up until there were absolutely no options left and she did this whilst not receiving any income. I honestly don’t know many businesses that would continue to demonstrate the level of customer service & commitment that Sinead has demonstrated over the last year and continues to do so into 2021 but if I do know that because of her business ethic and her approach to clients Sinead will still be booking holidays for people in years to come. Sinead, we admire you and your loyalty and look forward to the day when you will once again be handing us our boarding passes and travel documents. Liz & Matt Senior

Embrace nature in Grenada

17 May 2021

After months of being cooped up inside, we’re all looking forward to getting out and exploring. Spending time in a natural environment is proven to enhance our mood and mental wellbeing, and where better to get in touch with nature than in an island paradise such as Grenada where you can lose yourself in a tropical landscape of majestic waterfalls and lush forests. The Waterfalls Straight from the pages of an island castaway novel, Grenada’s lush, green, undulating interiors are dotted with picturesque waterfalls. Start your day early and head to Annandale Falls. The site’s magnificent beauty makes it a popular draw for tourists, so the early start will help you beat the crowds and the midday heat. Lying back in the pool and looking up through the forest canopy gives a feeling of utter seclusion. Another of our favourite waterfalls in Grenada takes a little more work to get to but the reward makes it well worth it. Seven Sisters Waterfall requires a 4km trip to access on foot. Along the route you’ll pass through thick jungle in which you might catch sight of some of the island’s wildlife like the nine-banded armadillos, mona monkeys, iguanas and red-legged tortoises. Thriving National Parks Grand Etang National Park is the go-to place for keen hikers. Through the tropical landscape of towering mahogany trees, ferns and vibrant tropical flowers, you’ll find a network of trails which pass through varying elevations and terrain which house many different ecosystems. Hikes in the area range from casual half hour strolls to rigorous outings lasting several hours. At Travel Counsellors, we recommend picking a route that passes by the park’s central crater lake for the awe-inspiring view of the lake entirely encircled by dense mountainous forest. Hugging Grenada’s north eastern shoreline, the Levera National Park is one of the most ecologically significant areas of Grenada. Its wetland ecosystem provides valuable habitat for all manner of seabirds across the Caribbean, including brown boobies and frigatebirds with their unmistakeable ballooning red neck. This rich biodiversity makes the park a magnet for wildlife spotters and anyone that’s looking to unwind within the splendours of nature. The Beaches Grand Anse Beach is famed throughout the world for its 3km stretch of powdery white sands lined by palm trees and the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Experienced divers can use the beach as a jumping off point to explore the wreck of the Bianca C, an Italian luxury liner, commemorating the 60th anniversary of its sinking in 2021, which sits on the seabed offshore, which is now a home to tropical fish and sea turtles. Take in a day trip out to Carricou. Lying north of the main island, this tiny islet has a much slower pace of life than Grenada and some immaculate tranquil beaches to relax on, far from the resorts of the main island. Into the Sea The waters surrounding Grenada are truly a wonder for divers and snorkellers. The myriad of tropical fish makes every outing fresh and exciting as you inspect the diverse coral ecosystems along the seabed. Off the main island’s western coast, the world’s first underwater sculpture park was constructed in 2006, adding to Grenada’s already veritable status as one of the world’s top diving destinations. The 75 sculptures sit around three metres beneath the surface with the most famous being the encircled group of school children holding hands. As well as being visually engrossing, the statues play a role in conservation efforts with some of the entrance fees going towards marine management programmes and the statues themselves helping maintain the health of the ecosystem by providing structures for coral to grow on. If you are interested in discussing Grenada as a future holiday destination , Get in touch. I am not a diver myself , but I would love to get a glimpse at that wreckage of the luxury liner that has been a home for the tropical fish and sea turtles for 60 years !!!

6 of the Best Beaches in Australia

15 May 2021

Dreaming of a getaway where sparkling oceans, sun-drenched coastlines and hours of blissful relaxation await? Then look no further than, Australia – a country that is essentially one beautiful coastline – and laze away your holiday on some of their most beautiful beaches. Bondi Beach, New South Wales Australia’s beach culture starts at Bondi. Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand welcomes locals and tourists to its shores with a pleasant climate year-round. Home to a thriving atmosphere, enticing white sands, curling turquoise waves and sandstone cliffs, it’s not hard to see why Bondi Beach is a name carried across the globe. If you want to skip on the crashing waves for a steadier water experience, set yourself up at Bondi Icebergs, the iconic ocean pool chiselled into the rocks located just south of the beach. Cable Beach, Broome Located in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, here you’ll find a glorious 22-kilometre stretch of sun-kissed white sand fringed by the balmy, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Cable Beach is a delight for water lovers with its gentle, rolling waves offering a host of aquatic pursuits, including swimming, snorkelling and beachcombing. Visitors can explore the town’s romantic pearling history and learn about one of the world’s oldest cultures from the local Aboriginal community. Noosa Main Beach, Queensland Noosa Main Beach is a standout among the many stunning beaches dotted along the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. One of the only north-facing beaches in Australia’s east coast, you can expect calm lapping waters which make this the perfect swimming spot for families or those learning how to surf. You can expect more than just sun-kissed golden sands and gentle waves – if you’re lucky enough, you may spot pods of dolphins in the waters nearby or humpback whales in the distance during their annual migration. Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays Accessible by boat from the tourist ports of both Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Beach is a seven-kilometre stretch of pristine coastline on the largest of the 74 islands that is Queensland’s Whitsundays. Boasting luminescent white sand, the beaches here are lapped by swirls of blue-green water, perfect for splashing about in, and nature lovers may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some curious marine life including turtles and a frolicking dolphin or two. Energetic ones should scale the lookout at Tongue Point for the best views of Hill Inlet’s swirling sands, or those with capable sea legs can opt to charter a yacht for a leisurely sail around the islands. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania In the most southern state of Australia, a three-hour drive north of Hobart will take you to Tasmania’s most spectacular shoreline. Welcome to Wineglass Bay, a postcard-perfect cove where pink granite peaks meet lapping turquoise waters in this clam-shaped shoreline. For those seeking more than hours of slow-paced lazing, get the blood flowing with an exhilarating rock climb, kayak around the Bay, or take part in a four-day guided walk covering the entire length of the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s east coast – whatever your idea for an ideal holiday is, this is the place for you. Bells Beach, Victoria Looking for the best surf break? Known for its huge swells and powerful surf, ride a wave at Bells Beach, located along the southern coast of Victoria near the charming town of Torquay. Here, you’ll find the site of the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf competition held over Easter, drawing professional surfers from around the world and a big audience. High cliffs, rocky outcrops and exposed reef form the backdrop for this surfer’s paradise. If you’re more of a sightseer, Bells Beach is a popular spot with great vantage points along the cliff for stunning views of this coastal spot. When the time is right to travel to Australia , get in touch and lets start planning your special trip to one of these stunning beach’s

North to Alaska

26 February 2020

Alaska is most famous for its miles and miles of untouched wilderness. Several of its famous sites are accessible only by boat or plane. So how do you experience this pristine wilderness with creature comforts??… On a Cruise Ship of course. An Alaska cruise is a trip that everyone should take at least once in their lives. I have been so fortunate to have taken this trip many times. The phenomenal scenery of rugged coastlines, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers will captivate both your interest and imagination & no day or view is the same . This is why I feel a balcony cabin on an Alaska cruise is a must because of the abundant opportunities for wildlife viewing. Why would you not want to spot whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters and bald eagles all from the comfort of your balcony For an Alaskan Cruise your turn around port could be Anchorage, Seattle or Vancouver. With numerous different itineraries, you could start or end in any of these ~ My personal recommendation would be Vancouver to Vancouver. Cruises that start in Vancouver tend to venture deeper into Alaska’s wilderness and sail through the calm waters of the inside passage. May to September is the Alaska season, but where possible I would suggest July to my cruise clients. Days are bright & longer and visibility is better. Ketchikan ~ Ketchikan means “Eagle with spread out wings”. It's a quaint town with a gushing creek running through. The Ship will dock right in the heart of everything. Creek Street is on the board walk and it is filled with shops and museums. Originally a red light district back in the gold rush days .. it’s a must to get a real feel for the town. Another recommendation for Ketchikan would be Totem Bright State Park, a short bus ride from Creek Street located in a forest and each Totem pole visually telling their own story. The Salmon Rush. I have experienced this many times and it’s a unbelievable sight, you really want to call out to them “turn back”!! They fill the Creek and fight their way uphill against the current. Ketchikan regards itself as the salmon capital of the world. And before you return to the Ship , you really must take in the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show. The show itself is an hour long and there will be up to five shows a day. A great competition of skill and strength full of excitement and laughs and unique to Alaska . Juneau ~ I love the town of Juneau; I even called my dog Juneau! Downtown Juneau sits perfectly wedged between the huge snow-capped mountains of Mount Roberts and Mount Juneau. Juneau is the capital of Alaska and one of its oldest cites. You can take a local bus to Mendenhall Glacier and take in Nugget fall trail or like me you can canoe right up to the glacier. It’s an amazing experience. Mendenhall is the only drive up glacier in Alaska and would be Juneau’s No 1 attraction Whale watching is another must do in Juneau. On these tours, you are normally accompanied by a naturalist who explains in great detail amongst other things the feeding habits of the hump back whale and of course identifying the many other wild life that share the waters You could also take a Helicopter tour and land on the glacier and then hike or walk the glacier. An excursion I have always enjoyed. Hubbard Glacier ~ Wow is the one word that springs to mind as I remember my many trips to Hubbard Glacier. It’s an experience like no other. Listening to the glacier calving into the sea of ice. The glacier roars as huge chunks of ice break off and crash into the water. No picture can do this justice, you must experience it. The Glacier is 6 miles wide!! Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in north America. The Ship will take a few hours to sail into the bay and then make a full 360 turn. Having embarked local Alaskan tribe on the last port, these tribes will host talks around the ship and be on the open decks mingling with the passengers on board .. you must get a photo with them. Amazing breath-taking scenery & seeing it on a clear day with blue skies and the snow-capped mountains and glaciers perfectly reflected in the emerald water is surreal and makes for one of my most memorable cruise experience Skagway ~ Skagway is very different to Ketchikan or Juneau. It's home to gold-rush-era buildings, now preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Its appearance remains largely unchanged since 1897, when Skagway became the gateway for gold seekers embarking on the Chilkoot & White Passes For a real authentic Alaskan experience you will have to go “Dog Mushing”. In this adventure you get to experience first-hand a Husky dog ride. This experience does not come cheap and it tends to book out very fast so ensure you book as soon as you can, prior to sailing . You won’t be disappointed. Another must do in Skagway is Bear watching. Again important to pre book and to take an organised tour & don’t carry any food with you!! And finally in Skagway, you have to take a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, the number one Alaskan cruise excursion. This narrow-gauge railway built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush ascends nearly 3,000 feet along its 20-mile path from Skagway to the White Pass Summit. To expand on this wonderful cruise itinerary, you may consider adding on a few nights pre cruise in Victoria Island , post cruise in Vancouver or if the Canadian Rockies appeal to you add on the Rocky Mountaineer. Before you go ; Alaska cruises will normally go on sale 2 years in advance, be prepared and consider a balcony cabin for this cruise. Book your shore excursions well in advance, They are not cheap, but they really are worth it. Especially Dog Sledding, Bear watching and Glacier hiking July is the prime month to visit Alaska, better weather and potential wildlife sightings. Shoulder months will be slightly cheaper Pack layers of clothing and bring a rain coat . You could be guaranteed a fall of rain in Ketchikan. It is considered one of the wettest places in USA!!! You may want to invest in a pair of Binoculars for this trip. With many Cruise Lines to choose from in Alaska, there is an Alaskan cruise to suit everyone. I have an abundance of first-hand knowledge from my many many Alaskan Cruises and experiences to share with you and I believe my experience uniquely qualifies me to assist you in closing the right Cruise for you.

