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With over 30 years’ experience in Travel, travelling is one of my deepest passions. I joined Travel Counsellor in 2007 and it allows me to give exceptional levels of service to each and every one of my customers. I am very proud that so many of my loyal customers make it their priority to recommend my service to their friends and family.

The adventure of visiting different countries and seeing different cultures will always be there for me and some of my favourite destinations are South Africa, Prague & Italy. I also love to cruise; waking up in a new place every day…it’s exciting.

I always remind myself that; "We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us"

Working from my home in Tullyallen gives me the flexibility to work hours that suit my clients including evenings and weekends. I have state of the art technology at my fingertips, so I can provide you with expert advice and added savings. Travel Counsellors are licensed and bonded here in Ireland by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, so you are protected all the way.

I look forward to hearing from you - I guarantee to offer friendly, efficient and professional unbiased travel advice.

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A weekend break to mystical Istanbul


Istanbul is one of my favourite cities, where East meets West. Its a mix of culture and mystery. There is much to see here so put it on top of your list

Our family trip to Magical Lapland


Lapland is an experience like no other. It’s so magical you want to really live every second of it as the memories will last forever and will never be forgotten

My trip to the Serengeti


This was my trip to experience the great wildebeest migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. It was one of my bucket list trips - simply unforgettable

Amazing Argentina


I was so lucky to visit this beautiful country. First to Patagonia with its lakes and mountains then it was off to Buenos Aires for some sightseeing and tango.

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

The eye never forgets what the heart has seen -An African Safari

26 April 2021

A Safari is my absolute favourite holiday and my love affair with Africa began many years before I got the opportunity to experience it for myself. I used to watch Sir David Attenborough with my dad as a child and he would be in the most amazing and sometimes most remote places in Africa and I thought, someday I am going there. Brian Jackman once wrote “Africa changes you forever like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there you will never be the same” – he was so right. I have been lucky to have travelled to Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa to experience some of the greatest moments of my life. So have you ever dreamt of a safari holiday and wondered what it would be like? Well let me say from the outset its suitable for everyone but for some people will find it lifechanging. So, what happens? Well, your arrival into your reserve can be an awesome experience, be it a fly in safari where you take a small 4–6-seater and land right in the middle of the bush (totally recommended) or you are picked up by jeep and transferred by road, your safari begins that moment. Most people stay in lodges and they are generally of a 5* standard, its luxury with everything from outdoor showers, four Poster beds, the wonderful array of foods on offer to the sights around you. A safari holiday will have you rising from bed about 5.30 AM, get dressed and have a quick cuppa before you head out on your morning game drive at 6 AM. You will see the sunrise as the sights and sounds of the African morning begins to come alive before your eyes. This game drive will last till 9 AM when you return to the lodge for breakfast and some relaxation by the pool or indeed back to bed for a nap. Lunch is served at around 1.30 PM. The afternoon offers an opportunity to take a walk in the bush with your ranger or simply relax in the spa. Then following afternoon Tea, you head out again for your evening game drive about 4.30 PM. You leave the lodge in the brightness and warmth of an African day and return in the darkness of night. The African sunset is a magnificent sight, and the stars shine brighter in Africa than I have ever experienced anywhere else in the world, it is a sight to behold. During your evening game drive, you get to stop and stand in the middle of the bush as the sun goes down and enjoy your favourite tipple with your fellow travellers and your ranger. Then at 7.30 you return to your lodge where dinner is served around 8 PM. Dinner is a wonderful experience normally it's outside in the Boma and you get to recount with other guests the wildlife sightings that day brought under the starry sky. The stories are always so exciting!! Then its bed early enough as you get ready to do it again the next morning while wondering what you will see tomorrow!! So, people often ask me what of all your safari moments are your most amazing, well for me one of the most amazing was staying in the middle of the Serengeti in the Bush Rover and one night I woke up and was surrounded by Wildebeest on their annual migration to Kenya, listening to the lions in the background, it was spine tingling. I have stayed in some of the most amazing lodges but in South Africa, River Lodge in Lion Sands and Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge were my two favourites and the game in this area is amazing. I have seen so many beautiful animals and as Karen Blixen once said, “If there was one more thing I could just do, it would be to go on safari once again”.

