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It has been said that if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life; for me that is travelling and exploring the world. I have over 20 years in the travel industry and I can definitely say I have a passion to travel and explore!

Having recently married, my honeymoon was a great excuse to book the perfect adventure. Along with my own experiences, I specialise in offering a personal, professional and tailor-made honeymoon packages to some of the most exciting corners of the world. I have two grown up kids so naturally I have developed the skill to discover suitable destinations for all stages from infants to teenagers right up ‘til when they were looking for advice to travel on their own.

I am both an efficient and skilful expert in travel, specialising in South Africa, honeymoons, family holidays and group travel. Some of my own personal favourites of which I have visited are South Africa, Dubai, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Florida, New York, Las Vegas, Vancouver and the Rockies, the Caribbean, and many exquisite European cities. I have also had the opportunity to sail away to some of the most beautiful parts of the world on some fabulous cruise lines which gives me invaluable experience on an exclusive and honest level.

Whether it be a short European break, adventurous holidays or relaxing vacation, I have the knowledge and experience to send you on your own personally designed adventure. I am very devoted to knowing my clients, their interests and ideas are important in helping me plan for them.

As your personal Travel Counsellor, I am flexible and contactable throughout the day, into the evenings and at weekends by appointment. This allows you the comfort of knowing that I am available to work around your schedule and meet outside of office hours to help you plan your perfect getaway.

I am a certified South African Specialist and honeymoon expert with years of experience. I also won the Brides of Limerick's Best Honeymoon Provider in 2018 and 2019. This award was voted for by the public and is a testament to the passion and dedication I show my client when planning their honeymoon.

I look forward to planning your dream holiday and hope to hear from you soon.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

The Lights and Life of Las Vegas

29 May 2020

Deep within the desert lies the city of Las Vegas with its hypnotic lights, abundance of fun and entertainment to suit every type of traveller. Travelling to the West Coast of America has never been easier with numerous airlines making the voyage, Las Vegas is often the first stop of a twin centred adventure. Optimally 4-5 nights is perfect to taste all of what Las Vegas has to offer. This gives you enough time to recover from a long flight, experience the main sights of Las Vegas and time to unwind, relax and have fun. Based on my own experience of Las Vegas and that of my customers, I would love to share with you all the top things to do, places to eat, and where to stay: As soon as landing in McCarran International Airport you will see the glamourous lights of Las Vegas. The first thing that will enchant you is the main strip of Las Vegas, where the hotels are attractions in themselves. Visit The Venetian and experience a gondola ride that will transport you to Venice or see the dancing fountains of the Bellagio. Stand outside the Volcano of the Mirage and experience the beautiful fresh flower display of the Wynn. Each hotel lobby aims to fascinate the eyes and draw you deeper. Also along the strip lies some incredible shopping malls for all of you shopping lovers. Las Vegas is also home to two outlet centres that would give New York a run for the title of a shopping lovers heaven. Then for the adventurer you can go into the desert and take a helicopter ride to the Gran Canyon where there are multiple trips that allow you to a have a champagne breakfast on the floor of the Canyon or brave the sky walk bridge. Las Vegas does not stop at night as some of the most famous artists grace the stages of Las Vegas with show stopping performances. There is a show to suit all ages and all tastes in music, comedy, magic or acrobatics. One of my favourite things that I did was to go up high above the Las Vegas skyline on the Link High Roller. This hour-long spin on the wheel allowed us to see the entire strip in all its glory, definitely a must see. For the braver traveller, why not fly through the sky on the Link Zipline. Night also brings the opening of some world famous nightclubs, multiple parties with some well known DJs like Calvin Harris. Then on the gambling, this is something that is a massive part of Las Vegas and all of the hotels, try your hand at blackjack or get lucky on the slots. You can do as much or as little or whatever suits you. Also, one of the highlights of my trip, was a visit to old Las Vegas, where the music, old style casino’s and entertainment will just fascinate you. This is just a taste of what there is to do in Las Vegas, there is something for just about everyone. There are hotels in Las Vegas that will just about suit everyone and every budget. Each hotel has its own appeal depending on what you are looking for. Most hotels have a casino, however some hotels are non gaming. Hotels are so diverse in budget and comfort so depending on what it is you are looking for, I would be able to guide you further. There are so many restaurants to discover with Las Vegas. Many famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay have set up restaurants on the strip and a personal favourite of mine was Gordon Ramsays Fish and Chips just of the main strip, simple but divine. Also, one must indulge in the famous Las Vegas buffets, they do not disappoint. Again, there are so many places to eat that will suit every budget. Whatever your plans are, Las Vegas is a perfect destination for a little bit of everything. The amazing desert weather makes it perfect to relax by the pool or visit the air-conditioned malls. So whether your with a group of friends, your other half or family there is something for absolutely everyone.