Celebrity EDGE

07 June 2019

Celebrity, the luxury brand of the Royal Caribbean line, launched their newest luxury cruise ship, Celebrity EDGE 6-months ago and it recently departed from Southampton on its inaugural European sailing, following a spectacular 2-day premiere event. The launch of the Celebrity EDGE cruise-ship has been heralded by Celebrity over the past few years as bringing cruising to the next level and I was lucky enough to experience this amazing ship first-hand. It most definitely lived up to the hype and surpassed my expectations! It’s obvious why Celebrity have being touting EDGE as being the “most innovative and industry changing ship at sea”. They have stayed true to their constant development, improvement and overall evolution of the five pillars of the Celebrity brand – destinations, design, attractions, accommodation and culinary. Here my highlights of EDGE: The Infinite Veranda The Infinite Veranda absolutely blew me away; it really takes the word balcony to a whole other level. I firmly believe a balcony stateroom is always worth that bit extra. One of the reasons I love cruising so much is that nothing can compare to the sunrise and sunsets you see when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Onboard EDGE, if you choose to pay that little extra you get that incomparable ocean view! The Infinite Veranda takes things up several notches. With the touch of a button, your entire living space becomes the veranda, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge. It is truly next-level innovation. The Magic Carpet The Magic Carpet is innovation at its finest. It’s a cantilevered floating platform that can move up and down the ship changing function along the way. When we boarded the ship, the Magic Carpet was on Deck 14 by the main pool area. It was a tranquil, trendy bar space that offers comfortable seating and glorious ocean views. When the Magic Carpet moves to Deck 2, it serves as a tender platform for passengers to go ashore. It is a unique experience and one I highly recommend. Eden Eden is the most incredible space on The Celebrity Edge and while I try to do my best to describe it, no description or photos will do it justice. If you are looking for a unique place to eat, have a drink, enjoy one of a kind immersive entertainment experiences, or to just soak up the atmosphere, this is the perfect location on Edge. It is such a unique and versatile space. You need to visit Eden at various times of the day to get the full effect. We loved it in the afternoon when there was not many around. This allowed us the chance to view three stories of towering windows and the sheer size of the ship. It is also perfect for a pre-dinner drink and take in the interactive entertainment experience, Revelation. This should not be missed. Our experiences were different each time so no two visits to Eden will ever be the same. The Spectacular Theatre The entertainment on the Celebrity Edge is truly one of a kind. Celebrity Edge boasts five original shows, which to date, is something no other cruise line offers. We got to preview ‘Hype and A Hot Summers Night’s Dream’ Dining For evening dining, there are four main restaurants: Normandie, Tuscan, Cosmopolitan, and Cyprus. Each restaurant features the same menu, however, it will change nightly and each offers its own special ambiance together with a selection of exclusive, regionally inspired dishes and drinks. There are many specialty dining options on the Celebrity EDGE: The Spa Cafe and Juice Bar, Cafe al Bacio, the Rooftop Garden Grill, Raw on 5, Fine Cut Steakhouse, Le Grande Bistro, and Eden. Continuing with their innovative advancements, Le Petite Chef offers an entirely digital dining experience. You watch a mini chef prepare your meal on a digital screen which doubles as your tabletop. A different virtual chef will prepare each course and kids love it! It is a very interactive experience and a lot of fun. The new ship design also follows Celebrity’s commitments to the environment. In terms of environmental impact - the innovative bow design and micro-bubbles system make the running of the ship much more efficient in terms of fuel consumption. The Celebrity EDGE caters for all ages, interests and abilities and is modern luxury at its finest. The best news of all that is that all this luxury and innovation is priced at very affordable levels and Celebrity continue to roll-out packages where all-inclusive can include drinks and other incentives. Contact me to find out more and I can arrange the perfect Cruise experience for you.

December in New York City

06 February 2019

It’s a reasonably long flight for a short stay but well worth it! It’s being a few a years since we visited together, but each time we go, you can’t help but falling a little more in love with the atmosphere of the whole place. It’s simply Impossible to be bored in New York. New York is an amazing place to visit during the holiday season. The festive window display tradition dates way back to 1870 according to Macy’s who were the first retailer to start the trend and then all the others followed suit. Personally, my favourite was Saks on Fifth Avenue, in particular their light show. This really is something you should not miss. Every 15 minutes they feature a very impressive lighting show on the facade of the building, so try and catch it from a few different angles. You obviously have an abundance of shopping opportunities and if that’s not your thing, you can go ice- skating in Central Park, Bryant Park or the Rockefeller Centre; stroll through Central Park ( or take a horse drawn carriage); catch a Broadway show (and if theatre or musicals isn’t a major priority of yours it is something that you should experience and are guaranteed to enjoy); or simply take in the lights and atmosphere of night time in Time Square! The nickname “the city that never sleeps” is definitely apt! Its stays populated to well in to the early hours of the morning. Traffic can be hectic, but the subway system is excellent & you have no excuse not to cover a lot of ground with it. Despite its reputation, it is very clean and while you will always need to have your wits about you, ultimately it feels safe! Even if you don’t use the subway- you should visit Grand Central Station where you will be amazed by both the architecture and indeed the cleanliness of the whole building. They also run a small Christmas Market within the station which is always bustling with activity. There is a huge variety of dining options from high-high- end to top quality steakhouses and through to late- night pizza joints; make sure to test a hot- dog (with all the trimming) or a salted pretzel from some of the street vendors also. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is an experience and on a clear day offers magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline. (Make sure to walk it from the Brooklyn side back toward Manhattan). The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattans west side. It is approx. 2.3 km long & well wont doing at your own pace, again on a clear day. A visit to little Italy and China town will round off any further shopping and eating desires you might have! If it’s a visit to mark a special occasion- you may consider a river cruise dinner or a helicopter tour of the city- both great experiences. To top off on experiencing fantastic atmospheres - try Madison Square Garden for an Ice Hockey game, and if the New York Rangers are playing at home – you are in for a treat, the atmosphere is unbelievable! (we can only imagine what a good concert would be like in such a vibrant stadium?) The city that never sleeps doesn’t sound like a place for a relaxing break but despite all the things that you can do, you can do as many or as few of them as you please and at your own pace. Over 72 hours, you won’t get everything done- but you will definitely leave promising yourself that you will re visit; which is always the best indicator of whether you’ve had a good time or not! We stayed on this occasion in Fitzpatrick’s, Grand Central. Various tales of traditional Irish hospitality all proved to be true from the moment we stepped out of our transfer and were greeted by the concierge. The welcome at reception was warm and genuine. Our Room was spacious and impeccably maintained with nice décor. The hotel has a classic style yet boasts all the necessary mod-cons; but the real clincher (apart from the staff) is its location. We are not by any means athletic, but a 10 minutes stroll brings you comfortably to Times Square and if you don’t feel that energetic, Grand Central station is straight across the street, so you can access the subway there and traverse the entire city. Food and service in the Wheeltapper bar was also excellent and it has a particularly good breakfast menu. A real favourite with the Irish and I can see why. We simply couldn’t recommend the Fitzpatrick Grand Central highly enough and look forward to a return visit. Until the next time New York.