Stunning Istanbul

31 July 2019

Istanbul is a city that has always fascinated people. It’s a city of two parts -where Asia & Europe meet. I was lucky enough to travel to Istanbul recently and experience the many delights it has to offer. I flew Turkish Airlines business class direct from Dublin which was a lovely experience and then I arrived into the beautiful new state of the art airport that opened recently. If you ever want to experience the delights of an airport, few airports in the world will rival this. The business class lounge and check in experience rivals a 5* hotel experience… it was simply impeccable. The transfer into the city is about 1 hour and as you would expect with a city of 20 million people, its vast and traffic is bustling but that awe inspiring first view of the Bosphorus is just breath-taking. With the various Mosques and old buildings lining its banks, you just know you are in for something special at that moment. We stayed in the historical Sultanahmet area of the city and its was a perfect location. After settling into our hotel and receiving a warm Turkish welcome we started our exploration – on the short walk to a restaurant called House of Medusa. Here we experienced local life in Istanbul, with families relaxing in the square and the vibe was really inviting. The lights of the many great architectural buildings were shining bright! The next morning, we joined other travellers on a walking tour of this area. Turkish Airlines offer this tour complimentary for passengers with a long layover in Istanbul, so it was nice to experience it first-hand. A walking tour is the best way to experience the historical area and see the main sights of the city. Our first stop was the world famous “Blue Mosque” which is the most important mosque in the city and dates back to the 16th century. As it is a practicing mosque women must have her head covered with a scarf and have a long skirts on, however these are supplied at the entrance if you haven’t taken your own. Next we walked to the Hagia Sofia, one of the most important Byzantine structures ever built and is a symbol of harmony and peace in Turkey. It’s walls represent a blend between Islamic arts and Symbols of Christianity. It’s a museum and a definite to-do in Istanbul however pre-booking is a must as queues are long. If you travel with a guide there is an option to skip the line here. Our guide also took us to the Topkapi Palace which was the main residence of the Ottoman Sultans. Today it’s a museum and made up of 4 different courtyards and various exhibitions, including the Imperial Treasury and the Room of the Relics. After lunch and a little relaxation we headed off to the famous Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the world. I was blown away by its sheer size and really – there isn’t anything you can’t find here. It’s a shopper’s paradise and the key here is to haggle (normally 30-40% off the advertised price). The most amazing ceramics, leather goods, clothing and of course jewellery is all available here. I don’t consider myself a shopper, in fact I hate shopping and certainly never shop on holidays however I was completely converted and sucked into this place of high drama with endless shops and amazing colours….I truly could have spent a day here. We then headed onto the Spice Bazaar which will blow you away with the number of amazing spices on offer and again haggling is a must. That evening we took a dinner cruise on the Bosporus and WOW what a beautiful sight – Istanbul comes into its own at night and the lights and beauty of this city comes to the forefront. One place that I was highly recommended to visit is the Buyukada Island located one hour by ferry from Istanbul and it is a must-do if you are looking for a more relaxing pace. It looks amazing and although I didn’t have the opportunity to visit this time it is definite on my bucket-list. If you do visit Istanbul buy an Istanbul Card for 10 lira and then top up that one card for all your party, you can all use trams, buses and the cable cars with the card. Pre-booking a guided tour is also advised as there is long Q’s at the main sights and being able to skip the admission line to ensure you save time. My recommendations are to try the local drink Raki and to take the tunnel train from the European to the Asian side. Istanbul can be summed up in one world – AMAZING! If you’re interested in having your own city break contact me to find out more!