Booking with Confidence

27 March 2020

With over thirty years in the industry I have never seen such uncertainty in these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 is having an impact on people's personal and professional lives and my heart lies with those that have had to re-schedule major life events such as weddings and honeymoons, that big birthday or the first family holiday. The message that I am eager to get across is don’t lose hope. In booking with Travel Counsellors, I will be personally handling your trip and guiding you in changing your plans. Remember, things are changing daily and sometimes by the hour. As your Travel Counsellor along with the support of my head office team, we are keeping up with all the latest developments from reputable sources regarding travel bans and restrictions, Department of Foreign Affairs advice and airline policies. Your booking is safe in our hands. The best advice I am giving those customers due to travel in April and May, is to consider changing their travel plans to a future date instead of opting for a cancellation. Flights are showing in our system up until eleven months in advance of the present date, with some options available for Summer 2021 too. You may have to postpone that special trip or celebration, but the wait and anticipation will make it all the sweeter. I pride myself on the concept of trusted travel so know that when you book with me, your booking is safe, no matter what and I hope you find some re-assurance in that statement. If this time in isolation is making you dream about that future trip, then please pop me and e-mail as I have some incredible destination guides and brochures to inspire you.. For any clients that were thinking about booking that special trip, please pop me an e-mail and I can send you some information or do a consultation over the phone. I am here for you, working around the clock to make sure all my clients are looked after, and to any new potential clients reading this blog, I am here for you also.

Capturing Kuala Lumper

16 April 2018

Leaving behind the multi-cultural city of Georgetown, Penang left me eager to see what the capital city of Malaysia was going to offer. The modern skyline of Kuala Lumpur, dominated by the Petronas Twin Towers was a sight to behold, and my first glimpse of this city left me hungry to discover more. We arrived and checked into The Majestic Hotel, a colonial structure built in 1932 documented as a national heritage site due to its fame as an icon of Malaya’s booming years leading to WWII. The hotel became the place to hold social gatherings, governments receptions and a place of residence to many prominent international visitors. Located with easy access to the city, this stunning hotel did not fail to impress. Walls seeping with glamour and stories, my second glimpse of this city left me eager to emerge myself into Kuala Lumpur’s rich history and its modernity. Eager to explore the streets of the capital, our first adventure took us along the heritage trail where we visited some well-known sights including the Train Station, Merdeka Square, KL Visitor Centre and the Central Market. This tour brought us to the centre of Kuala Lumpur’s historic heart. Many monuments and sights dated back to Malaysia’s colonial period where the city fell under British authority who rapidly developed the city’s infrastructure until 1957 when Malaysia demanded their independence after 151 years of British rule. Experiencing the fine attributes of this heritage trail opened our eyes to the rich and interesting history of Malaysia and its capital. In a fascinating contrast to this history lies the Petronas Towers which represent the modernity and futuristic vision that Malaysia beholds. These twin towers, that took six years of 24-hour construction were finally finished in 1996. They stood as the world’s tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004 and remain the world’s tallest twin towers. These distinctive towers are connected by a sky bridge on the 41st and 42nd floors and is open to visitors. So of course, we had to battle any fear of heights and see this bustling city from a bird’s eye view. This experience was incredible and seeing the towers lit up at night was rather exciting. That evening we were incredibly lucky to dine in the orchard room, and as the name suggests the whole room and even the walls were covered with orchards. As the story goes, the restoration of the hotel was ongoing and one single orchard stood proudly during these renovations and therefore the hotel dedicated an entire room that is hired out for exclusive functions. Suffice to say the scents and colours of this room were simply astounding. Kuala Lumpur has excellent shopping facilities. From small markets like Merdeka square selling hand crafted items to massive malls featuring all the major designers and then Petaling St. Malaysia’s famous, vibrant Chinatown area, It really was a shopper’s paradise. It was amazing to see central markets right next to luxurious shopping malls, and visiting the shopping mall in the Petronas towers is a must do as most brands are around 20% cheaper than at home. And of course, like all great cities comes a great nightlife. Visiting Healy Macs Irish pub is one for your must do list. This Irish Pub was voted the best Irish pub in the world by the Irish Times and Diageo, and it is easy to see why. From great atmosphere, food and music it’s a perfect stop, just located a few minutes away from the Petronas Towers. We had the privilege of seeing Ireland win against Scotland in the six nations ruby and as you can imagine the craic was mighty! We also had the opportunity to visit Malaysia’s national mosque. This incredible mosque can hold over 15,000 people and welcomes all people of different ethnicity and religion. The amazing dome is certainly a centre point of the mosque which symbolises unity of people, meaning that an umbrella can hold everyone no matter who they are throughout rain and shine. Both men and women are required to cover up when entering the mosque, but only women are required to cover their heads, robes are available at the entrance. Overall, I loved Kuala Lumpur. I loved the vibrancy of the city and I loved the contrasting difference between history and the modern world, the markets next to luxurious malls and of course the huge mixing bowel of cultures and different ethnicities. If you are looking for a taste of Malaysia then I would highly recommend a visit to Kuala Lumpur and of course this is only a snapshot of what this incredible country had to offer.

