5 Ways to See the World in 2022!

21 December 2021


A Nile cruise with all its ancient wonders, desert landscapes and insights into everyday Egyptian life is just one of the exceptional experiences we can offer you for 2022. Such trips stand for providing an even higher level of service from local leaders, hand-picked high-end accommodation, private or first-class local transport taking you off the beaten track, more meals included in your package, luggage transfers for your convenience and a greater number of immersive experiences. In our Premium Egypt trip, that latter includes an evening with a Nubian family.



Travel with kids is fun, but there can be so much more to it than that. It can also be educational, both for children and parents, fostering a love of learning, confidence, and a spirit of adventure. You might, for instance, ask your Travel Counsellor to take you and your brood to the Wild West of the USA, to stay in a Zion ranch where you can ride wagons, follow secret trails through pine forests, walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs and kayak across shimmering lakes.


Walking and Trekking

Walking tours are one of the best ways of immersing yourself in nature, with something for all levels of fitness and experience. The epic Camino de Santiago, for instance, appeals not only to religious pilgrims and/or culture lovers but also to those simply those looking for a physical challenge or to experience the wonderful landscapes of Galicia with its pretty hamlets, Roman ruins and stilted horreos. Walking trips with us include expert trail guides, accommodation and, on some trips, someone to carry your pack. 



Being an Explorer

Expanding our horizons by trying new destinations and activities is something we’ve all been thinking about during the pandemic, and that doesn’t always have to be about far-flung places or scaling mountains. It can be as close to home (and as homely) as learning to cook local pastries in Greece, or it could be hiking through a gorge or cooling off in a waterhole on the other side of the world. Perhaps let us inspire you with a five-day trip through the deserts, canyons, lakes and valleys of western USA’s most spectacular national parks, with highlights including learning about the history of Monument Valley from a Navajo guide and walking around the rim of the Grand Canyon or taking an optional helicopter ride over its magnificent geology.


Two wheels are one of the best ways of really getting under the skin of a destination, especially if you do it in the company of an experienced local leader who can take you along the best routes, show you the best sights and fill you in on all the history of your destination. A prime example of slow travel, it allows you plenty of scope to stop and ‘smell the roses’. Among our recommendations are a six-day trip through some of South Australia’s most famous wine regions, from the Barossa Valley (home to the country’s best-known red wine), the northern Clare Valley with its Reisling, and McLaren Vale (birthplace of South Australia's wine industry) to Glenelg Beach.



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