River Cruising - U by Uniworld

24 September 2018

I was very much impressed with my first ever River Cruise & River Cruising in general. U by Uniworld are looking to capture the younger market with these River Cruises, River Cruises for Millennials. When I first arrived on board the A, I was obsessed with the décor. The design is modern, fun and the lighting is amazing. An Instagram heaven!! River Cruising is a simple way to see multiple cities on one trip, and most ports are situated in the middle of cities, much more conveniently located than airport! The travel itself is also efficient, as sailing often takes place at night. U by Uniworld offers itineraries that visit up to ten places in eight days. In fact, they even adjusted multiple itineraries to depart at a later time, so you can take advantage of the nightlife. There’s plenty of freedom when the ship is docked too. You can take a bike and explore the city on your own or head off on a guided tour. Yoga & Stretching classes are available each morning on the upper deck each day. The number of excursions included varies depending on the length of the cruise. There is normally one shore excursion included per day and there are also optional extras which can be charged to your on-board account. Before your cruise, you will be sent an itinerary, where you can list your choice of excursions in order of preference or if you prefer, opt out completely. Throughout your cruise, there are two designated hosts on board to make sure you make the most of your U experience. They are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have, give local advice and suggestions and they also lead and guide most of the excursions. On top of this there are 50 bicycles on board which can be used for planned bicycle tours or if you would like to use at leisure. Some examples of tours available are: - City Walking Tours - Bicycle Tours - Tasting tour of a local market with a chef - Brewery tour - Wine & Cheese Tour - Planned nights off the Cruise The ship is notably eco-conscious and paper-free. Menus are displayed on television screens in the restaurant, itineraries appear on screens throughout the ship and also on your stateroom TV. You will also be added a group WhatsApp chat that shares important updates and itinerary changes. This group chat allows for quick communication when schedules shift, such as earlier or later departures. While on board, the Captain and the Chef communicated with us this way! The cabins are small and compact. Unpacking in full when you arrive is a must and there is ample storage & your luggage fits underneath your bed. There are four cabin types; Suite , Balcony, Studio & Triple. Dining on board these ships offers two options: 1. Dine - the main dining restaurant on the lower deck serves breakfast/ brunch &and dinner. Meals on board are inspired by the cities you visit along your cruise. The menu changes daily & all dietary requirements are catered for, and two meals per day are included in your cruise fare . 2. U Lounge - The always open lounge on entry deck serves after hour snacks and tapas style sharing plates. A light breakfast is usually served from 7:30am, but if you don’t fancy rising early for breakfast why not enjoy a late bunch served from 9:30am -12:30pm! Dinner is served from 7-9pm each evening, with very casual fine dining. The overall cruise fare is half board, but you can purchase a Drinks Package, which based on a 7-day cruise, costs €299.00. Note that you do have up to day 3 of your trip to decide if you want the drinks package and if so, your bill is adjusted accordingly. If you too would like to experience a river cruise, I would be happy to help you in choosing the right trip and itinerary for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

5 Star Family Resort

05 October 2017

Martinhal in Portugal, a contemporary family resort. Situated in Sagres, Portugal, part of the Algarve which you probably haven’t been to before. It sits almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, roughly an hour’s drive from Faro Airport. It’s at the edge of a national park and has a rugged open feeling and the sorts of winds and waves that attract surfers and sailors from all around the world - we fitted right in! We described the overall location as being like "the Connemara of Portugal" in that the rugged landscape is largely untouched in terms of development and the whole area has an authentic feel to it. To be able to drive for 10 minutes along cliff top coastal roads to reach the southwestern most point of Europe adds to what makes this place somewhat special. The nearest village, Sagres Point is 3km away and could be described as sleepy and if you are looking for bustling bars, nightclubs and restaurants you won’t find it near Sagres. We loved it though, especially travelling with our 2-year-old daughter Lucy. Accommodation consists of a hotel with thirty-eight rooms and a selection of villas and apartments scattered across the private estate. Two restaurants sit overlooking the beach and spread across the rest of the resort are tennis courts, a supermarket, numerous other restaurants, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) plus childcare and entertainment facilities for all ages from 0-12. We stayed in the Garden Houses which are perfect if you have young children. Its centrally located near pools and the village square, which is the central gathering place for the entire resort. All accommodations will come equipped with whatever child extras you need i.e. cot, highchair, stair guards, bed sides, potties, steps for the toilet. Everything you could possibly need right down to cutlery / crockery and plastic cups. Of course, the adults are not forgotten about, we were delighted to see a Nespresso machine! Martinhal Sagres is a beautiful set-up and it does a number of things really well. In particular, how hard they work to entertain their younger guests. At each bar and restaurant, there is a play area set up, even in the lobby of the hotel. Martinhal mascots Rafee and Rosita make appearances throughout the day, but always at 5pm each evening in the Village Square. We tried and tested all the restaurants during our stay - our favourite was Os Gambozinos! There is also an option to have a take away from any of these onsite restaurants as well which is very handy. The variety and selection of choices for children was excellent. We enjoyed breakfast in O Terraco, where they offer a hot and cold buffet at €22.00 per person. We found it expensive and there wasn’t much of a change each day, however the glass of prosecco overlooking the Atlantic Ocean eased it somewhat! The Finnisterra Spa (Finnisterra, meaning end of the earth and very fitting for its location) is located right in the centre of the resort and again just off the Village square which offers an extensive selection of treatments and even some for kids too, using lovely Irish products from Voya and complimentary access to Sauna, Steam room and Jacuzzi for all residents. The childcare is enthusiastically crafted but not “in your face” and there is none of that forced or false jolliness or frantic rushing around that can experience on a lot family orientated resorts. If you want to holiday as a family, stay in a gorgeous resort and squeeze in some serious pampering and sport in all at the same time, then the Martinhal should be right at the top of your list.

Idyllic Iceland

13 November 2016

Iceland - particularly the Blue Lagoon has always been on my bucket list and this October I finally scratched that off! My sister and I took a three day trip to Reykjavik. We were able to have a well-rounded, full trip to Iceland in the span of just three days because the flight was less than two hours from the Dublin. I got to Reykjavik faster than I could have reached Cork. Reykjavik itself is a 45 minute journey from Keflavík Airport. Within the airport you have a facility to change your Euros to Islandic Króna, although card transactions are accepted almost everywhere. Our Accommodation in Reykjvik was very central. We stayed in the Skuggi Hotel. This contemporary hotel is in the city center and just a 3-minute walk from the Icelandic Phallological Museum and a 9-minute walk from the landmark Hallgrímskirkja church. Skuggi has a casual bar and an open plan lounge. The rooms are simple and offer complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, tea and coffee making facilities. Bathrooms were small but had a large shower and underfloor heating. It’s a very modern and chic hotel. We visited the Blue Lagoon twice, we did an evening trip which also took in the Northern Lights. Although they were nowhere to be seen, we enjoyed the search all the same. We enjoyed the Blue Lagoon so much we decided to do it again during daylight and this really was a very different experience. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland, very near the airport. It’s a good idea to take this tour on your last day en route back to the airport. The water in the Blue Lagoon is a beautiful milky electric blue colour. We were really surprised with the size of the Lagoon itself. It is immense! There are little nooks and crannies that you can explore or sit in carved out shallow pools surrounded by a waterfall, steam room, sauna, quiet sitting area, spa area where you can have facials etc. and also a bar! I could have spent the entire day here. We also took the Golden Circle tour, which takes in southern Iceland, covering about 300 kilometres looping from Reykjavík into the southern uplands of Iceland and back. We experienced the world famous Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss Golden water fall as well as Thingvellir National park. This was an 8 hour tour with lunch and it really was spectacular. Availing of an organised tour really is the best way to take in all these wonders. Although Reykjavík is not that big and it can be easily accessed by foot, we decided to take the hop on hop off bus to see it in more detail and took in the Maritime Museum, Hallgrims church, Hofdi house, The Perlan (amazing views of Reykjavik) and the Whale watching centre. We thoroughly enjoyed Iceland from start to finish. The entire experience was easy, well priced and I can’t wait to take advantage of the proximity again. This is a perfect break for couples, groups or solo travellers interested in experiencing all of Iceland’s natural wonders.

A Standing Ovation!

13 November 2016

I did not have to be asked twice when I was invited to the launch and inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean's 3rd Quantum class ship “Ovation of the Seas” in Southampton earlier this year. Ovation is almost identical to her two sister ships – the Anthem & the Quantum - and the only Royal Caribbean class I had not experienced. So, I was particularly excited to see her. Safe to say, I was not disappointed and I could see first-hand “Where extraordinary happens”. Standing 18 decks tall, Ovation is home to 2090 staterooms, accommodating 4900 guests and crew.Branded the most innovative ships at sea, the Quantum class really are the most technologically advanced ships in the world. And, on my brief stay on board the Ovation, I planned on experiencing as many “innovations” as possible! There are plenty of similarities to its two sister ships, including the thrilling RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator, and the North Star capsule, a glass sphere which carries guests up to 90 meters over the sea and provides an impressive 270° view. If you love bumper cars, soccer or roller skating, you will want to check out the SeaPlex - this is Royal Caribbean’s largest indoor activity at sea which offers non-stop programmes of fun and games. I was very excited to see Two70, a hi-tech entertainment venue located at Deck 5 and 6. During the day, Two70 is a bar and cafe with an enormous 270-degree window to enjoy the panoramic sea view. During the night, Two70 turns into a stage for spectacular performances. There are 6 large robotic screens which are suspended above the stage. These large screens are programmed to move independently, or together, to create the digital visual effect for the audiences. I did not get to actually experience this, but I believe it’s absolutely amazing! Royal Caribbean is known for the entertainment and activities they have on board for their younger passengers and Ovation was no different. Kids and teens have their own supervised clubs, tailor-made for their respective age from tots to teenagers. There is even a toy lending facility for their “royal” babies and tots. As a mother of a young child, this impressed me and I actually used this facility earlier this year on-board the Allure of the Seas. The entire deck 15 is dedicated to sports and wellness. Here you will find the SeaPlex area, a jogging track, the climbing-wall as well as the large Vitality Spa and Fitness Centre. Ovation of the Seas offers 18 restaurants with cuisines from all around the world. From a Hot-Dog truck to fine dining! There are five complimentary main restaurants which offer Mediterranean influences (Coastal Kitchen), Asian flavours (Silk), mouth-watering American delights (American Icon Grill), contemporary cuisines (Chic) and timeless classics (The Grande Restaurant). There is also a very large restaurant called Windjammer Market, this buffet restaurant offers a great variety of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Another complimentary buffet restaurant, which is smaller compared to Windjammer Marketplace, is the Solarium Bistro. Both Windjammer and Solarium Bistro are located at Deck 14. At the Wonderland themed restaurant, you are served imaginative cuisine! Where the food menu doesn’t make any sense at all. In fact, you are given a blank easel and brush to paint the menu. Ovation also boasts Royal Caribbean’s third Jamie Oliver restaurant, the best Italian cuisine on the high seas. Both are considered speciality restaurants and do have a cover charge together with Chops Grille & Izumi Restaurant. For something lighter you have Kung Fu Panda Noodle Shop, Starbucks, Sorrento’s or La Patisserie. The accommodation on this ship set a whole new standard for cruising, but with so much going on you probably won’t spend much time in your stateroom at all. A huge 75% of the cabins have balconies, and inside staterooms boast “virtual balconies” where images are reflected in real time on digital screens. Guests can have a real time view of the ocean even from an interior stateroom! The rooms are well designed and spacious, with a wide range of thoughtful features. There are also cabins that can accommodate larger families and for something extra special, they offer their Royal Loft Suites. Whist my visit on board Ovation was brief, I was wowed from bow to stern.


