G Adventures introduces the Ripple Score

07 December 2020

Since 1990, G Adventures have positioned themselves as trailblazers of responsible tourism. Alongside their non-profit partner, the Planeterra Foundation, they have established travel practises and philosophies that make the world a better place to explore.

What is the Ripple Score?

The latest step in G Adventures’ commitment to sustainable travel is the introduction of the Ripple Score. This innovative scoring system has been created to measure the percentage of money that is spent locally on trip services such as accommodation, restaurants, and transportation.

The Ripple Score is out of 100 and the higher the score, the more money from that tour stays within the local community. If the score is low, it doesn’t reflect the quality of the on-trip experience; instead, it means that G Adventures are working hard to make the local benefit of the trip even better, by finding additional local services to use on the tour.

What is the average Ripple Score for a G Adventures tour?

The average score across G Adventures’ tours is currently 93, meaning 93% of the money that they spend in a destination to operate the tours goes to local businesses and services. These scores are updated annually.

How is a Ripple Score created?

There are three stages to creating a tour’s Ripple Score – ‘Define’, ‘Evaluate’ and ‘Calculate’.

Define: To qualify as a local business or service, 50% or more must be owned by a legal resident or national citizen of the country where it operates.

Evaluate: Next, every business and service that G Adventures work with are required to fill out surveys to gain further insights into their operations.

Calculate: Using the information from the survey, G Adventures look at the spend in each destination to operate that tour and calculate what percentage of that local cost was going to a local business or service. 'The more operation costs that stay local, the better the ripple effect in those communities and the greater the Ripple Score.

Who are G Adventures?

In 1990, entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip launched G Adventures with the belief that other travellers would share his desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner.

What started as a one-man team has now grown into the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company, with G Adventures now boasting an incredible portfolio of more than 750 experiences, safaris and expeditions on all seven continents.


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