Our Search for Santa at the North Pole

12 September 2018

Sometimes in your life you do what will be that “once in a lifetime trip” and our trip to the North Pole was exactly that. With my husband Paddy and our two girls Molly and Kate, we set off to Rovaniemi in Northern Finland. We crossed into the Arctic Circle and into a magical world of discovery, fun, laughter and Santa. Our first evening we spent making snow angels, sledding and throwing snowballs - oh what fun! The next morning we wrapped up in multiple layers as it was pretty cold and we headed out for a day of snow activities and our search for Santa began. First, we went on a husky sleigh ride…wow they are fast! Then we made our way through the forest and came across an elf called Wendy Wood who gave us a clue in our search for the great man. Our search led us to Santa’s Post Office and we met Snowy Bowy who is responsible for making all the lovely bows that appear on Santa’s presents. We met the other 3 special elves – Tricky Dicky, Noisy Nod and Speedy Sam who all helped us at various locations with clues. In the evening we took a magical reindeer ride in the forest and cuddled up under a warm blanket. The next morning after more sledding, we set off on our final days search for Santa. Our first stop was thrilling as we tobogganed down a long slope and got a chance to drive the snowmobiles. We had promised to help Wendy Wood – Santa’s chief maker of wooden toys clean up her workshop but unbeknown to us we were quite close to Santa’s house. We boarded a sleigh and went deep into the forest where we came upon a beautiful house located on top of a hill. The surroundings were magical with crisp white snow and beautiful trees everywhere we looked. Once inside we realised this wasn’t Wendy Woods workshop but in fact Santa’s house. We met his lovely wife Mrs Clause who was baking cookies in the kitchen. Then came the moment to meet the big man – our search was over. He was sitting in his parlour reading Molly and Kate’s letter they had posted weeks earlier- they were blown away to see this and Santa had a good chat with them. Two very excited children and equally excited parents took the sleigh back down the hill into the forest. This was a trip of discovery – the magic of Christmas exists in all its glory in one of the most isolated places on this earth and it exists in our hearts too. It will be a trip that I will remember forever - for its beauty, its magic, and its complete innocence and as a family it will be an abiding memory we will have forever no matter how old we are. Yes it was a once in a lifetime trip but the magic will never end!

My Serengeti Adventure

14 June 2018

In June 2018 I had the absolute privilege to visit the Serengeti in Tanzania. Having watched wildlife documentaries all my life I knew the Serengeti was the holy grail in terms of safari and game and it certainly lived up to my expectations! I flew Qatar Airways to Kilimanjaro which was a lovely experience, then I transferred to Arusha for a one-night stay. The following morning, I made my way to Arusha Airport, a tiny airport servicing the small commuter flights right into the Serengeti and beyond. Following a 1-hour flight I landed at the Grumeti Airstrip deep in the Serengeti and from there straight to the unique and awesome Bush Rover Suites. The Bush Rovers are a full working land rover that once in situ fold out into a stunning home. There is a beautiful elevated bedroom with your own balcony, and downstairs is a wood panelled bathroom and outdoor shower which is solar powered to ensure hot water, lights and power sockets. 5* dining is assured from the lovely mess tent with sofa’s and stunning views of the vast plains ahead. Never have I been more excited about an accommodation – it’s simply a wonderful experience. I travelled during the annual Migration, a natural phenomenon which takes place each year where 1.5 million wildebeest move in a pattern to ensure good grazing. The sheer numbers of Wildebeest, Zebra, Elephant, Buffalo, Baboons & Giraffe we encountered on our daily game drives was breath-taking! For me Africa is more than just the wildlife roaming free…. it’s the serenity I don’t get anywhere else in the world. It’s the sunsets and the sunrises, the bright stars twinkling in the sky above you, the sound of the Hyena and the lion calling out at night, it’s the beauty of this world we live in where it is so untouched by the technology and sounds that invade our ever moment. Its heaven on earth and it’s the absolute peace I get – it’s just me! Tanzania is a beautiful and diverse country offering stunning beaches in Zanzibar, wildlife beyond your imagination in the Serengeti, Selous and Ngorongoro Crater and wonderful birding near Lake Victoria – it is a total holiday in one country. It has left an unforgettable impression on me that will last a lifetime.