The Hidden Secrets of Penang

04 April 2018

In my experience Georgetown, Penang is a myriad of diverse culture populated by Chinese, Indians and Malays, a fascinating people that live in a vivacious, multicultural capital. From visiting Monkey Beach, trekking through the worlds oldest rainforest and seeing Kek Lok Si temple lit up for the Chinese New Year, everyday was an adventure. I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Malaysia courtesy of Malaysian Tourist Board and Qatar Airlines and even luckier to be upgraded to business. Luxury is the definition of travelling business with Qatar Airlines, this long haul flight from Dublin to Doha and onto Penang left us feeling relaxed and ready for our busy week ahead. They simply excelled in every aspect of our flight. On landing in Penang, we checked into the Eastern and Oriental Hotel. Seeing why this hotel was awarded 5* was easy as every corner of this beautiful hotel seeped elegance and splendour. Definitely fit for a King, or even Prince Charles who recently visited the E&O. Having checked in and indulged in the comforts of our rooms, we geared up to explore Georgetown. We headed off on a UNESCO heritage tour where we visited Peranakan Mansion and Khoo Khongsi. The stately mansion of Peranakan offers an insight to the rich and wealthy customs of the 19th century “Baba” merchant, and Khoo Kongsi acts as a central point for the Chinese community and happens to be one of the most prominent Chinese lineages and alluring structures in south east Asia. We explored Georgetown and had a quick ride on a trishaw, an excellent way to delve into the roots of Penang. My driver was charming Malayan man that told me all about history and delights of Georgetown, this is an intriguing use of transport to wander through the city. Rising 821 metres above Georgetown is Penang Hill that exhibits panoramic views of Penang and the surrounding islands. Here, you will find one of Malaysia’s top tourist attractions, The Habitat. This is a world class facility that is committed to conservation and environmental awareness and allows you to appreciate part of the world’s oldest rainforest. Trekking through this breath-taking jungle transports you to a different world, so hard to imagine that this natural kingdom of beauty lies just beyond the bustling walls of Georgetown. Home to some beautiful flora and fauna and of course some incredible wildlife, we were simply mesmerized. We saw giant black squirrels, reptiles and exotic butterflies, even a few tarantulas which to say the least I quickly moved on from. This is most certainly the place to visit for a complete, exhilarating and educational Malaysian rainforest experience. After a jam packed day, we made our way back to Georgetown all full of adrenaline and amazement after experiencing Penang’s wonders. We then had the privilege of exploring Georgetown at night and were lucky enough to see the Kek Lok Si temple lit up for the Chinese New Year. In a city that is predominantly inhabited by Chinese people, we couldn’t imagine the spectacle that we were about to see. Instantly, we were transported to Chinatown. We aimlessly wondered through the streets of this diverse city and marvelled at the street food and street art. It was a food lover’s paradise. Our final day offered a completely different side of Penang. We ventured forty minutes outside the city to Kuala Sungai Pinang in Penang National Park where we found ourselves on a boat sailing through a mangrove into to the open sea. The stark contrast from the bushy, green mangrove to wide open waters was astonishing. The scenery changed instantly into white sandy beaches scattered along the coastline. We stopped at Pantai Kerachut beach which is home to a turtle sanctuary as well as a bridge that leads you into another Malaysian rainforest that has stood proudly for nearly 130 million years. There are treks that you can embark on to explore this rainforest some up to two hours long, unfortunately time allowed us a short adventure into this paradise. Trekking through this particular jungle will eventually lead you to Monkey beach, another popular tourist destination also accessible by boat. As you can guess, this beach is home to many different breeds of monkeys and observing these curious little creatures was both amusing and awe striking. After some relaxing we headed back to our hotel for a luxurious night’s sleep in preparation for saying goodbye to Georgetown and heading onto our next adventure. On our last night we dined at the renowned Mews Restaurant that offered an assortment of food that famously reflected the city’s diverse culture. After our meal we explored “Love Lane”, the heart of Penang’s nightlife. Once a place where men brought their mistresses and ultimately how it got its name, Love Lane is more known in modern times as a vibrant street with bars, restaurants, live music, fun and dancing. This diverse and multi-cultural city left me intrigued and amazed by what I had seen of Malaysia and I couldn’t wait to see more. If you want a unique and fulfilled insight of Asia then Penang is a must visit. There is so much to do and so much to see, one could simply explore this city for ages and see something new every time. It ticks all the boxes, amazing street food and street art, white sandy beaches, rainforests and ancient Asian history, words can really do this wondrous city no justice.

