Lapland a Bucket list adventure

Jill Rodger 18 December 2018
A trip to visit the ‘Man in the Red Suit’ is on many family bucket lists. We loved it so much we did it twice! Once in 2015 when the children were 4 & 6 and in 2018 when they were 7 & 9. Both times were absolutely magical.

There are packages to suit most needs, day trips or 2/3/4 night trips available. Holidays go on sale about 18 months before so this is a holiday that you need to book in advance to secure your preferred dates.

The magic starts the minute you board the plane, everyone is in the Christmas spirit including all the airline staff. Our captain even announced when we were crossing the artic circle which got massive cheers from all the passengers. Its' approximately a 2.5 hour flight and the excitement starts to build. You are greeted by cheeky Elves causing mayhem at the airport and they are very entertaining for the children, especially whilst waiting for your luggage. The whole thing is wonderfully organised, a Christmas Ranger will show you which coach you are on and there is even a Reindeer which gives you a little taster of what is to come.

The first stop is to get kitted out with snow suits and boots. They will provide you with hats and gloves too. The remainder of the first day you can get to know your surroundings and soak up the magical scenery. There are plenty of activities around your hotel including tobogganing. There are sledges readily available and you can use these to pull the children along to your destination, just leave them outside for the next children and pick some more up for your return journey. Depending on how long you stay, your next day will be the big one – The Search for Santa. The whole day evolves around activities that lead up to finding Santa Claus.

Husky sledding, snowmobile rides, reindeer rides and lots of fun snow activities. Depending on what package you have booked, you will be provided with either taster activity with an opportunity to add on a longer option or on some trips, these are full hour long activities.

Meeting Santa is the highlight of course! The big man will have a copy of your children’s Christmas list (which you have provided to them in secret). There are great photo opportunities and the Elves of course are up to their usually shenigans making it the highlight of the trip.

On your final day you have a chance for more fun snow activities, some breakfast and then you say farewell and its off to the airport.

A trip to Lapland is one I would recommend to everyone the sheer awe and amazement on my children's faces is something I will treasure for ever and even a ‘bah humbug’ like me got caught up in the magic!

Top Tips: Bring your own hats, it’s the only way you will be able to identify your children as everyone is wearing the same snow suits. Also bring finer gloves to go under the gloves that they provide. The only part of you that will ever get cold is your hands. Don’t underestimate the length of time it takes to get kitted out in the suits and boots, bear that in mind when you're getting ready for your coach transfers! All meals except lunch on arrival and departure are included. The airport is basic so best to grab a sandwich before you leave your destination for the first day and same leaving your resort on return. Currency is Euro, bring some cash with you as banking facilities are limited