New York & Staten Island

21 October 2016

I was delighted to be invited to New York City and Staten Island - a trip with a difference. I flew with Delta Airlines to JFK where I was then transferred to Manhattan. That evening, I enjoyed lovely cocktails on the rooftop of the Arlo Hotel. There’s nothing quite like Manhattan on a clear night in October; the skyline was perfect with the most beautiful colours. The following day I visited the very poignant 9/11 Memorial – the two reflecting pools with the names of all those who perished on this day are peaceful and fitting. I also visited the One World Observatory which gives you a bird’s eye view over Manhattan and the Hudson. I was very lucky to get a private tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum which was so moving. Next on my list was Staten Island – a first for me. The Staten Island Ferry crosses from Manhattan to Staten Island on a regular basis. It’s a great way to pass by the Statue of Liberty and this ferry trip is free. Staten Island is about to become a major destination for tourists to NYC. This area is currently being developed and from November 2017, it will play host to millions of visitors who want to avail of the New York Wheel (similar to the London Eye, only bigger), 110 new shopping outlets, a ball park , playground, two major hotels and of course a wonderful promenade, it’s going to be big….watch this space! On Staten Island you can visit the Lighthouse Museum, Snug Harbour, Flagship Brewery, Historic Richmond Town and Franklin D Roosevelt Boardwalk. It’s a lovely relaxing place in which to escape the business of the city. On my last day, I made my way to Cape Liberty in New Jersey, home port to Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. WOW is how I would describe this wonderful ship. From a Bionic Bar, Flow-rider, climbing wall, wonderful cuisine and Broadway entertainment, this ship has it all. My Trip to New York & Staten Island was wonderful and I enjoyed the experience immensely. If this is something you could be interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lovely Lisbon and Cascais

31 August 2015

I travelled to Lisbon for a 3 night city break with my husband. Lisbon is a beautiful city with lots of lovely lively restaurants and cafés – Al Fresco dining at its best. It has some beautiful sightseeing options in particular the area of Belem which I loved with its fabulous Jerónimos Monastery & the Tower of Belem. There was quite a long queue for the Monastery but we waited till later in the evening when the queue had gone so it’s worth doing your sightseeing later in the evening. This area is lovely to relax in with lots of parks and walking opportunities. We stayed beside Rossio Square which is the liveliest square in the city with two beautiful baroque fountains- the area is a haven for restaurants and the vibe in this area is brilliant. We took a train from Lisbon to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sintra which is a 45 minute journey away. It is truly worth the trip with the beautiful Pena Palace and the Castelo dos Mouros, a Moorish castle dating back to the 7th Century located high in the hill above the Sintra-Cascais National Park. Sintra is a picturesque town with nice walks & a relaxing atmosphere. Lisbon is definitely a city I would recommend as a short break or why not combine it with the beach resort of Cascais & make it your next holiday destination.