03 September 2015

Taking our first family holiday with a 6 month old was always going to be a different experience. We travelled to the Sands Beach Resort. The resort was a 40 minute transfer from Arrecife Airport and situated in Costa Teguise which is a quieter and more family orientated area than the bustling Puerto del Carmen. It was just what we were looking for from a family holiday. I contacted the hotel prior to arrival to arrange baby equipment which was all handled very efficiently and was confirmed immediately upon check in. We booked a beach front bungalow which proved to be an excellent choice as we had the sun on our patio area all day long. The apartment was airy, bright, clean and quite spacious. The constant cool Lanzarote breeze ensured that having no air conditioning was not an issue. A week long Wi-Fi package at €25 was good value, particularly considering the connection quality. Beach towels could be exchanged daily and whilst it is a little unusual nowadays to have to pay for use of the in room safe, it is reasonable and not worth complaining about against our overall experience. The resort caters equally well for quiet relaxation time by the pool, kids of all ages and fitness fanatics. Boasting 9 swimming pools, this resort also has a 25 meter lane pool, a gym and wellness centre. The kids club overlooked the lagoon and while my daughter was too young to participate, our neighbours who had kids involved were all very impressed. If you enjoy the feeling of sand on your toes, access to the beach itself is only minutes walk. The entire resort is extremely safe and child friendly We spent most of our time at the Mai Tai Pool, just a few steps from the apartment itself. The lagoon was always a hive of activity with canoes and paddle boards and for the more adventurous the option was there to hire wind surfing equipment. The onsite supermarket carried a good selection of all necessities and was reasonably priced. The freshly baked bread was hard to resist! The guest information desk offered a wide range of excursions from parasailing, scuba diving to a trip to the zoo and everything in between. Renting bicycles was also extremely popular both at the resort and indeed throughout the island from what we could see. The hotel provides nightly entertainment in their main bar and whilst we were not able to partake, it certainly sounded like a lot of fun. A leisurely ten minute stroll along the seafront takes you to a great selection of bars and restaurants and the Sunday morning market is not to be missed. My husband treated himself to a hot towel shave at a fraction to what he would pay at home. We decided to hire a car to explore more of the island at our leisure. This took us to a buzzing Puerto del Carmen where we experienced some excellent restaurants, There is something here to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. Shops remain open late and generally represent good value. A little further south to Playa Blanca and then west to Timanfaya National Park, home to the famous Lanzarote fire mountains. Having experienced this resort, the surrounding areas and the island as a whole, I can confidently recommend it to families, couples or a girlie getaway. I would love to discuss this travel adventure with you and help you to plan yours.

Caribbean Escape

01 September 2015

This holiday started in the beautiful B Ocean Hotel on North Beach Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale (soon after renamed Sonesta Fort Lauderdale). We chose this modern multi-story hotel which fronts onto the beach and offers spectacular views of the early morning sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean… a sight we are certainly not used to! We really hit the jackpot with our corner room on the 4th floor – from where you had views north along Fort Lauderdale beach as far as the eye could see, east over the Atlantic for those spectacular sunrises and further south where you can watch the seemingly never-ending parade of the world’s finest cruise ships entering and leaving Port Everglades . A nice ten minute walk will take you to The Galleria, Fort Lauderdale’s most fashionable address with sophisticated shops and amazing restaurants. An added bonus for us was that PF Changs Restaurant was at the entrance to the mall itself which offers Asian cuisine with a modern twist. A trip to the States would not be the same for us without a visit to Changs! We did not take in a trip to Sawgrass Mills on this occasion but have done in the past. I noticed that the hotel offered shuttles daily. We spent our second day on the beach and evening by the pool. The pool itself was small but the atmosphere and warmth from the staff & other guests made it very hard to leave. A short taxi ride to Port Everglades the following morning and we boarded Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Up close and personal the ship looked ginormous compared to the ship we watched gliding across the bay a few hours previous. We handed our luggage over to ground staff & check-in was seamless. Before we knew it we were exploring this awe-inspiring vessel. When we returned to our cabins, our luggage was there waiting for us. We opted to dine in the speciality restaurants for dinner throughout the cruise and made reservations on the day we arrived for each night. Food and service at all times was second to none, as was the level of service and attention from all the crew. There is something to suit everyone from fine dining in “150 Central Park” to the more casual and laid back “Johnny Rockets.” The array of entertainment for the week is simply too much to describe here. Plan your days with the aid of the Cruise Compass wisely or you could miss a spectacular performance in the Aqua Theatre, an intimate gathering with the Captain and his senior officers or a scavenger hunt with Disney and DreamWorks characters. Our cruise took us to Nassau in the Bahamas, St Thomas VI & St Maarten. Three distinct locations each offering their own unique take on Caribbean life. In Nassau we spent the day in the famous Atlantis Resort where we hired jet skis & went parasailing and finished the day off sipping cocktails from freshly picked coconuts. In St Thomas we took an organised tour to Magens Bay and tried our hands at fly boarding and enjoyed a relaxing BBQ style lunch on the beach before returning the ship. Our stopover in St Maarten gave me the opportunity for a small shopping expedition and a brief visit to Tiffany’s while my husband went scuba diving. We met at the Holland Beach House hotel for lunch - which can only be described as delightful. Enjoying the best seafood imaginable while watching the world pass by! Back on board we enjoyed the benefits of the Vitality day spa & fitness centre, downtime by the pool, a round of mini golf and an early morning zip line, rock wall and Flow Rider adventures. The week was a great mix of action packed adventures and relaxation but such was the selection of activities on this ship that a return visit to the Allure is a must. If you fancy a relaxing or action-packed cruising adventure on board the Allure of the Seas, which I cannot recommend highly enough, please contact me and I will be delighted to assist you with all the necessary arrangements.

Weekend in Paris

01 September 2015

Our first Wedding Anniversary took us to the romantic city of Paris, where else? A 40 minute RERB train ride from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare du Nord station where we took a short taxi ride to Hotel Opera Cadet. We could also have got the Metro to within 100 metres of this hotel. This 4 star boutique hotel is located on a quiet pedestrian street and has excellent access to all major attractions. The reception desk was extremely helpful, always acknowledging you as you walked through, and answering any questions you had, offering maps and ideas for places to visit and restaurants to go to. They also suggested we purchase a Metro 3 day pass which is a hugely efficient way of getting around the city in terms of both time and money. The rooms although small were clean, comfortable & quiet with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout. The continental breakfast was excellent & replenished regularly. There is also a beautiful patisserie directly across the street where we became regular customers for these 5 days and almost ending up on first name terms with the staff despite the language barrier. A trip to Paris would not be the same without visiting the world famous tourist attractions. The views from The Eiffel Tower were magnificent, the stroll down the Champs-Élysées was refreshing, romantic and relaxing and breakfast with Mickey Mouse was the icing on the cake. France is not renowned for its fine cuisine for nothing & there is an abundance of eateries to choose from. The Mom Restaurant on Rue Pierre de Mours was our favourite by far. The decor, the staff, the atmosphere & the food were all excellent. This restaurant is a must for any visit to Paris. The proprietor, a young gentleman, was friendly and personable & set the tone for all the staff. Every aspect of this restaurant was top-class. Considering the quality of the food, the service and the surroundings, it represented excellent value. We spent one full day in Disneyland Paris. We took an early train and experienced breakfast with all the characters in Café Mickey. This was the perfect opportunity to meet all the main Disney characters while we enjoyed a good quality buffet style breakfast. After a busy day on our feet we took in The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show with Mickey & Friends which was a great show and dinner option and the perfect chance to unwind while still getting the most out of our Disneyland experience. The fee included the show, dinner & refreshments which is quite plentiful. Dinner was served while the show is going on in the informal arena setting. Prior to dinner there was an excellent country music session where Goofy also makes a guest appearance. On the Sunday morning we visited the famous Montmartre market. It was a hive of activity and we had brunch alfresco while having our portraits sketched. Paris is certainly somewhere we will return again and I would suggest you definitely consider this for your next city break which I would be delighted to organise for you.

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If 20 was an option, I'd go for that. As booking our cruise was a little complex because we have 2 elderly people, I was slightly apprehensive with an agent being able to fulfil our requirements. Literally from the first contact, Sinead went above and beyond to facilitate us. Her patience, knowledge and attention to detail was outstanding. All correspondence from Sinead, was clear, concise, detailed and at all times she made it very easy for us to make decisions. Having travelled extensively for 30 years, I have never experienced a travel agent as good as Sinead.

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Sinéad was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble, would definitely recommend her and will be using her again.

Sent by Yvonne Sheridan

Sinéad was very helpful…have recommended her to a few people she will definitely use her services again.

Sent by Tina Loughran

Sinéad couldn’t be any more helpful. It’s our 30th wedding anniversary and Sinéad recommended some options to me. Great for advice. The app is great and easy to use. I would definitely recommend Sinead. Absolutely brilliant

Sent by William Gaffney

Her knowledge, own experience, attention to detail, not to mention her patience are exemplary.

Sent by Grainne Fulham

Sinead was fabulous to deal with and was so knowledgeable and helpful when booking our trip of a lifetime.

Sent by C McEvoy

Sinéad was absolutely brilliant getting my dream holiday package together for me, very helpful and patient and understanding, would recommend Sinéad to anyone looking to book any holiday.

Sent by Sinead McShane

Sinéad is amazing and I am already in contact with her again to help book a cruise for my parents. 10 out of 10 for knowledge and quality of service. Thanks Sinéad.

Sent by Sharon Mooney

Sinéad is most helpful with various queries and very efficient in returning with revised quotes or other options, would have no hesitation in recommending Sinéad and Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Louise O Brien

Sinead was a pleasure to deal with and she was so quick and helpful. She booked a fabulous cruise for us, and I’m absolutely delighted with the whole experience. Can’t wait for next year.