The Wonders of South Africa

26 July 2017

I was lucky enough to be taken to South Africa with some of my Travel Counsellor colleagues, whom I now class as friends. Our first night was in the 'Queen Victoria ' which is a delightful hotel and very central to the VA Waterfront. We dined and socialized before heading to our beds (which were heavenly)! The following morning, we flew the short flight to Port Elizabeth to embark on our experience of the Shamwari Game Reserve. Upon arrival, we checked in to our rooms at Long Lee Manor. They were beautiful with breathtakingly views across the African Planes. When leaving our room for the first time we were met by a wart hog and her piglets! Nature really is on your doorstep! It wasn't long before we headed out on our first game drive. We met with our personal ranger 'Dillon Van Artt' who won all our hearts with his passion, knowledge, bravery and care that he showed us throughout our stay. My excitement could hardly be contained, I had a nervous jittery feeling and wasn't sure I was prepared for the sights we were yet to see. It was like being in the middle of a National Geographic wildlife programme! We saw the big 5 and more, everything from Elephants with their young, to Rhino's grazing the planes, large groups of Zebra and Giraffe passing us by, Hippo's emerging out of the waters at sunset, Lioness's with their cubs devouring a kill, all fighting for the best piece of meat and being very vocal about it too! We were up close to it all watching nature at its best and even experienced our ranger taking out his rifle and venturing into the bush on foot to see if he could find the remains of the carcass the next day only to be met by one of the lioness's growling at him! He retreated swiftly as you could imagine! We experienced sundown in the hills overlooking miles upon miles of land where all the animals live, graze and survive whilst enjoying our sundown drinks of Gin & Tonics! The experience in Shamwari is one I will never forget, from the conservation, the wildlife, the Born Free Foundation to the Animal Hospital is totally mind blowing. After our short flight back to Cape town we went sightseeing with our guide and travelled through one of the Townships and although we felt perfectly safe, I would recommend you do not do this on your own without a guide. A real eye opener to how some people live and how others choose to live. We travelled through some beautiful little towns and stopped off for a walk around a fishing harbour. We continued our way to Boulders beach; a beach solely for Penguins! We witnessed Penguin mothers with their young, groups of youngsters playing together whilst the mammies were trying to keep control of the flock. We travelled to Cape Point, climbed the steps to the lighthouse to feel like you are literally on top of the world holding on to the signpost as not to be blown away! There were many Baboons running wild around there, cheekily trying to steal what they can from any unsuspecting visitor! Note to self – Don’t get too close even for a photo as they are known for their grab and runs! That evening after an amazing 3 days we checked into the 'Cape Grace hotel' Another beautiful up market hotel, lovely comfortable spacious rooms with great views of Table Mountain. That evening we had a fabulous tour of the Cape Malayan community and had a cookery lesson and helped to make our own meal in somebody’s home. We were greeted by a lovely family and were made to feel most welcome while the food was delicious and was fascinating to interact with the family. We finished the evening with a nightcap in the hotels whiskey bar. We then travelled to Stellenbosch, visited a winery to mix our own red wines and witnessed the duck parade. These ducks are driven into the vineyards to eat the slug and snails. This stops the vineyard from having to use pesticides and sprays. Lunch was served in an African home and we were immersed in African culture, singing, dancing, and fabulous food. This is something very different that can be arranged for you whilst on your South African Adventure. After a lovely afternoon touring around this town we travelled to Franschoek, to Richard Branson’s Mont Rochelle Hotel and Vineyard. This is exquisite on every level, the wine the views, location and of course the hotel itself offering every comfort and luxury at every level of room available. The food was delicious and the staff throughout the hotel couldn’t do enough for you. We had a complete tour and the hotel in its entirety surpassed our expectations. There are endless things to see and do in South Africa. This makes it perfect for families, weddings and honeymoons, groups of friends and adventure enthusiasts. You can combine a Big Five Safari with a city break in Cosmopolitan Cape Town, historic sights, excellent food and wine and that is just the beginning. There is a range of accommodation to fit everyone's budget and style. The network of roads is perfect for the independent traveller and for those who prefer to relax and be driven around by their own private guide or a guided tour. South Africa is a must, I left a piece of my soul on those African planes, call me to find out how you can have a once in a lifetime experience of South Africa.

