The Lights and Life of Las Vegas

Melanie Cahill 29 May 2020
Deep within the desert lies the city of Las Vegas with its hypnotic lights, abundance of fun and entertainment to suit every type of traveller. Travelling to the West Coast of America has never been easier with numerous airlines making the voyage, Las Vegas is often the first stop of a twin centred adventure. Optimally 4-5 nights is perfect to taste all of what Las Vegas has to offer. This gives you enough time to recover from a long flight, experience the main sights of Las Vegas and time to unwind, relax and have fun.

Based on my own experience of Las Vegas and that of my customers, I would love to share with you all the top things to do, places to eat, and where to stay: As soon as landing in McCarran International Airport you will see the glamourous lights of Las Vegas. The first thing that will enchant you is the main strip of Las Vegas, where the hotels are attractions in themselves. Visit The Venetian and experience a gondola ride that will transport you to Venice or see the dancing fountains of the Bellagio. Stand outside the Volcano of the Mirage and experience the beautiful fresh flower display of the Wynn. Each hotel lobby aims to fascinate the eyes and draw you deeper. Also along the strip lies some incredible shopping malls for all of you shopping lovers.

Las Vegas is also home to two outlet centres that would give New York a run for the title of a shopping lovers heaven. Then for the adventurer you can go into the desert and take a helicopter ride to the Gran Canyon where there are multiple trips that allow you to a have a champagne breakfast on the floor of the Canyon or brave the sky walk bridge. Las Vegas does not stop at night as some of the most famous artists grace the stages of Las Vegas with show stopping performances. There is a show to suit all ages and all tastes in music, comedy, magic or acrobatics.

One of my favourite things that I did was to go up high above the Las Vegas skyline on the Link High Roller. This hour-long spin on the wheel allowed us to see the entire strip in all its glory, definitely a must see. For the braver traveller, why not fly through the sky on the Link Zipline. Night also brings the opening of some world famous nightclubs, multiple parties with some well known DJs like Calvin Harris. Then on the gambling, this is something that is a massive part of Las Vegas and all of the hotels, try your hand at blackjack or get lucky on the slots. You can do as much or as little or whatever suits you. Also, one of the highlights of my trip, was a visit to old Las Vegas, where the music, old style casino’s and entertainment will just fascinate you. This is just a taste of what there is to do in Las Vegas, there is something for just about everyone. There are hotels in Las Vegas that will just about suit everyone and every budget. Each hotel has its own appeal depending on what you are looking for. Most hotels have a casino, however some hotels are non gaming. Hotels are so diverse in budget and comfort so depending on what it is you are looking for, I would be able to guide you further. There are so many restaurants to discover with Las Vegas. Many famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay have set up restaurants on the strip and a personal favourite of mine was Gordon Ramsays Fish and Chips just of the main strip, simple but divine. Also, one must indulge in the famous Las Vegas buffets, they do not disappoint. Again, there are so many places to eat that will suit every budget.

Whatever your plans are, Las Vegas is a perfect destination for a little bit of everything. The amazing desert weather makes it perfect to relax by the pool or visit the air-conditioned malls. So whether your with a group of friends, your other half or family there is something for absolutely everyone.