Sent by Elizabeth Cosgrove

I would highly recommend Sinéad as the go to person when booking your cruise. She made everything so easy and got me the holiday that suited me. She looked after everything quickly and efficiently and now all I have to do is turn up and I've no worries. Thanks Sinéad!

Sent by Lucy Butler

It was great to get a first hand knowledge of cruising and to have the pro's and con's laid out for us in such an easy going manner. Many thanks to you Sinead, and looking forward to reporting back after the holiday experience

Sent by Lisa Fitzgerald

We have planned 3 holidays with Sinead from Travel Counsellors. Based on our experience we would continue to use this great service.

Sent by Bernadette McWilliams

Sinead has been amazing on every trip I’ve booked with her.

Sent by Mary Conneally

Couldn't recommend Sinead enough she is so helpful and any changes I had were no problem for her.

Sent by Cathy Reilly

Sinead is superb!! We have been using Sinead’s services for over five years she goes above and beyond to deliver the most exquisite holiday experiences for us. She is a diamond.

Sent by Linda O Sullivan

Sinead was so helpful, knowledgeable, patient and honest in helping us plan our honeymoon. We can’t wait!! That thank you card was just a gorgeous touch. Thank you!

Sent by Angela Farrelly

Sinead is always so professional, helpful and ready with advice and suggestions on the best destinations.

Sent by Aoibhin Joyce

I would highly recommend Sinead Lonergan to my friends and family. Sinead has organised holidays for me for the past 4/5 years and is amazing!

Sent by Carla Esler

Sinead was a breath of fresh air to deal with. So simple and easy to book. Very quick to reply on queries and very personal. Highly recommend.

Sent by Lauren Geraghty

I couldn’t recommend Sinead enough from start to finish she was amazing and even after my trip she checked in to see how it was!! There was so much communication and she answered all my questions I had. She gave me so many recommendations from her own personal experience which was great and really made my holiday amazing. Will definitely book with her again.

Sent by Megan Brick

Sinead is amazing at what she does. She created a tailor made trip for us and removed the stress involved in the organising of a trip. She is extremely professional and was available to answer any questions and resolve any issues from start to finish. I would highly recommend Sinéad and Travel Counsellors. I will definitely be coming back to Sinead for our next trip!

Sent by Sinead Kennedy

We recently arrived home from our honeymoon that we booked with Sinéad and we are still in awe of the holiday that she arranged for us. We had our dates and budget and we knew what type of holiday we wanted. As Sinéad got to know us more, she was able to recommend where she thought would suit us best. When we decided to book, we had access to the My TC app, where the holiday details and all documentation was saved. We could also pay securely through the app. Sinéad arranged a honeymoon to a level of luxury we never knew existed, the hotels and resorts she choose for us were truly out of this world. I would 100% recommend booking a holiday with Sinéad. She was friendly, helpful, efficient and very professional. Thank you so much Sinéad for arranging a holiday of a lifetime for us!

Sent by Aoife O'Connor

Sinead was incredibly helpful, I would have no hesitation in recommend her to family and friends.

Sent by John O'Brien

Sinead was very helpful and very pleasant to deal with. She stayed in contact with us up until the time we were on holiday and nothing was a problem.

Sent by Gemma Darby

Sinead has been so helpful, pleasant and efficient.

Sent by Aoife Cusack

Excellent service and care as always from Sinead. She always goes above & beyond.

Sent by P Reilly

Sinead is fantastic, such a professional I would highly recommend her. The service is second to none. I have been dealing with Sinead for over five years and have book numerous holidays to all parts of the world with ease because of her excellent attention to detail. An absolute lady!

Sent by Patricia McCormack

Sinead is wonderful. She makes the process so easy and she is so friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going through her for all my future trips.

Sent by Sophie Keogh

I have already recommended Sinead to friends if they are looking for a personalised holiday to remember.

Sent by Rogers Family

We booked Lapland 2023 with Sinead and found her super helpful. She was very informative, very friendly and efficient to deal with. I have no doubts this trip will be unforgettable!

Sent by Karen McDermott

For my Lapland booking Sinead was such a great help. She guided me and was able to ring me out of hours and receive texts late when i could talk and work on booking when the kids were asleep etc. I couldn't recommend Sinead enough.

Sent by Alice McDermot

Sinead was amazing!! From the first call in October 2022, to paying our deposit on Christmas eve (yes, she was working with us right up until 7pm on Christmas eve) to heading off the following September on our honeymoon cruise. The little touches never went un-noticed. We will definitely booking our future holidays with Sinead Lonergan! I've already recommended her to my Mam & Dad and 12 of their friends & they've booked a cruise with Sinead in October 2023. Thank you so much Sinead

Sent by Steve Allen

Excellent service from Sinead, made the whole experience from start to finish a joy! Thanks Sinead.

Sent by Bobbi Galbrath

Sinead was brilliant. So professional yet personal and we feel so comfortable knowing that we have booked our next holiday with her, the first of many. Thanks again.

Sent by Gerald Reilly

I would definitely recommend Sinead Lonergan to any of my friends that are going on a special trip or Cruise!

Sent by Aoife Lenihan

Another fantastic experience booking a holiday with Sinéad, I couldn’t recommend her more.

Sent by Janice Harnett

Sinead was extremely helpful and always quick to revert back. She is not tied to office hours and is very flexible which is great. A nice lady and I would highly recommend her. We are looking forward to our holiday next year!

Sent by Marie Burns

Sinead is wonderful to deal with, nothing is a problem. She responds out of hours, and is so on the ball! I would highly recommend Sinead to ensure booking a holiday is simple and problem free!

Sent by G McGrath

I found Sinead to be very helpful and professional at her job.

Sent by Clare Geraghty

I have and will continue to recommend Sinead to friends and family. She makes booking a trip so enjoyable and easy. An excellent service provided.

Sent by Peter Smyth

It’s so refreshing to have someone else to make all the travel and accommodation arrangements and to be able to rely on their advice and experience. I had forgotten how much hassle it was to put together a holiday without having a real person to talk to.

Sent by Sarah Pendred

Fantastic help, delighted we found Sinead!

Sent by Tanya Murphy

If there was a 10 + rating I'd pick it as Sinead is amazing at what she does! I have used her before so had no hesitation returning to her for help. We know we are in excellent hands & won't need to worry about a minute of our holiday. I would highly recommend Sinead to anyone.

Sent by Andrea Hynes

Sinead is absolutely wonderful to deal with. She goes far beyond the call of duty for her customers. She is very professional and always gets back to you very promptly. I will be recommending Sinead to many friends

Sent by Patricia McCormack

Sinead was absolutely fantastic. So knowledgeable about every cruise and just made the booking experience a dream, so easy. I wouldn't book with anyone else from now on. Excellent service.

Sent by Noreen O Brien

Sinead was such a fantastic help when we were booking our cruise gave us such great information and so patient.

Sent by Jennifer O Brien

Booked a cruise with Sinead. She was fantastic to deal with. She did a zoom call with all 6 ladies late one evening and she made herself available at any time. Her knowledge of cruise ships was instrumental in us deciding to book with her. Payment of deposit was made so simple by each setting up our own accounts. I would highly recommend both Sinead and Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Mary OBrien

Excellent service. Would recommend to friends and family.

Sent by Michelle Moran

Superb service and advice...Excellent

Sent by Michelle OCallaghan

Sinead was very informative and vey nice to deal with, very prompt in her correspondence and nothing seem's to be a problem for her. She made our trip so easy to plan and is very professional in what she does best!! 10/10. I would high recommend Sinead to my friends for future trips.

Sent by Aidan OBrien

Excellent service so far for booking my trip. I’m sure the service will continue to be excellent.

Sent by Kelly Family

Sinéad is a pleasure to deal with, she has a wealth of knowledge about all things travel, Sinéad knows so much about the destinations and always has excellent recommendations. The personal touch & attention to detail is incredible. Nothing is ever an issue and she’s always available when needed. Service is excellent & super professional. I’m delighted we were recommended Sinéad, the service & attention to detail is far superior than other travel services. We would, and have highly recommended Sinéad to others interested in planning truly memorable trips. Thank you very much Sinéad!

Sent by Irene Maxwell

I would definitely recommend Sinead Lonergan to my friends and family and colleagues, she is just amazing at her job down to every last detail. I will also be booking any of my future holidays with Sinead. Irene and Ciarán

Sent by A Stafford

Brilliant service. Really quick to organise everything and great attention to detail. Highly recommend.

Sent by P Reilly

Sinead is one in a million. A true professional with a personal touch. When I think now of a holiday I always just call Sinead, she is my happy place. My excitement always starts when I pick up the phone.

Sent by Alan Conroy

Very easy process and very willing to help!

Sent by M Daniell

Sinead has been so helpful to us previously, it is a no brainer to have her as our Travel Counsellor. It is great to just book and have Sinead look after all the details so we can be confident that our vacation is in the best hands.

Sent by Sharon Mooney

I had a request for a late booking for the coming weeks and Sinead provided me with a quotation very quickly. Sinead offered her time later that evening if I had any questions about the trip. Very happy to recommend Sinead and would definitively use Sinead again for future trips.

Sent by Marie Burns

Sinead is absolutely brilliant. I will definitely use her service again.

Sent by Gemma Darby

Sinead provided a very personal service and lots of good advice, can't wait to book our next holiday.

Sent by Josphine Glennon

Thanks for taking away the stress out of planning.

Sent by Michael Brick

Sinead was very helpful with all queries and the information she provided was excellent. The app is also very user friendly.

Sent by Conor Fitzpatrick

Found Sinead very helpful, she took all the stress away from dealing with the unusual tricky times to travel these days. Thanks very much for all your help.

Sent by Kate O Connell

I haven’t been on the trip yet, but I am so happy with the planning and assistance that Sinéad has done regarding my trip. I feel so confident with the itinerary that she has put together and feel so at ease.

Sent by Helene Forde

Excellent service from Sinead. She provided up to date information and help whenever needed. Thank you!

Sent by Nuala Downes

Sinead has been more than helpful with our bookings and has gone out of her way to help us. I would have no hesitancy in recommending her to anyone.

Sent by D Scanlon

Sinead is excellent. I would highly recommend her.