A little piece of paradise in Mexico

09 July 2017

Cancun has something for everyone, from a group of friends, families or a romantic getaway. I travelled with a friend and her daughter to experience and see what Cancun had to offer. We stayed at the Occidental Resort in Xcaret which was ideal and suited our needs. This hotel is very much suited to groups of friends, families getting together and couples who don’t mind a busy resort. There are so many pools to choose from the lively party atmosphere to the sporty pools with lots going on to the “Quiet Pool” …. I have to say this was my favourite, being able to relax with little back ground noise, cocktails and the blazing sun of the Caribbean! This hotel also had a private beach which was also lovely for a change. The sea temperature was very warm and there were lots of tropical fish coming in and swimming around you, not so great if you have a phobia like myself of being in the water with fish!!! Although this phobia was almost overcome with thanks to the amazing dive centre at the hotel. We went out on a snorkel trip out to the coral reefs. Thankfully all the other guests were confident in the water and in no time at all I gradually snorkelled but stayed with the guide. He had small fish with him and was feeding turtles, baby turtles, stingray and many more tropical species. I didn’t want this experience to end and to think I nearly got out as soon as I was in the water!! It really was a magical experience; the sights were something like out of the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’. My firends also went scuba diving which again was an amazing experience. The hotel is situated next the Xcaret Park. You can pay a little extra to have unlimited access of just buy a single entrance into the park which ever you think you would prefer although it worked out better to pay the extra here and go unlimited access. In the park, there are an abundance of things to do from the wildlife to swimming through the underwater caves to the entertainment shows and excursions. A definite must to see and experience whilst in Mexico. Being on an All Inclusive meant carrying little or no money with you around the complex. All food and drinks were included in your stay and there were many bars and restaurants to choose from including 6 speciality restaurants. All the food was of a good quality and there was something to suit every palate with a good choice of dishes. The evening entertainment was there if you wanted it or there were other bars with live music in if you preferred. A few of the nights we arranged a taxi into Playa del Carmen. We ate out and enjoyed the cultural shows put on in the Square in front of the beach. There are a vast amount of tourist shops and big named brands to suit every type of shopper. It was lovely to ramble through the streets and enjoy the atmosphere the place had to offer. If you’re after Jewellery be prepared to haggle! There really is so much to see in this beautiful country from the Malayan ruins to Zip lining through the jungle. You can do as much as you want and as little as you please in this piece of paradise.


08 July 2017

I recently visited Fuerteventura or the ‘windy island’ as it is affectionately known with my husband for a breakaway in May for his Birthday. We were lucky to have stayed at the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real in Corralejo. This hotel is situated approx. 10 min walk to the centre of town and is located beside the beautiful turquoise waters and directly on the beach. The soft white sand dunes of Corralejo Natural Dune Park are only minutes away too for those who wish to experience and abundance of activities both in water and on land! The hotel itself is like a haven of luxury in a very Canarian style of furnishings. From the moment we arrived we were greeted and given a glass of champagne and once checked in shown to our room whilst a porter took our luggage. Our room over looked the pool which certainly didn’t disappoint us, it wasn’t noisy and was lovely to sit out in the evenings on the balcony before heading out for the evening. The room was spacious, very clean, ample sized bathroom with all amenities needed and most importantly a huge very comfortable bed! Every evening there was a turn down service and lovely Little touches throughout the hotel to make your stay with them more enjoyable. The restaurants throughout the hotel are exceptional offering a good variety of food to suit all tastes. The feeling of calm surrounds you at this hotel, staff can’t do enough for you. There is waiter suffice for drinks both at the pool and on the beach making this a most relaxing break away from it all you could imagine! Correlejo itself is a lovely town, the main town on the island yet it still holds that charm of a small fishing village when you’re in the old town. It’s a great location for couples and families alike with many hotels and apartments to suits all tastes and budgets. Great beaches with many water sports. The island has its own water park and Zoo. For those wishing to visit Lanzarote there is a regular ship running back and forth! There really is something for everyone on this island. We hired a car and explored the many small towns and beaches around but I still prefer Corellejo!

Roman Holiday!