02 November 2014

I was lucky enough to be chosen to go on a familiarisation trip to Argentina with 6 colleagues. To say I was excited at the prospect of experiencing this South American giant of tourism was an understatement. In Amsterdam we boarded a KLM flight to Buenos Aires, happily seated in business class which was a wonderful experience. After an early morning arrival in Buenos Aires we embarked on a morning of hotel inspections which took us to some of the best known hotels in the city, from the Plaza and Sheraton to my absolute favourite; the Alvear Palace which was stunning. From the ornate lobby and Al -Fresco walls to the beautiful rooms. We stayed in the sister hotel the Alvear Art which is a business hotel with really lovely rooms with fabulous breakfast. Then off on a city tour which took us to the La Boca area with its colourful houses and arty feel. The sun was shining and the area was vibrant – a perfect place to enjoy an outdoor lunch and a chance to people watch. We also visited the centre of Buenos Aires and the parliament building made famous by Eva Peron first lady of Argentina from 1946 till her death in 1952. We visited Recoleta Cemetery to see her mausoleum. Recoleta was my favourite area of Buenos Aires, it’s upmarket, safe and has some lovely restaurants, bars and hotels located in it. The next morning we boarded our 2 hour 30 minute flight with Aerolineas Argentinas to Bariloche capital of the Patagonia region of Argentina. From the moment you arrive you are greeted with some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. The snow-capped Andes Mountains join with the clear calm waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi to create a landscape so beautiful it would take your breath away. One of the best ways to experience this amazing landscape is to take a chairlift up to the top of Campanario Hill. Bariloche itself it a nice alpine town with lots of wooden shops and restaurants. We got an opportunity to travel 85 Km from Bariloche to the small town of Villa de Angostura which is inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The drive is fantastic and well worth the trip. The town has fabulous chocolate shops and restaurants and boutiques. I loved it here and it is also home of one of the most stunning hotels I have ever been to –the 5* Luma Casa De Montana located on the lakeshore. This 8 bedroom Italian hacienda is simply unique with each room different and with views that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world. Patagonia is famous for hiking, biking, skiing with the ski resort of Catedral and fantastic golf courses like the one located at the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort. The area is a must for any Argentina adventure. My trip ended with one last night in Buenos Aires and a stay at the Sofitel Hotel which I just loved. The rooms were perfect and I loved its location. But no trip to Argentina would be complete without going to a Tango Show and this was how we spend our last night – enjoying a beautiful meal in opulent surroundings while watching the world famous Tango dancers onstage. My visit to Argentina will never be forgotten and I can’t wait for my clients to experience this amazing country that will create a lifetime of memories for them too.

Fantastic Cancun

27 November 2012

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to travel to Cancun, a destination I have sold quite frequently so seeing it first-hand has been such an overwhelming experience for me. It is blessed with some of the nicest beaches I have ever seen. The deepest and bluest coloured ocean combined with white sand makes it a must-see destination for honeymooners, couples and families alike. To top it off I found the people so hospitable to visitors and to each other. It was so refreshing to experience it. I normally wouldn’t mention specific hotels but the ones below deserve a mention as they made this trip so wonderful – the hospitality was second to none. Secrets Silversands was a property I loved. It’s an adult’s only property, contemporary in style but with the biggest rooms you could imagine for the best price! There are eight restaurants and eight bars, all so different in style and it’s a fun resort. Wow best describes the 5* Secrets Maroma Beach and Spa Hotel. It’s located on what many consider the best beach in this area. It’s a perfect property for honeymooners and couples wanting personal service and facilities that are simply stunning. I loved the atmosphere from the moment I walked in the door- it’s a winner all the way. Dreams Riveria Cancun is suitable for couples, families and groups and is located on a beautiful beach with rooms to match. I simply loved this relaxed resort. The lobby area is stunning and the buzz in this hotel is great with live music and a nightclub. Another option is Secrets; The Vine. Located in Cancun centre, it is a fabulous option for those who want to be located close to shopping and nightlife. The hotel is chic and its location on a white sandy beach is stunning. For those who like to escape for a few nights to an intimate boutique hotel, the Zoetry Paraiso De La Bonita is the one to choose. It is very special, with all oceanfront suites overlooking the blue waters of Mexico. This area of Mexico has the Mayan Ruins of Tulum close by and Xcaret - the archaeological park located in Riviera Maya, Cancun. You can swim with dolphins and in underground rivers, experience the local wildlife and take in a show. It’s a great day out for everyone. Cancun has a fantastic club called Coco Bongo, it’s something I have never experienced before and it has to be seen to be believed! For me Cancun was a great destination and I can’t wait to go back one day soon!

