Short or long haul? Where to head for luxury

28 November 2019

There are luxury travel destinations all around the world, each offering an incredible experience for visitors and presenting a different flavour of the local cultures and environments that surround them. The only difficult choice for you is whether you’ll explore far and wide or you’ll stay a little closer to home when you embark on your next luxury getaway.


The most romantic city in the world. Home to the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles, Paris exudes opulence and class at every turn from its stunning architecture to its historical landmarks.

French cuisine is revered the world over, so it should come as no surprise that Paris is one of the fine dining capitals of the world. With over 100 Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from, complement your stay in the French capital with an irresistibly decadent dining experience. 

Greek Islands

Beautiful silky sand beaches, perennial sunshine, a rich ancient culture and delicious Mediterranean dining, the islands of Greece cover all bases when it comes to choosing an enviable holiday destination.

If you’re travelling as a couple looking for a romantic getaway, head to the picturesque island of Santorini. Famed for its cliffsides laden with traditional white-washed villages, Santorini’s rustic old town feel creates an unmatchable charm. A stay in one of these traditional houses will present you with spectacular views out across the Aegean Sea and its islands.

For families in search of a luxurious break and some much-needed family time, the emerald island of Corfu is the perfect place to explore with its lush green countryside and secluded beaches.

Lake Como

In northern Italy, close to the Swiss border, sits Lake Como. A favourite holiday haunt of the rich and famous, the lake has been enticing visitors for hundreds of years with its tranquil waters and forested surroundings.

Sat in the foothills of the Alps, the lake’s shores lay decorated with beautiful quaint towns and villages, spattered with gorgeous shades of red and yellow, just waiting to be explored.

The Lake has featured in several Blockbuster movies including Star Wars and James Bond thanks to its beautiful natural scenery and the charming classical architecture of its surrounding Villas.


The tiny archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a land of white sand beaches, lush jungle forests, undulating mountain landscapes, and breath-taking views. Spend days lounging on the immaculate beaches or diving into the inviting waters of the Indian Ocean, which offer you the chance to explore a vivid coral reef ecosystem as a vibrant rainbow of fish glide past you.

Extravagant five-star accommodation is in no shortage in the Seychelles, with world-renowned Hotel companies such as Four Seasons, Banyan Tree and Constance all having properties across the islands.

With so many luxury options available, all that’s left for you to decide is which is right for you. The varied and unique properties allow you to make the Seychelles into any kind of destination you wish it to be, from a family getaway to a romantic couple’s break; a rejuvenating spa retreat to a tropical desert island experience.


‘The Island of Spice’ - named for its production of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cocoa and ginger – is blessed with untouched natural beauty and some of the warmest people around.  Grenada offers a laid-back Caribbean vibe to soothe you and melt away any stress as you bask in the warm ever-present sun.

Many of the island’s resorts offer fabulous all-inclusive options to ensure you remain pampered throughout your stay. With delectable dishes, from fresh seafood through to traditional Caribbean fare, the offering of cuisines across the resorts stretches far and wide and is always served up to the highest of standards.


Tokyo is a cosmopolitan urban metropolis full of juxtapositions between the ancient traditions of its rich Japanese culture and the futuristic cityscape that you see before you. The city has something to make you stop and stare at every turn, whether that’s the Geisha women of the hanamachi districts, the futuristic robot workers, the collision of goliaths in the sumo arenas or the Mario go-karts passing you by as you wander the bustling streets.

The perfect time to visit Tokyo is in the spring when its parks and waterways are transformed by the bloom of pink cherry blossoms which decorate the city with their beautiful petals. What better way to experience this otherworldly bloom of pink, than by taking to the skies in a helicopter and hovering above this incredible city to admire it in all its grandeur.


If you’re still wondering whether you should go long or short haul for your next luxury getaway, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor!

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