13 September 2016

Recently my partner and I visited Rome, a city that had intrigued the both of us due to its historic and architectural values. This destination is perfect for a short, adventure packed getaway. We had four days to spend in this beautiful city and were determined to experience everything Rome had to offer. Most notably, all the attractions were stunning. We visited all the famous sights; the Vatican, Castel de San Angelo, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and many spectacular churches and monuments. Most importantly, we booked tours and entry in The Vatican and The Coliseum beforehand which is a definite must do. If not, the queues to get in could be up to three hours as opposed to no waiting time at all. We did a tour of the Vatican and St. Peters Cathedral which was fascinating, our tour guide had very good English and made our experience very worthwhile. It was extremely hot during our visit, so light clothing is necessary, although they are quite strict on appropriate clothing. We wore long shorts and t-shirts, which was fine. After the tour we were free to explore as we pleased. We also did a tour of the Coliseum, which included entry into the Roman Forum and Palatine hill. Our tour lasted roughly 40 minutes, which was plenty. Again, we had no waiting in queues and our experience was interesting and easy. This historic building was completely wheelchair accessible, there was also lifts available, as the stairs were quite steep for anyone that was not able. After the tour, we spent the afternoon exploring the roman forum and Palatine hill, which is where all the old roman ruins are located. This was extremely interesting and incredible to see these remains still standing. If I were to go again, I would include a tour here as I have such an interest in history. There were plaques next to each ruin but I was inquisitive to know more. Our afternoons and evenings were spent walking through the historic streets of Rome, exploring all the sights and taking in all the sights and sounds of this idyllic city. We wandered into ancient churches and admired the architecture and art that was hidden inside. We would wander down another street and find the hugely impressive Trevi Fountain where people gathered to throw pennies and make a wish. It was so impressive we had to visit it a night to see it all lit up which I think is a must see. We walked and walked along the romantic streets of Rome, admiring and the culture and sights to see. One of the most memorable things about Rome was the food. Their wine and ice cream were simply exquisite. Every meal and snack was as good as the last, thankfully we did so much walking to work it off. The ice cream parlours enticed you with every flavour you could think of. I think between us, we tried nearly all of them. Eventually we had to return home. But this European city left us with some fantastic memories and a thirst to explore more of Italy. I would definitely recommend a comfortable pair of walking shoes and pre booking tours as well as entry into some attractions. This just made our trip so much easier and relaxing. Definitely an amazing trip to a beautiful and enchanting city.

New York

13 September 2016

New York has to be one of my favourite cities. As the song goes ‘Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can can’t do’! It’s exciting, exhilarating, fast paced and spectacular. From the city lights of Times Square to the wonders of Central Park, shopping on 5th Avenue to the shopping in the outlet malls, it’s a shopaholic’s paradise! There is so much to see and do, there won’t be a minute of your time idle. Day or night, there are numerous bars and restaurants. All varying in price and taste, from pubs to clubs and Broadway shows there’s something to entertain everyone. Having travelled to New York several times and as a self-confessed shopaholic, I have the shopping in the city down to a Tee. My fellow shopaholics and I flew into Newark which is in very close proximity to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall. We had planned to do most of our shopping here over the first two days before heading into the city. At the malls, you can buy almost every designer wear at the fraction of the prices you would pay at home. One tip I would always advise on is when you first arrive at the Mall, go the concierge desk and register with them. You will need your passport for this. Once registered, they will give you a booklet giving further reductions off certain branded shops. There are also shopping trollies you can hire to carry your many shopping bags you will gather throughout the day. On our third day, we got a transfer into the city and stayed right in the heart of Times Square. This is such a central location both for sightseeing (which is a must, especially if it’s your first time in this amazing city) and shopping. We spent a further four days here, rambling through the diamond district, 5th Avenue, Central Park and exploring the many delights that the city has to offer. St Patricks Cathedral is a must, along with the Rockefeller Centre, which can be seen as you stroll along 5th Avenue. You will also encounter the many designer shops including the iconic Tiffany’s store on your way to Central Park. Here, you can get a horse and carriage ride around the park and admire acres of lush parkland, including ice rinks in the winter. It’s incredibly romantic if you’re with your partner and you never know you might end up with a ring from the dazzling diamond district! Another worthwhile trip would be to get the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Statin Island. This generally takes up a full day so we booked a Broadway Show for that evening. We saw Mamma Mia, and to say that it was incredible would be an understatement. Even at 2/3/4am we were amazed to see the city still as busy and as vibrant as in the early evening. Another idea is the sightseeing hop on and hop off bus this will take you around all the major tourist attractions and big shopping stores. You could spend a day in Macys, it’s a massive New York land mark and also the world’s largest store covering an entire city block and eleven floors of everything you need. When visiting this store bring your passport to register for discounts and offers and again, you will receive a discount card you can use for all of your purchases. Our return flight was from JFK in the early evening allowing us a full day before our return. We left our baggage with the hotel and spent the day at our leisure before getting our return transfer back to the airport. All in all, we had a thoroughly fun filled, shopping packed holiday, full of laughter and good times. It’s a city I love and would recommend as a must do.