Beautiful Biarittz

02 November 2011

We enjoyed the campsite holiday so much last year that we decided to do it all again but in a completely different area. We flew direct to Biarritz, hired a car and booked into a 4* campsite called Sylvamar. The campsite is located 30 minutes drive from the airport so really accessible. We stayed in a large 3 bedroom mobile home which was very spacious and had a large deck outside. The mobile was modern and really well located. The onsite facilities included a large pool area and a beautiful indoor pool complex which was just perfect for the little ones. There was a restaurant onsite as well as a shop, playground (not a fantastic one I must say), and bike hire. The town of Labenne Ocean is about 40 minute’s walk so you really need a car while staying on this site. The beach is a 15 minute walk away, although you cannot swim there due to currents. This whole area is just wonderful and there is so much to see and do. The highlights of our trip to South West France were: Biarritz: It is a luxurious seaside town that is really popular with tourists and surfers. It has designer shops and I would say it’s glitzy and glamorous. We visited the Musee de La Mer (Aquarium Biarritz) and walked around this beautiful place. St Jean De Luz: One of France’s most charming and picturesque beach towns located near the Spanish border. In the heart of Basque country and hugging the coast along a sheltered bay, St.-Jean-de-Luz boasts a beautiful, long sandy beach as well as a great pedestrian shopping area, Basque architecture, delightful town squares and awesome surf conditions. We loved it here. San Sebastian: The city of San Sebastian is located in the North of Spain just 20 miles from the French border. It is on a beautiful coastline and has a lovely beach located right in the city center. There is an old town with cobbled streets and has a large array of restaurants and bars. San Sebastian is lively and vibrant and it’s a place I will visit again, it was the highlight of my trip to this area. I just loved it. All in all we enjoyed this holiday although we did a lot of driving – there is so much to see in this region of France that we couldn’t miss out on the highlights.

Benodet - Brittany

02 November 2011

It was our first family holiday with our two young children and we decided we wanted to try something different so we booked direct flights to Brest, rented a car for a week and booked a mobile home on a 4* campsite called La Pointe St Gilles. It is located near the town of Benodet in Southern Brittany where the Odet River meets the ocean. It is located about 1.5 hours from Brest Airport and the drive was hassle free and ideal when travelling with young children. Our home for the next 7 nights was a wonderful 2 bedroom mobile home with decking outside with the all important BBQ which we used quite a lot. The mobile was bright and modern and came fully equipped with all essentials we needed for a comfortable stay. It was located no more than a minute’s walk from all the onsite facilities. There was a fantastic indoor and outdoor pool complex with water slides and chutes and the children’s playground is ideally located close by. There is a small restaurant and bar onsite as well as a supermarket. There is also a wellness center for anybody looking for some pampering. There is a little secluded beach opposite the campsite so everything is close by. This site is ideally for anyone with young children and it suited us just perfectly. The town of Benodet is a lovely 20 minute stroll along the beautiful coastline and the town itself has some lovely restaurants and bars or if you don’t feel like walking the “Petit Train” goes by the campsite 3 times a day. We did a day trip to Zoo De Pont Scorff and we visited the town of Concarneau which is only 17 km away. This holiday was an easy option with a one and two year old and we really enjoyed the whole trip. I would really recommend it!

South Africa

30 September 2008

South Africa is my favourite holiday destination. I first travelled here on my honeymoon in 2001 and just had to go back again with my husband as we both adored the whole experience. I am so passionate about this country and I wanted to share my experiences with you. I arrived into the “Mother city” of Capetown and stayed in the waterfront area. I visited Table Mountain and Cape of Good Hope travelling past little towns with Irish names like Clifton and Bantry. Then I went to visit Robben Island – a must for any visitor to Capetown. Following 5 days in Capetown I drove to Stellenbosch, a beautiful wine growing area 45 minutes drive from Capetown. I visited 6 vineyards on my wine tour and now my two favourite red wines come from this area. Stellenbosch is a lively university town and I enjoyed people watching from its cafes & the nightlife was great too. I then drove further on to Hermanus and went on a boat trip to see the Southerrn Right Whales that migrate to the shores of South Africa between May - Oct. On this trip I flew then to the Kruger Park which without doubt is the most wonderful place on earth. I stayed in two different lodges each unique in their own way and both just as fantastic as each other. In Kruger you will experience the greatest sights and sounds that is unique to Africa. The stars in the sky shine brighter than anywhere on earth and the sunsets and sunrises are totally magical. The wonderful wildlife including the “Big 5” Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant are there to see in abundance, the raw African bush- as far as the eye can see, sundowner drinks as the sun sets on your safari drive, dinner in an African boma (this is dinner surrounded by burning twigs)- all unique experiences. When my African safari was over I did a day trip taking in what is known as the 'Panoramic Route.' The Panorama Route leads through the rugged mountain range of the northern Drakensberg in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Here you can see the 3rd biggest canyon in the world – The Blyde River Canyon, the old mining town of Pilgrims Rest, Gods Window and Bourkes Potholes. Its an amazing day and yet so many people never get to see this spectacular scenery which is right on their doorstep. There is more to this area than just Kruger Park. My South African holiday came to an end but I was happy in the knowledge that my love for this great country will take me back many times in my life. My passion for this country helps make it my top selling destination so if you want to experience South Africa at its best then give me a call. I guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime. I hope my journal has excited you - imagine experiencing it yourself for real. Many Thanks for reading my journal.