Sent by Eilish Burke

Sinead went above and beyond while helping us to create and book our dream honeymoon. She was most helpful and is excellent at her job. We have already recommended Sinead to our family who have since also booked with Sinead.

Sent by Begley Family

Once you speak with Sinead you will feel in safe hands and once you’ve travelled on one of the holidays that she has organised you will never book with anyone else. Sinead has a wonderful way with people and her attention to detail is impeccable. I would highly recommend Sinead.

Sent by G Delaney

We have been using Sinead for the last number of years for our holidays and she never fails to put an amazing holiday together for us. Delighted with her service.

Sent by Clare Geraghty

Excellent service! Sinead created the perfect itinerary for us and is there to answer any questions we have!

Sent by L Walker

I would recommend Sinead to any of my friends/family. In fact some friends I recommended have used Sinead for trips and they would say the same as myself. Sinead is brilliant at what she does, a perfectionist in her field. Covid had messed with our original plans, as it did with many people and I would have been lost without Sinead, she has been a godsend!

Sent by Allen Family

I highly recommend Sinead to anybody booking a holiday, I found her so approachable and professional. Any problems I had (and I did have a few…lost luggage, antigen tests) Sinead took over, kept me up to date and I just got on with my holiday! Sinead seems to go the extra mile for her customers to make it more personal, even down to the tickets I received for my Lapland trip which came in a beautiful Christmas box with a note from Santa, personalised decorations and even face masks!! I can’t speak highly enough of the service Sinead provides she is a pleasure to deal with.

Sent by Claire Daly

I highly recommend Sinead, she is very good at her job. Very professional & efficient. Sinead is a lovely person to deal with.

Sent by Kevin McConville

Very helpful, very responsive without being pushy!!! You know your business very well Sinead.

Sent by Cathy Reilly

I have been dealing with Sinead for going on five years now. I can only use one word to describe her “excellent “. Sinead has a wealth of knowledge and is a perfectionist. Every trip she has ever booked for me was like it was her own. She knows both myself and my husband now so well, she always gets us spot on!

Sent by Niamh Mulhall

Sinead is absolutely amazing we've had to change our family moon 3 times and she made it straight forward all of the time. She went above and beyond to make the most fantastic family moon for us within our budget. She's amazing and I will definitely recommend her.

Sent by Melissa Ryan

Sinead is really great to deal with, we have now organised our honeymoon 3 times due to Covid-19, Sinead has gone above an beyond in her customer service, we have now booked again and we can't wait for it to come around. Sinead has great attention to detail and a wealth of knowledge.

Sent by Kelly Family

I would highly recommend Sinead to my friends, family and colleagues. From the time we originally spoke to Sinead about our travel plans, nothing was ever a problem. Our plans got disrupted by the pandemic and our every worry was taken care of, we have since booked 2 family trips with Sinead. The level of personal service is impeccable! Sinead has a very broad range of knowledge on travel, from knowing the ins and outs of the cruising industry, to the best resorts in the Mediterranean. The service is quick, easy, personal & professional. The Travel Counsellors app makes it easy to view different travel itineraries & find the best one suited to us, it allows you to make payments through the app, view your trips & easily access travel documents. Needless to say our experience has been fantastic, we have & will continue to recommend Sinead to our friends, family and colleagues.

Sent by Heffernan Family

Sinead is amazing at her job; she always goes above and beyond to deliver the best holidays for our family. She has been so helpful during theses unusual times with COVID moving our holiday to Florida twice!

Sent by M Daniell

100% would have no hesitation in recommending Sinead. I have already done so and they have booked with Sinead also. Looking forward to booking many more vacations with Sinead.

Sent by Bernadette Williams

Can’t recommend Sinead highly enough. Fantastic service from start to finish.

Sent by Deirdre Hughes

Sinead is very Knowledgeable in her job and she has been so helpful the last two years when everything was up in the air with holidays. She is extremely efficient and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Sinead.

Sent by Amanda Geraghty

Sinead is a fantastic agent, so easy to deal with and super accommodating

Sent by Kevin Troy

Sinead could not have been any more helpful and was always just a click away if I had a question. Would highly recommend anyone booking a holiday to contact Sinead.

Sent by John Walker

I couldn't recommend Sinead enough. She made the whole process of planning our honeymoon completely stress free!! Always on hand to answer any question no matter how big or small. Definitely would recommend her to friends and family.

Sent by E Black

Just back from an amazing trip to Dubai as a family of 4 ( kids aged 8 and 6) which was all arranged by Sinead alleviating all the hassle and making it a totally stress free journey - Sinead presented us with 3 options for 6 nights stay in Dubai, we chose the Anantara Hotel on the Palm Dubai which was amazing and I have no doubt that my kids will be talking about it for a long time. I would have no hesitation recommending Sinead to book your next Trip, actually just let her as her professionalism, warmth, knowledge and personal touch really give you that reassurance that you are in safe hands. Now where to next ??? Thank you Sinead x

Sent by Barbara Scott

Sinead Lonergan is an exceptional Travel Counseller and an asset to Travel Counsellors, Ireland. She has gone out of her way to ensure that all aspects of our booking is made easy. Can’t recommend her enough Thank you Sinead

Sent by Denise Maher

Sinead was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is so efficient and knowledgeable.

Sent by Elaine Collum

Sinead was very helpful finding us the cruise we wanted in short notice with limited dates to work with, nothing was too much trouble for her. Would highly recommend

Sent by Brian ONeill

Sinead was recommended to me by a few of her previous customers. Sinead has been brilliant every step of the way, organising a lot of moving parts and dealing with multiple queries. I'll definitely be recommending Sinead in future as will the rest of the people in our group.

Sent by Laura Marry

Sinéad was very helpful from the very start. When we contacted her, we had an idea of what we wanted but we were finding it hard to pin it down. Sinéad really helped to clarify our thinking and sparked lots of conversations for us as a couple to think about before finding the right honeymoon for us. She was very patient and offered great advice. We feel very safe and secure having Sinéad overseeing our honeymoon plans and know that we can trust her and her advice. We would have no problem recommending Sinéad to our friends and family. The card she sent us after booking was also a lovely personal touch. We look forward to being in further contact with Sinéad over the next few months in relation to the honeymoon we have booked with her. Thank you Sinéad!

Sent by Angela Farrelly

Sinead has been very informative and helpful in planning our trips.

Sent by Niamh Kenny

Sinead was amazing. We spoke on the phone on what we'd like for our honeymoon with our 2 kids and she advised us where and what suited us as a family. And within a couple of hours she had our honeymoon sorted and booked for us. She's a special lady and fantastic at her job. We can't wait to head off on our special holiday this year.

Sent by Lisa Fitzgerald

10/10 A+ service, Sinead was there on hand for my 20 million emails. She was very knowledgeable and gave great advice. As I am a first timer when it comes to cruising she had no problem guiding me even through silly things. I would 100% use her services again. Its been a pleasure and I cannot wait for my Honeymoon!

Sent by Lorraine Healy

I got a recommendation from another lady who told me about Sinead and she said you just have to try her, she is brilliant. From the very minute I contacted Sinead it was like a load off my shoulders. Got exactly what we wanted and no hassle whatsoever. Can't wait for it to come around.

Sent by Burke Family

Fantastic service from the word go. We were made feel at ease when booking our cruise with Sinead. We would highly recommend Sinead to anyone booking a trip

Sent by A Mooney

Sinead was very helpful when booking our holiday. She responded to all our emails quickly and was very good with other forms off contact (Phone call and WhatsApp) I can't wait to experience the trip she has planned for us in February!

Sent by Emma O Dwyer

I had the pleasure of planning a recent trip to Bali with Sinead. I was travelling solo for the first time and I booked my flights, accommodation and G Adventures trip with her. I was continually impressed with her attention to detail and her knowledge of Bali. Sinead booked me on a direct flight to Bali from Dublin that I would have not found on my own. She gave me so many options for accommodation and the hotels I booked were fantastic. It was also really helpful that she could also take over the G Adventures trip too as I was travelling solo it was great to have a point of contact at all times. I had a dream holiday, which completely exceeded all my expectations thanks to Sinead – her advice was invaluable and the service she offers is second to none. Every step of the holiday from the initial planning to the very last day was incredibly easy and tailored to exactly what I was looking for. Sinead is a wonderful person and a pleasure deal with. I would highly recommended Sinead to anyone and especially to someone who is looking to travel solo as she is with you every step of the way.

Sent by Cathy Reilly

I have just booked my sixth holiday with Sinead and I think that alone says a lot about this fantastic lady. The service she provides and her vast knowledge is outstanding. I feel when I talk to her a sense of professionalism that is rarely found nowadays. She makes the journey from conception of your holiday to the adventure itself, exciting and special. I value her opinion and she has never steered me wrong. Her advise is always spot on for me and my taste. Contacting Sinead is always exciting as she will always have some new suggestion or information on new locations. Its all the little touches and her attention to detail that make her special !

Sent by John Paul

Sinead is very prefessional and friendly. She has ample knowledge and gives great advice to suit her clients. Each holiday she booked for us was tailored to suit our needs. She is always ready to help with any query or problem should it arise, day or night. I would highly recommend Sinead to anyone.

Sent by Tanya Staunton

So pleasant and friendly. Always goes out of her way to answer questions. Would definitely recommend Sinead to everyone looking to book an amazing holiday thanks again Sinead.

Sent by Lisa Kennedy

Sinead was lovely to deal with. Always available to answer any questions and gave great advice on destinations, hotels etc. Would highly recommend Sinead to family and friends!

Sent by Agnes Darcy

Sinead is so helpful. She is very clear with everything and I couldn't recommend her enough. Many thanks Sinead!

Sent by Sally Maloney

Sinead was a pleasure to work with. Very professional & returned emails & texts very quickly! Organised our tailor-made honeymoon, including flights, transfers, internal flights & hotels. I would highly recommend Sinead. Looking forward to the honeymoon now!!!

Sent by Aoibhin Carney

Sinead was amazing! She listened to my requests and planned the perfect trip. I’m thrilled!

Sent by Anne Maguire

Sinead was informative, friendly and offered a personal service which was very impressive.

