A little piece of paradise in Mexico

Melanie Cahill 08 July 2017
Cancun has something for everyone, from a group of friends, families or a romantic getaway. I travelled with a friend and her daughter to experience and see what Cancun had to offer. We stayed at the Occidental Resort in Xcaret which was ideal and suited our needs. This hotel is very much suited to groups of friends, families getting together and couples who don’t mind a busy resort. There are so many pools to choose from the lively party atmosphere to the sporty pools with lots going on to the “Quiet Pool” …. I have to say this was my favourite, being able to relax with little back ground noise, cocktails and the blazing sun of the Caribbean!

This hotel also had a private beach which was also lovely for a change. The sea temperature was very warm and there were lots of tropical fish coming in and swimming around you, not so great if you have a phobia like myself of being in the water with fish!!! Although this phobia was almost overcome with thanks to the amazing dive centre at the hotel. We went out on a snorkel trip out to the coral reefs. Thankfully all the other guests were confident in the water and in no time at all I gradually snorkelled but stayed with the guide. He had small fish with him and was feeding turtles, baby turtles, stingray and many more tropical species. I didn’t want this experience to end and to think I nearly got out as soon as I was in the water!! It really was a magical experience; the sights were something like out of the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’. My firends also went scuba diving which again was an amazing experience.

The hotel is situated next the Xcaret Park. You can pay a little extra to have unlimited access of just buy a single entrance into the park which ever you think you would prefer although it worked out better to pay the extra here and go unlimited access. In the park, there are an abundance of things to do from the wildlife to swimming through the underwater caves to the entertainment shows and excursions. A definite must to see and experience whilst in Mexico.

Being on an All Inclusive meant carrying little or no money with you around the complex. All food and drinks were included in your stay and there were many bars and restaurants to choose from including 6 speciality restaurants. All the food was of a good quality and there was something to suit every palate with a good choice of dishes. The evening entertainment was there if you wanted it or there were other bars with live music in if you preferred.

A few of the nights we arranged a taxi into Playa del Carmen. We ate out and enjoyed the cultural shows put on in the Square in front of the beach. There are a vast amount of tourist shops and big named brands to suit every type of shopper. It was lovely to ramble through the streets and enjoy the atmosphere the place had to offer. If you’re after Jewellery be prepared to haggle!

There really is so much to see in this beautiful country from the Malayan ruins to Zip lining through the jungle. You can do as much as you want and as little as you please in this piece of paradise.