Cruising the Mediterranean

29 September 2008

A cruise holiday is such a wonderful experience; each day brings a new destination to discover…if you want to. It’s a world of excitement and culture in one trip. You get to experience so many different destinations on one 12 day cruise itinerary. I sailed out of Barcelona on a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise onboard the fantastic “Brilliance of the Seas”. My 12 day cruise took me to Nice, Pisa, Rome, Olympia, Kusadasi in Turkey, Santorini, Athens, Naples and back to Barcelona. I saw the Palace at Monaco & the Casino in Monte Carlo, the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Sistine chapel, the Vatican, the sight of the first ever Olympic games, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the Acropolis and the Island of Capri all on this one trip…..what a great way to see such amazing places. My experience onboard the cruise ship can be described as nothing less than a 5* resort. The facilities onboard from the spa treatments, the art auctions, the casino and Broadway shows, the pools, bars & restaurants ensured that we enjoyed every moment onboard. The food was just wonderful, the quality & variety felt like we were dining in 5* restaurants every day. A cruise is a romantic experience & makes for an ideal honeymoon, its also perfect for a family holiday and one I intend to take my young children on in the years ahead. I just love cruising and could never tire of the experience. If you haven’t tried cruising you don’t know what you are truly missing.

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Fidelma came highly recommended and she has been very helpful so far! We are looking forward to our cruise safe in the knowledge that all is arranged and any queries we have are dealt with efficiently and we can contact her about anything and everything!

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Fidelma excellent service, very helpful in trying to book & sort our flights..... We had an insurance claim for flight delayed 10 hrs & Fidelma sorted everything for us.

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Fidelma is our life saver , we don’t worry about our destinations as she has everything done for us at the best prices

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Fidelma was so helpful! She literally couldn’t have done enough for us and talked through everything with me, places to go, to stay, what activities to do etc. I couldn't recommend her enough she was just the best!

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Fidelma is approachable, professional and efficient, provides an excellent level of Customer Service with great personal touch. Des.

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Fidelma will always go beyond the call of duty to ensure that all arrangements are in place for a most enjoyable holiday, we can never thank her enough

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Fidelma was absolutely amazing as always!! She can never do enough for her clients and will go out of her way to make sure everything is perfect and that you feel taken care of. A role model as a Travel Counsellor!

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Efficient, patient,reliable,honest. Fidelma will go out of her way to get the right holiday for you

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Yes - you did make me smile, you always do. You are our Travel Counsellor for a good number of years now and we never had a problem that you could not handle and you go that extra mile make our trip special and for that a big thank you from Jim and Margaret

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My wife and I asked Fidelma to arrange our joint 50th Birthday holiday of a lifetime. To say she exceeded our expectations is an understatement. Fidelma is such an enthusiastic person and really believes in the holiday experiences she is selling. The whole process was effortless and done in a very short space of time. Unlike when we take weeks over booking our summer holidays Fidelma's efforts meant it was done within a matter of hours. Our only problem was in choosing which option to go for of the various ones Fidelma presented to us!!! I would strongly recommend Fidelma to anyone booking a holiday.

