Japan - Small Group Adventure

Paul Fitzpatrick 16 December 2017
Let me say from the start, I’m a huge fan of small-group adventures. Over the years I’ve been very lucky to have enjoyed many great trips. However, Japan stands out as one of the best. It has it all.

In just an 8-day tour we packed in a massive amount. There is no way you’d get to do as much trying to DIY it.

Osaka was the starting point of our tour. After meeting the tour leader, and the rest of the group, we set out to explore the city. Osaka Castle was a highlight. Very different from what we are used to in Europe.

From Osaka, we travelled to Buddhist Koyasan, a temple atop the 800m Mt Koya. The veggie cuisine wasn’t to my taste. But I gave it a go. The next morning we awoke early to join the monks in their prayers.

Hiroshima was our next stop. The Peace Park and Memorial Museum commemorating the horrific events of 1945 was in sharp contrast to the monastery just hours before. A poignant moment during the trip.

We then took a ferry to the sacred island of Miyajima to see the famous floating Torii Gate. The ancient city of Kyoto was next on our tour. We visit the impressive Nijo Castle and gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the evening, we explored the geisha district of Gion. A hot springs retreat at Hakone was a pleasant evening.

We were lucky to have a clear day so we could catch a glimpse of the majestic Mt Fuji. It’s hard to pick what I enjoyed most about Japan. Perhaps it was the amazing bullet trains we used to get around or the outstanding Japanese cuisine.

Overall, I think it’s just that it is so friendly and safe that makes Japan such a fantastic destination.

If Japan is on your bucket list or you have something else in mind, give me a call, I would be delighted to assist you in creating your dream holiday.