Family Fun in Florida

25 August 2016

In May 2015, we (my daughter, friend and her daughter) landed in Orlando in the late afternoon having travelled with Virgin airlines from Dublin via Manchester. We hired a car and carried on to the hotel. The excitement now far outweighed the tiredness and jet lag. We couldn't wait to get there. Our hotel was the in Lake Buena Vista opposite Downtown Disney. We checked in with ease and headed straight for the pool for a delicious cocktail before we succumbed to some fine hotel dining before bed. We availed of the flexitime tickets meaning we had unlimited access to all the Disney parks and Universal Studios. It was decided that we had to go to Magic Kingdom first. All excited, we found our way to the happiest place on earth. We were prepared with our bottles of water, sun cream and hats to battle the midday sun and long queues. However, it was all worth it. I would say be prepared, our kids were that bit older, but for families with small children definitely have snacks and bottles of water. Beforehand we downloaded an app to our smart phones which would tell us how long the queues were and how to book our fast track tickets to skip the queues which helped us organise our day. Just be prepared, as meals could be a bit pricey and sometimes waiting for a table could take a while. We tried to have lunch later in the afternoon when the rush was over. The whole atmosphere was just incredible, the rides, the parades and the shops made us all feel like children again. We didn't have a care in the world. The next day we went to Universal Studios. Quite frankly, my 22 year old daughter was like a 2 year old and quite adamant on this being our next destination. The main attraction here for us was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Having grown up with the books and films it was everything we expected and more. The rides were a bit faster and just that bit scarier, which definitely suited us bigger kids. The parks were split up and as you would leave one exit you would walk into a different world completely. From Diagon alley, to Jurassic park and the Simpsons, it was just so surreal. Again, the atmosphere was just thrilling, the excitement in the air was so palpable. The queues again, were quite long but worth the wait. You could get fast track tickets which you could skip the queues but these were $50 each per person, per park, per day - which we felt wasn't worth it. I have to say Universal studios was probably my favourite of all the theme parks and was just that bit more grown up than Disney. We also visited both water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. The trick with these was to get there early so you could get sun beds in a good position, we preferred being near the wave pools. The water parks were great as the adults could sun bathe and relax whilst the big pool would cater for all ages and all abilities. We had tags on our sun beds, so we just brought our bags at lunchtime and chilled out with some food in the shade. We bought a cup, which worked in both parks, that kids were more than entertained. The slides and rafts in both parks was refillable. At certain points, you could use the cup and just refill it whenever you wanted instead of buying drinks non stop. When we went to the park the next day, we just replaced the microchip for a small fee and got unlimited refills. Definitely a good place to relax, enjoy the sun and keep everyone entertained. We went to Animal Kingdom one of the days where you could enjoy more thrilling rides and also a safari. I would definitely recommend this, it was fun and we learned a lot and got to see all kinds of incredible animals. I think one day was plenty here, but definitely one to visit. Our adventures carried on right into the evening time. The Florida malls were great if you love shopping. They were open late and we definitely got some great deals. Our hotel was just across the road from Downtown Disney. This was a long street filled with excitement, entertainment, shopping and some great restaurants. There we great activities for kids, buskers and lots of street performers. We visited the Rainforest Cafe which was definitely a treat. We had to reserve a table a couple of nights in advance as it was so busy, but well worth it. It was a bit on the pricier side but for one night, the atmosphere, service and food was definitely worth it. Planet Hollywood was also one of the busier restaurants which would definitely need a reservation. One of my favourite experiences was visiting Magic Kingdom after dark. The main light parade and fireworks were just mesmerising. Cinderella's castle also lit up to tell the story of Disney over the years. It was simply breathtaking. Overall, it was a truly incredible experience. Whatever age you are I would really recommend it. We had such an amazing time, it would definitely be a place that I would visit again and again. Remember if you do go, plan your trip so you can experience as much of Orlando as possible. Hiring a car was great if you are comfortable with driving but if not the buses to all the theme parks are available and run regularly. Plenty of sun cream and water in a necessity wherever you go. And finally, be prepared to act like a complete child because all the excitement and magic really does bring out your inner child.

My customer stories

Sent by Callum Murray

From our first contact, Melanie was instantly planning and editing our honeymoon to our needs. Always on hand to answer a call even late at night and very helpful with tips and ideas about our locations. We're thrilled with our itinerary and can't wait until October!

Sent by Ellen Behan

Melanie went above and beyond to make sure she booked my perfect honeymoon. She was so patient, she offered fantastic advice having been to both Canada and Jamaica and she was always available to talk, particularly late in the evening/night when other travel agencies would be closed. Thank you Melanie, I really appreciate all your hard work and advice.

Sent by Rebecca Boland

I could not recommend Melanie any higher. She was fantastic and organised everything. I’m currently on my honeymoon in Silversands Cancun while writing this review and the place is amazing!! Flights were lovely and perfectly timed so we were not running around and our transfer to the hotel was there waiting upon our arrival. A top class service and I will definitely use Melanie again in the future.

Sent by Frances Murphy

Melanie is such a lovely lady. There is a reason that counsellor is in the name she is always there with any query you may have in relation to a booking and she has huge knowledge about what to do and see. I also used her to book our honeymoon in January 2018 and there is great peace of mind knowing that she is at the end of the phone should we need assistance. I was delighted to be able to book our Anniversary trip with Melanie again and look forward to many more dealings with her in the future. Thanks for all your help Melanie x

Sent by Anne Vaughan

Melanie was amazing from our first phone call I knew she understood what I was looking for . She listened to what I wanted and within a short while had emailed me with some amazing suggestions. I was spoilt for choice and all within my budget. The process of booking was so easy as Melanie did everything for me . It was a no brainer not to book with Melanie. She was so pleasant and knew exactly what would suit our family. Can't wait for our holiday and will certainly be using her service again!