Sent by Ann Fanning

We have used Fidelma a number of times for family holidays, and also for just grown up holidays! Fidelma is so helpful with suggestions and recommendations, and very responsive to any queries. Her customer service is excellent and would recommend Fidelma to anyone who is looking for an experienced and professional Travel Counsellor.

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Excellent service. Fidelma is very knowledgeable and was a great help to us with choosing the holiday destination that would best suit our family's needs. I have now booked 2 holidays with Fidelma and she is a dream to deal with. Thank you.

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Fidelma organised our family holiday to Florida for Christmas 2014. As this was our dream holiday with the kids, we really wanted everything to go to plan. Fidelma was brilliant. She looked after everything. The accommodation was perfect. She took all the stresses away and made the holiday one to remember for all the right reasons. We will definitely use her again in the future.

Sent by Alice Sheridan

Fidelma you're everyone's little travel angel as you allow all our dreams come true! You listen to all my requirements, destinations and most of all our budget. You came highly recommended to us by friends and I've already passed your contact details on to other pals. We thank you so much for all you've organised for our special celebration - 25 years married & I’m 50 in the spring so looking forward to our cruise & trip to Vegas. Thanks Fidelma for making it so easy & being there for us.

Sent by Anne Neville

Fidelma has been very helpful with booking our cruise. She printed all our paperwork and delivered it to us and she has answered all our queries. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sent by Teresa (Monica) Ryan

Fidelma - thank you so very much for making all the arrangements for my recent trip to Florida. The attention to detail was second to none. All documents were in order. I especially appreciated the fact that you sourced Insurance cover to suit my age bracket. The "Assistance" provided was excellent. I hope that I get the opportunity of recommending your service to others. Thank you very much.

Sent by Anita Rohan

Fidelma was referred to me through friends and we havent looked to book with anyone else since. Fidelma provides a fantastic service with a very personal and friendly touch. No query is too big or small. She is extremely helpful in the service she provides and cannot do enough for you to make sure you have the best trip possible. Her personal touches (even personally delivering your tickets to your home) are brilliant. I have recommened Fidelma to friends and work colleagues who have booked with her and they have all been hightly impressed. I cannot recommend Fidelma and the service she offers highly enough.

Sent by Ruth Barrett

We booked our honeymoon last year with Fidelma. We just happened to bump into her at a wedding fair and we were so lucky that we did. We had one idea in our head and she talked us through the options and other options. We eventually totally changed our minds thanks to her recommendations. She was a star putting up with my daily emails "What about this", "could you check that", "We've changed our mind" etc.etc. Her replies were always very prompt and friendly. Eventually we booked and thats when the service really hit in. All the little touches made us feel like we were her only client and VIP ones at that. We went on our honeymoon and it was perfect (kuramathi, Maldives and Le royal meridian, Dubai). Everything was as she said it would be & and both hotels were fab. Fidelma went out of her way to ensure that the booking experience was just as enjoyable as the honeymoon. We will definitely be using her services in the future and wholly recommend others to do so as well. Ruth and Richard Barrett.

Sent by Ruth and Richard Barrett

Fidelma helped us book our honeymoon. We had one idea and in talking with her realised that Dubai and Maldives would be much more what we wanted. I emailed almost daily with different queries and what ifs and Fidelma always had a prompt reply and looked up every avenue for us. She went over and above the call of duty and the little personal touches make the experience all the better.

Sent by Vera Rogan

I have enjoyed several holidays booked with Fidelma. She goes to the extreme to make my holiday exactly what I want and no request is too much. I have often sent her in several different directions looking for different options and she comes up trumps every time. I have no hesitation in recommending Fidelma and look forward to many more holidays with her help

Sent by Jim & Margaret Lawlow

We are a travel counsellors customer for the past 6 years 4 of these with Fidelma as our Travel Counsellor. Fidelma makes our holiday plans stress free and when we had a problim she was only a phone call away even if at 1am in the morning. That is why we will always book our holiday through Fidelma because she is more than a Travel Counsellor to us.