Sent by Kennedy Family

The small personal touches never fail to impress!

Sent by Shane Caher

Sinead has been very knowledgeable and responsive, and gave good advice while listening carefully to my requirements. A truly value-add service!

Sent by Paul Murray

Sinead was very helpful with all aspects of the booking, she was available to take calls at the weekend and evening time during the week. I know we will be in good hands during our trip away.

Sent by Mary Timoney

Fantastic friendly service. Everything sorted with just a phone call and great attention to detail.

Sent by McGrath Family

Amazing lady in every level. Her knowledge, personality and customer service is amazing. We had booked with Sinead before and that’s why I'm back again. Can’t say enough about this lady!

Sent by Zarah and Justin

Sinead is great at her job she really did a great job with helping us finding our perfect honeymoon. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody she's brilliant.

Sent by Pat McCarthy

You can't improve on perfection!

Sent by Kate and Alan

Sinead was a pleasure to deal with - super quick to respond, had all the info in one place and at speed. Her knowledge of the locations was brilliant, and helped us to quickly decide what we did and didn't want. We also loved that she listed us as VIP clients, which we've never been before! Really quick responses, and always available

Sent by Leanne Keegan

Sinead cannot do enough for us. She is always happy to help & has great advice.

Sent by Siobhan and Thomas

Sinead was brilliant in helping us organise our first cruise and I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking to book a cruise. She was extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we had.

Sent by Serena Harte

Fantastic, very friendly and efficient service. Can't recommend Sinead highly enough!

Sent by Ciara Martin

Sinead was lovely to deal with and was able to pick the right cruise for the places I wanted to see.

Sent by Newman Family

Sinead was so helpful and got back to us immediately with any queries she was so knowledgeable and was able to tell us from her past experience what our destination would be like she was an absolute pleasure to deal with and we had no hesitation in booking with her really felt that we are in safe hands.

Sent by Cathy & Peter

I always ask myself when I come off the phone to Sinead “why didn’t I know this lady sooner” not only is she dedicated to helping you find the perfect holiday for you, but her expert experience helps you explore other options that you have only dreamed about! Sinead is a true professional!

Sent by Amy Dunne

In my experience Sinead was more than helpful and there when ever needed I will definitely be using Sinead again in the future and have also given Sineads number to family members. Thanking you!

Sent by Bernadette Sherrock

Sinead arranged our last few holidays and she did an amazing jo. Our big trip was Safari and every little attention to detail from her left us with nothing to do only enjoy complete trouble free trips. I could not recommend her highly enough. I have given her name and number to numerous friends. Thank you Sinead, look forward to our two cruises in 2019!

Sent by Triona Moyles

Sinead was so easy to deal with and efficient. She presented us with options based on what we had in mind for our upcoming honeymoon. She made sure we were able to secure the best deals while still including aspects that were most important to us. The app feature is amazing, so easy to pay through, have all documents in one place and so exciting to see countdown!

Sent by Alice Reilly

Sinead goes over & beyond her job to do everything right for you. It has been an absolute pleasure booking our holiday with her. I would highly recommend her.

Sent by Thomas Moore

Sinead is super efficient. Would recommend her anytime.

Sent by Damian Keenan

Sinead was excellent to deal with, her personal care and attention to detail is exceptional. We highly recommend her.

Sent by Lisa & Ciaran

Sinead is 100% committed to her clients.

Sent by Raymond Murray

Sinead is always there for my bookings. She is very prompt and professional and gets the best deals every time!

Sent by John Phelan

Sinead was very professional and very precise when explaining our trip, I would highly recommend her.

Sent by Sharon McGahern

Sinead was very helpful, took all the stress out of planning our Honeymoon. Thank you.

Sent by Cathal Shanahan

Absolutely fantastic experience dealing with Sinead, she made booking our trip so easy as she took care of absolutely everything. All we needed to provide was dates and Sinead came back with some excellent options & prices that there is no way we could have got ourselves. She went above and beyond to ensure our trip is going to be the once in a lifetime experience we want it to be, Cannot thank her enough.

Sent by Regina Ennis

Sinead is absolutely fantastic at her job, she's so professional at what she does and really listens to me in what kind of holiday I'm looking for. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family, she so good, we're hopefully booking a cruise with her.

Sent by Deirdre Noone

Sinead is a lovely woman to speak to, She knows exactly what the client wants and is very professional. I have already recommended her to all my friends when they are booking their next holiday

Sent by Liam O'Grady

Superb service, very friendly approach , I was given great offers and expert advice on what booking was best suited to my party, A hassle free booking and payment system , We will never travel again unless its booked through Sinead at Travel Counsellors . Well done Sinead and thanks a million!

Sent by Michael McCann

Great, simple, fast, and professional experience.

Sent by Davina Lynch

I can’t recommend Sinéad enough. As a bride she completely took the stress out of organizing our honeymoon/ familymoon and I’m over the moon it’s all done and all we have to do is look forward to our time together over there. Sinéad is so professional and easy to work with and she really does go above and beyond for her clients. Thanks so much I will definitely book with Sinéad again in the future.

Sent by Barbara Scott

I have had an excellent experience with Sinead and would highly recommend to others and have done so in the past few weeks Thank you

Sent by Aisling Penrose

Sinead was brilliant to deal with for our Honeymoon. She made the whole thing stress free for us, which is really important when organising a wedding.

Sent by Marie Doyle

Sinead is a lovely person to work with. She made the whole process of planning our trip to Thailand so easy and came up with the perfect holiday to suit our needs. Fantastic service, will definitely recommend her and will be back for our next trip.

Sent by James Fay

We asked Sinead for help with our honeymoon and it was the least painful experience we have had while booking a holiday. She really helped choose the right location by offering her personal experience. Highly recommend Sinead to anyone who is looking for a unique holiday experience!

Sent by Bernadette McWilliams

Amazing service. Sinead is fantastic and couldn’t be more helpful.

Sent by Paula Murphy

Sinead has been absolutely fantastic, we have recommended her to all our family and friends she has got us exactly what we were looking for and within our budget . We will be definitely booking our holidays with Sinead again!

Sent by Jean McCarthy

Sinead has been absolutely fantastic to deal with she is so helpful and made the process so easy.

Sent by Helena Heffernan

Always a pleasure dealing with Sinead. She definitely goes over or above on anything we ask for!

Sent by Samantha Kiernan

Sinead is absolutely brilliant to deal with, so professional and a natural at her job. I would highly recommened to friends and family.

Sent by Ciaran Healy

We found Sinead Lonergan to be very friendly and informative about our honeymoon. Answered all our questions, even the self explanatory ones with a degree of professionalism, which made us very comfortable and at ease with our decision to book our honeymoon with her. Would most definitely reccomend to a friend.

Sent by Elizabeth Agnew

As one half of a very busy couple, it is so comforting to have a real professional helping us to arrange a very special trip.

Sent by Laurenza Mulpetre

Nothing is ever to much trouble for Sinead. No matter what time of the day or night, Sinead is always ready to answer any questions you might have. I most certainly recommend her to any of my friends.

Sent by Peter Reilly

10 out of 10, I’ve recommended Sinead to my sister and she has now booked her 40th wedding anniversary holiday with her! Sinead’s service is top class.

Sent by Alice Reilly

Had a very pleasant experience booking with Sinead it was a pleasure she was so helpful !

Sent by Sarah King

Sinead is excellent at what she does. She tries to find the best holidays with the customer in mind, and is always at the other end of the phone.

Sent by Grita Donegan

My parents had a great time, thank you SInead so much for your help with everything. Sinead is an absolute pleasure to deal with. The card was such a thoughtful touch. Sinead walks extra mile and a half for her clients, very rare quality to come across so thank you Sinead, it was a pure pleasure dealing with you!

Sent by Enda Byrne

Sinead was an absolute pleasure to deal with it. Nothing was too much hassle & there was plenty of communication from her throughout. We swopped & changed our minds a half dozen times and every time Sinead had an option for us to choose from. We would highly recommend Sinead to sort anyone's travel plans.

Sent by Tony Dalton

Fast, friendly, efficient,top class accommodation on all our trips abroad. Would highly recommend Sinéad to anyone who is thinking of going abroad for either city break holiday or any other trip abroad ie. holiday/business.

Sent by Pat Walsh

It has been a great experience having Sinead put together our honeymoon and it is truly a trip of a lifetime!

Sent by Margaret Hennessy

Delighted with customer service- Sinead couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you

Sent by Dermot Scanlon

Sinead was excellent to deal with. So professional, courteous and helpful. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and colleagues. Top class!

Sent by C McEvoy

Sinead was excellent in dealing with my holiday, I have recommended her to my family and friends. She gave me top class service.

Sent by Alan Daly

Everything was done for me. All I had to do was pay and even that was made easy. Lets hope location is as good as our Travel Counsellor!

Sent by Begley Family

Sinead was recommended to me by another friend so I knew she had a good reputation but to be honest, I was blown away by the fantastic service she gave to us. She was available anytime I called or emailed and after explaining the dynamics of our family and the destination she put together the perfect holiday for us. I actually could not fault anything about her and that is why I have given a perfect 10.

Sent by Bernadette Sherrock

It has been a pleasure three times booking my holidays with Sinead. I have always felt very well looked after. Great peace of mind to know Sinead is at the end of phone if any complications arise, but there has been no need to contact her as my holidays went off without a hitch!

Sent by Kate Sullivan

I have already been recommending Sinéad to friends & family and also to my followers on social media. She's fantastic and got what we wanted straight away for our honeymoon.

Sent by Elizabeth Senior

Sinead is gifted at what she does - she made us feel so special and we wouldn't consider booking with anyone else in the future.

Sent by Pauline Sheils

Sinead was so great to deal with and really helped take the stress out of organising our honeymoon - we would definitely recommend Sinead to everyone planning a trip!