Sent by Julie Neylon

From the first point of contact with Melanie, I knew we would be in good hands as she guided and advised us through booking the most amazing 5 star honeymoon on our budget! She worked effortlessly to get us the best flights, hotels and transfers and we couldn't fault anything on our 17 nights away! Melanie also added some special touches along the way such as notifying the hotels that we were on honeymoon, which in turn gave us some lovely add-ons in the resort and she also took the time to check in with us and check our flights before leaving Punta Cana to fly to New York. I would never hesitate in recommending Melanie and I have done already- my best friend booked her honeymoon through Melanie and my sister has just booked a summer holiday and they both sing her praises! I will never go back to using travel agents again- they don't have the personal touch! Thank you so much again Melanie

Sent by Laura Pender

My husband and I booked our honeymoon through Melanie. We first met Melanie at a wedding fair and we thought she was very engaging and helpful. Soon after we met Melanie to discuss what we wanted on our honeymoon and different places to go. We didn't have the time to book the honeymoon in detail and talking to Melanie really put our mind at ease. She answered all our questions and if she was unsure of anything, she would check it out and come back to us the next day. We were a bit anxious booking the honeymoon to make sure it went ok so we had a load of questions. She was very efficient and any changes we wanted to make to the itinerary were no problem. Melanie does go the extra mile, even when we were on honeymoon, she was still contactable. I would recommend Melanie to anyone. She really provides a very personal professional service and she couldn't have done any more for us. Thanks Melanie.

Sent by Irene O'Donoghue

Thank you very much for all your help and assistance. You are so efficient and the process of booking our honeymoon could not have been easier. Too often we rush to complain about services and people so I think when we receive good service we should acknowledge this also.

Sent by Noreen O'Sullivan

Melanie was so helpful to us when we started looking to book our honeymoon. She made it stress free for us so friendly to deal with. She went above and beyond for us making sure we get the best of everything for our honeymoon experience. She explained everything to us and made sure we understand what she was doing and booking. I would highly recommend her she couldn't do enough for us.

Sent by Sarah Kelly

Melanie was so helpful from our very first phone call. She listened to or needs what our budget was and found us the perfect hotel for our honeymoon. I would highly recommend her to anyone going on holiday and can't wait to contact her after our trip to book our next one.

Sent by Helen McCormack

I contacted Melanie to arrange our summer holiday due to time constraints and wanting to avail of her services to make it a special time for the families travelling. Melanie presented many different options and was instrumental in me making the final decision. All things considered, from our flight times, private transfer directly to the resort, the resort facilities for both ourselves and the children as well as our accommodation which was above and beyond, every little detail made the holiday and surpassed our expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending Melanie as a reliable Travel Counsellor who clearly has a lot of experience in ensuring her clients get exactly what they want from their holiday.

Sent by Elaine Fitzgibbon

We had a very enjoyable, stress free trip to Prague last week all organised for us by Melanie. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Prague city centre, flights and transfers all booked for us. We would highly recommend Melanie, she is very efficient and lovely to deal with.

Sent by Theresa Curtin

I contacted Melanie in February last to work her magic and come up with a few options for me as I wanted a few days break from the hussle and bussle of life. My criteria basically were somewhere safe, easy to reach, just for a few days and a little sunshine to make it all worthwhile. Melanie got to work immediately and we discussed the options. When I finally decided she just booked the lot, flights, check in, transfers, accommodation. It was hassle free for me, I just had to pack. Having the security of knowing that Melanie and her company were only a phone call away if anything went wrong was most valuable to me, especially as a solo traveller. The day before I headed off I was presented with a professional folder of all my documentation required to travel, carefully filled in order of need. I was highly impressed with the attention to detail Melanie and her company provided. Everything went to plan on my holiday and I had no requirement to ring Melanie. I would highly recommend Melanie to book your adventure, whether a solo trip, honeymoon, or group trip. She is knowledgeable, professional, efficient and thorough. I look forward to my next adventure and will put it in the hands of Melanie Cahill.

Sent by Deirdre Hennessy

Melanie has been outstanding with her professionalism and attitude towards helping organise our honeymoon in Japan. Most other travel agents were of no help to us as it sounded like the task was too daunting for them but not Melanie. She ensured to keep us informed at every stage including regular phone calls and was extremely accommodating when we had very specific requests and changes to the itinerary. We really couldn't recommend Melanie any more highly for the task at hand. She really has exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to the honeymoon itself now. Thanks again Melanie you've made this as stress free as possible for us.