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Responsible is the only kind of travel we know

We’re passionate about providing sustainable holidays that protect and respect the world we help you explore.

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What is responsible travel?

We’re on a journey to champion responsible travel. Through education of our colleagues and customers - and more considerate selection of the experiences we provide - we’re working to only have a positive impact on the planet and the places and people we visit.

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We care for our people, our customers and the communities in which we live and where we help people visit every day.

Everyone who joins Travel Counsellors signs our commitment to learn about and consider responsible tourism in every holiday they create. For us, sustainable holidays are about authentic travel experiences. Visiting unspoilt places and immersing ourselves in the local culture is our passion and one we share with our customers.

What is the Green Leaf symbol?

Your Travel Counsellor can advise on ways to make a positive impact through your travels. They’ll suggest ‘Green Leaf’ hotels - those that have been vetted as sustainable choices - alongside excursions using local companies and guides and recommend local treats to look out for in your destinations. Each has been certified by a sustainability assessor using criteria created by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. For a full list of standards, please click here.

Our responsible travel choices are helping to...



Maximise social and economic benefits for the local community

  • Ikos and Sani Resorts are meeting 60% of their resorts’ needs through local producers.


  • Attitude Resorts have created their Otentik Discovery app to encourage guests to get out and explore the island, experiencing Mauritius through the eyes of a local.


Enhance cultural heritage


  • Beachcomber Resorts use their ‘Beautiful Localhands’ project to help local artisans sell their products to tourists, earning an income and preserving traditional crafts and cultural heritage.


Reduce negative impacts on the environment


  • LUX* Le Mourne launched its Zero Food Waste Programme in 2019 which focuses on reducing food waste and repurposing unavoidable waste by donating food from the buffet to local schools. Leftovers from guests’ plates also go to pig farms or are composted on-site.

Our promise to protect

Responsible travel is something we really care about at Travel Counsellors, which is why we work with international charity The Travel Foundation to make that happen, and to help us leave a better world for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Tips for a more responsible holiday

The world’s most treasured places are precious. We have a responsibility to help make sure they stay that way. Here are some tips on how you can ensure you have a positive impact...