Sent by Thomas McCormack

Huge Thank you to Sinead and Travel Counsellors for helping us plan a truly magical trip to Disneyland Paris. As it is our first trip away with our children, we found the knowledge and experience Sinead has invaluable.Highly recommend and have done already to family members. We look forward to a long and happy travel friendship with both Sinead and Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Cathy Reilly

I have never used a travel consultant before untill Sinead was recommended to me and all I can say is "where have you been all my life?" Sinead has taken all the worry, heartache, doubt, over thinking, under researching and most of all pressure around deciding and choosing a holiday. Sinead made it what it is meant to be - an enjoyment and a treat. Her absolute professionalism and understanding of your needs are second to none. I cannot wait to go on our holiday - it's like an adventure that we have had tailormade to our dreams and this is all down to Sinead. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done to make this trip just perfect for us. You are an absolute diamond.

Sent by Jenna Delaney-Dunne

Just booked our 2018 family holiday with Sinead. Fantastic service, stress free and as always Sinead goes above and beyond to make sure every inch of our holiday is suited to our needs. All we are left to do is pack our suitcases and hop on the plane!!

Sent by Claire Feely

Excellent service as always from Sinead Lonergan. Her advice, counsel and professionalism is second to none.

Sent by Niamh Hughes

Sinead has been extremely helpful and patient while we chopped and changed. Nothing has been too much trouble, I would highly recommend her to family and friends!

Sent by Helena Heffernan

Sinead was so helpful! She has given more than we ever expected of her.

Sent by Therese MacLennan

Sinead was extremely efficient and professional. I will definitely use Sinead for future holidays.

Sent by Bernadette Chalke

Sinead sorted our trip to Canada within 12 hours of us first contacting her. She was very efficient and totally understood what we were looking for on our first trip to Canada after just one phone call.

Sent by Ollie McLoughlin

The golf trip in Portugal was a tremendous success. Sinead could not do enough to make sure our stay enjoyable. Sinead displayed immense professionalism and attention to detail. We will engage Sinead to organise future trips and we are all only too happy to recommend Sinead should you wish to travel in the future.

Sent by Pat and Mary Scully

I have to say this was our first experience using a Travel Counsellor and I will be highly recommending Sinead to family and friends. She was very professional, knowledgeable and gave us a wonderful personal service. All queries dealt with quickly. Highly recommended and appreciated. If the trip is as good as the organisation of it, it will be wonderful. Thank you.

Sent by Niamh Brophy

We met Sinead at a wedding fair shortly after getting engaged. We spoke to her about organising our very complicated, once in a lifetime honeymoon which involved multiple flights, hotels, people and transport. We had priced this honeymoon with several other travel agents and none even came close to the value and service that Sinead offered us. Over the past year, she has replied to any email or call that I have sent her within an hour! This includes emails that I have sent her at midnight and nothing is ever a problem. We feel that our big holiday is in safe hands and I would strongly recommend her to anybody booking a holiday.

Sent by Pj Cannon

A superb and genuine service was provided by Sinead with totally professional advice and tips from the first to the last detail. No stress, no hassle, despite it being a very detailed trip. Do not hesitate to plan your dream holiday or any other trip with Sinead.

Sent by Niamh O'Sullivan

Patience of a saint! I found Sinead extremely professional, with great travel knowledge and recommendations of the highest quality. I would have considered my partner and I to be difficult clients as we really didn't know what we wanted for a Honeymoon. Sinead blew us away with some amazing options and destination suggestions. She gave us multiple flight itineraries for us to choose from, which was great because you could fully see all the options in front of you and could decide what best suited you. I look forward to the stunning honeymoon that Sinead put together for us. A great experience, we will be back, thank you!

Sent by Thomas Colton

Great attentiion to detail and strives for the best for her clients.

Sent by Peter Lyons

Sinead is a wonderful Travel Counsellor, she really knows her job and has a passion for customer service.

Sent by Aine Connaire

Sinead was very helpful, professional and provided excellent customer service. We would highly recommend Sinead to anyone looking to book trips away.

Sent by Tony Dalton

The personality/detail/information/helpfulness and courtesy was second to none and would definitely recommend Sinead to everyone thinking of going on holiday.

Sent by Philip Sheridan

I cannot thank Sinead enough for organising one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I contacted Sinead a couple of months ago with a view to climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa. She immediately got back to me with an itinerary, possible dates, costs and plenty of advice. With everything in place we signed up with Sinead and started to prepare for our journey which we thought was excellent value for money - 10 days in Tanzania, with 6 days of climbing. Our experience with climbing Kilimanjaro completely exceeded any expectations we had going into our trip. We really didn't know what to expect but Sinead had us well prepared with details on equipment, clothing, medication and all the training we would need. We were blown away with the team Sinead had organised for us on the mountain. With guides and porters we were well looked after and knew we were in safe hands. They were supportive, easy to talk to and made our trip all the more incredible. Getting to the summit of Kilimanjaro made it all worthwhile and the unbelievable feeling of standing on one of the highest mountains in the world, "The roof of Africa". I would urge anybody looking for a different adventure or a new challenge in life or a stepping stone to achieve something and believe if you can reach the top you can cope with anything. Sinead made this trip of a lifetime possible and I have no doubts about recommending her to all my family, friends and contacts who are considering an adventure they would never forget.

Sent by Emer McGrath

Had great experience booking with Sinead. Booked our holiday last year with Sinead as well. Will certainly use her services again.

Sent by Caitriona Horan

Sinead was a pleasure to deal with, very professional and pays attention to detail. She adds a personal touch and will wait until you are happy to go ahead.

Sent by Emma Healy

Sinéad has been so helpful in planning our honeymoon. Her experience and advice made the planning process so incredibly easy and hassle free. We are confident that we will have a wonderful trip thanks to her input. She has been extremely efficient in responding to our emails and has been at the end of the phone since we first made contact. She has made every effort to work around our work schedules to ensure we were happy with all the details before securing our booking.

Sent by Fiona McGann

Sinead is just amazing, so professional and friendly.

Sent by Andrew Walsh

Sinead was a great help in planning and booking our cruise and will have no hesitation in recommend her to our family, friends and colleagues.

Sent by Aoife McDermott

Sinead was so helpful with sorting out our cruise. She was easy to talk to and was great at organising every detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Sent by Sean Culkeen

I would recommend and have already recommended using Sinead's experience and service.

Sent by Bernie Sherrock

I have booked two holidays with Sinead. My first one was a safari with my siblings and the whole trip went like clockwork thanks to Sinead. I have recommended her to several people and I’m looking forward to my next experience in Nashville!

Sent by Niall Lenihan

Extremely patient and honest. Sinead was determined to give us the honeymoon experience we desired.

Sent by Denis O'Rourke

Very impressed with the professional service provided, particularly the prompt feedback provided.

Sent by Darina Kenny

Sinead has been so helpful and made us feel like she genuinely cares about our honeymoon and I know she'll do a brilliant job organising it. Lovely lady.

Sent by Agnes Mc Grath

Fantastic, friendly, efficent and professional service from Sinead. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Sent by Christine Dowling

It was a fantastic trip. Sinead did everything possible to make it a trip of a lifetime; the hotels she chose, the service we got, all fantastic - she had every last detail sorted. I have recommended her to friends.

Sent by Tracey Connell

Excellent help and advice and a quick response.

Sent by Geraldine Ward

Sinead has been very helpful in helping us choose our honeymoon package, would highly recommend her.

Sent by Orlaith Young

Sinead made everything so easy when everything else about getting married can be so stressful. From the minute we met her we knew we would book with her. She got what we wanted from our honeymoon - relaxation and chilling with added luxury. We can't wait for it to come now and love the app with the countdown: 287 days to go! Thanks again for everything Sinead.

Sent by Niamh Brophy

We were so lucky to bump into Sinead at a wedding fair, she's attentive, knowledgeable, professional and a lovely person. All emails and phonecalls were answered straight away and she has organised the honeymoon of our dreams.

Sent by Peter Cannon

A superb experience and attention to detail was excellent, thank you Sinead for all your help and patience.

Sent by Seamus Kearney

Sinead assisted in a group booking for a Mediterranean cruise. She handled each lead passenger queries in a very professional and friendly manner. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with and would have no problem recommending her in the future.

Sent by Fiona McGann

Sinead is just amazing! So helpful and professional. Very experienced. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends especially if you're planning that special holiday.

Sent by Elma

This was my first holiday away with special needs kids, I was very nervous of going but Sinead was on the ball had everything sorted and took the stress away from me. I would highly recommend her to a website Autism Mammy’s. She is so understanding.

Sent by Dermot Scanlon

I recently travelled to Canada with my family to visit my son who was working there. I knew from the outset that organising this trip would be difficult because my two sons and daughter who were due to travel had different travel requirements. I engaged with Sinéad and I found her to be absolutely excellent. She has an enthusiasm about her business which ensures that she provides you with the best possible service. She called to my home to discuss our requirements and organised flights, hotels, transfers, ski passes and ski equipment. Everything on the holiday went seamlessly and on time. Sinéad understands her business and knows the requirements of her customers. I was delighted with the service I received which ensured that I and my family had an unforgettable holiday. I can honestly say that without the substantial input of Sinéad this would not have been possible and I thank her for all her hard work and effort. I have recommended Sinéad to others and I will continue to do so. She is excellent at her work and provides a top class professional service.

Sent by Joseph Doyle

Sinead was so helpful in finding everything I requested and followed everything up as to what we ask for and I will be telling people about the experience I had with Sinead, she is brilliant to work with.

Sent by Joanna Doran

Sinead is an amazing lady and a true pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her to anyone enquiring about a holiday. After months of working with me she found us the perfect honeymoon. She listened attentively to my every query and concern giving me full trust in her with this task. Her attention to detail is beyond perfection and the personal service we received is truly amazing and rare to find. Her response time to my queries was impeccable. I would have an answer ASAP with Sinead and I felt like I was her only client. With Sinead's help and guidance, we believe we have chosen a wonderful honeymoon and can't wait for August and again cannot recommend her enough and will most definitely be contacting Sinead with any future travel plans.

Sent by Karen Mulligan

Sinead couldn’t have done enough for us and nothing was too much trouble. I have already referred Sinead to my friends to book their honeymoon with her. I will definitely be booking my next holiday with her.

Sent by Pauline Kinsella

I have only recently met Sinead and I have to honestly say I am most impressed with her professional manner and her very genuine personality. I have booked a cruise with her and feel very confident about everything so far, it has been my pleasure meeting her.