Celebrity EDGE

Sinead Lonergan 07 June 2019
Celebrity, the luxury brand of the Royal Caribbean line, launched their newest luxury cruise ship, Celebrity EDGE 6-months ago and it recently departed from Southampton on its inaugural European sailing, following a spectacular 2-day premiere event. The launch of the Celebrity EDGE cruise-ship has been heralded by Celebrity over the past few years as bringing cruising to the next level and I was lucky enough to experience this amazing ship first-hand. It most definitely lived up to the hype and surpassed my expectations!

It’s obvious why Celebrity have being touting EDGE as being the “most innovative and industry changing ship at sea”. They have stayed true to their constant development, improvement and overall evolution of the five pillars of the Celebrity brand – destinations, design, attractions, accommodation and culinary.

Here my highlights of EDGE:

The Infinite Veranda

The Infinite Veranda absolutely blew me away; it really takes the word balcony to a whole other level. I firmly believe a balcony stateroom is always worth that bit extra. One of the reasons I love cruising so much is that nothing can compare to the sunrise and sunsets you see when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Onboard EDGE, if you choose to pay that little extra you get that incomparable ocean view! The Infinite Veranda takes things up several notches. With the touch of a button, your entire living space becomes the veranda, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge. It is truly next-level innovation.

The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is innovation at its finest. It’s a cantilevered floating platform that can move up and down the ship changing function along the way. When we boarded the ship, the Magic Carpet was on Deck 14 by the main pool area. It was a tranquil, trendy bar space that offers comfortable seating and glorious ocean views. When the Magic Carpet moves to Deck 2, it serves as a tender platform for passengers to go ashore. It is a unique experience and one I highly recommend. Eden

Eden is the most incredible space on The Celebrity Edge and while I try to do my best to describe it, no description or photos will do it justice. If you are looking for a unique place to eat, have a drink, enjoy one of a kind immersive entertainment experiences, or to just soak up the atmosphere, this is the perfect location on Edge. It is such a unique and versatile space. You need to visit Eden at various times of the day to get the full effect. We loved it in the afternoon when there was not many around. This allowed us the chance to view three stories of towering windows and the sheer size of the ship. It is also perfect for a pre-dinner drink and take in the interactive entertainment experience, Revelation. This should not be missed. Our experiences were different each time so no two visits to Eden will ever be the same.

The Spectacular Theatre

The entertainment on the Celebrity Edge is truly one of a kind. Celebrity Edge boasts five original shows, which to date, is something no other cruise line offers. We got to preview ‘Hype and A Hot Summers Night’s Dream’


For evening dining, there are four main restaurants: Normandie, Tuscan, Cosmopolitan, and Cyprus. Each restaurant features the same menu, however, it will change nightly and each offers its own special ambiance together with a selection of exclusive, regionally inspired dishes and drinks. There are many specialty dining options on the Celebrity EDGE: The Spa Cafe and Juice Bar, Cafe al Bacio, the Rooftop Garden Grill, Raw on 5, Fine Cut Steakhouse, Le Grande Bistro, and Eden. Continuing with their innovative advancements, Le Petite Chef offers an entirely digital dining experience. You watch a mini chef prepare your meal on a digital screen which doubles as your tabletop. A different virtual chef will prepare each course and kids love it! It is a very interactive experience and a lot of fun.

The new ship design also follows Celebrity’s commitments to the environment. In terms of environmental impact - the innovative bow design and micro-bubbles system make the running of the ship much more efficient in terms of fuel consumption. The Celebrity EDGE caters for all ages, interests and abilities and is modern luxury at its finest. The best news of all that is that all this luxury and innovation is priced at very affordable levels and Celebrity continue to roll-out packages where all-inclusive can include drinks and other incentives. Contact me to find out more and I can arrange the perfect Cruise experience for you.