Beautiful Rome

Kate Moore 10 June 2010
I love Italy, the food, the glamour the ski slopes and the history.

I have travelled quite extensively in Italy but I have to say that the capital city is by far my favourite.

My husband and I treated ourselves to a four night trip to Rome. We stayed at the Hotel Artemide, a four star hotel which is in an excellent location in the city.

The first evening we took a stroll to find our bearings and I was amazed by the beauty of Rome at night. Every corner we turned we found one beautiful building after another all spectacularly lit up. I really felt like we had stepped back in time and couldn't’t believe the beauty that is all around Rome.

The next morning we ambled around the city stopping for a Cappucino or two. After lunch we took the metro over to the Vatican. I had booked a guided tour of the Vatican museums before we left Ireland and it is here that we met our guide and the rest of our tour group. The best time to visit the Vatican museums is during the afternoon as this is the quietest time.

I am so glad that I had booked a guided tour of the Vatican as I would not have understood everything I was looking at. The Vatican museum is huge and it would have taken days to view all of the different rooms. Our guide showed us the most important monuments and explained the detail in the many Frescoes that decorate the rooms. I had no idea that the Vatican Museums hold so many treasures. Our tour ended up at the Basilica of Saint Peter but before we got there we were taken through the Sistine Chapel. I wish I could have spent hours looking at Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling however my neck would not allow this!

I don’t have the words to describe the beauty and vastness of St Peter’s Basilica. It is truly overwhelming and somewhere I must return to.

I was very excited the next morning as once again I had pre booked another tour and this one was the Angels and Demon’s tour of Rome. I loved the book so was thrilled to be doing the tour. We met at the Santa Maria Del Popolo Church and followed the "path of illumination" through Rome. Our guide was excellent and we got to see every place that was written about in the book. She also gave us historical information about all the ancient Churches and sights. Our tour ended up at the Castel Sant’Angelo.

That evening we visited the Trevi Fountain. All of the fountains in Rome are spectacular however at night time they are more spectacular. Little gelateria’s are abundant in Rome and the ice cream is delicious. It was wonderful watching the fountain whilst eating ice cream.

On our last morning we went to the mighty Colosseum. I hadn’t booked a tour and it is with regret as I felt I didn’t really understand everything that I was looking at. The ruins of the Roman Forum lies near to the Colosseum and again when I return to Rome I will take a tour of this area.

The food in Rome is as it should be in Italy. Lots of Pizza, pasta and wine! I liked eating out in the historic centre of Rome and we found some lovely little restaurants.

You do need to keep your wits about you as the Italian drivers are crazy! We found it best to follow a native Roman when crossing the roads and hope for the best! This all added to the fun of our trip.

I really fell in love with Rome and shall definitely return.