Susan Hegarty 01 June 2008
Cyprus is a year round island, with its mild winters and long hot summers it has an ideal climate for visitors. The best months for sunshine are April to October but it’s possible to enjoy this island year round.

We flew out for one week but it is definitely a destination that you could spend longer in. We stayed in The Lliada Beach Hotel, set right on the beach in Protaras, its location in the centre of the resort was ideal and the hotel has a pool, small gym, a bar, snack bar and restaurant.

Protaras itself has everything needed for a relaxing holiday with a large selection of places to eat and plenty or bars including some Irish ones. It is also very close to Ayia Napa if you want to sample its famous nightlife.

Cyprus is quite large and as a result it has lots to see and do if you can tear yourself away for the beautiful beaches.

We took a trip to the water park in Ayia Napa, Water world; this was one of the best ones I have been to. The park is well laid out with plenty of sun bathing areas for the less adventurous and a large selection of slides, some that I had never seen before and were a lot of fun!

If you like history Cyprus is a treasure trove, boasting 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites it is a land filled with ancient villas, tombs, theatres, churches, palaces, mosaics and monasteries.

We took a trip to the ancient site of Salamis where we saw the original walls of the city and got a glimpse into their world as we toured the fascinating site including an ancient gym, theatre, Roman baths, forum, basilica and temple.

It is possible to take a trip to the pyramids in Cairo from Cyprus and even Israel and Jordan. Water enthusiasts will be in their element with some of the best snorkelling and diving sites in the Mediterranean including the wreck of a Swedish ferry that sank with a cargo of over 100 lorries, the nearby British Air Corps helicopter wreck or the remains of a cargo ship that sank in the 1970’s where it’s possible for divers to view still carpeted hallways on the decks and the bars of chocolate still in the vending machines!

It is also possible to hire a motorboat for the day and make your own way around this beautiful island. Swimming with dolphins, a trip to one of its 50 wineries, walking and cycling in the mountains, skiing during the winter in its highest peaks or simply relaxing and enjoying the wonderful seafood that Cyprus is famous for are all possible. It truly is an island with endless options.