Real Honeymoon: Georgina & Mark Orlando & Caribbean Cruise

Susan Ryan on 01 February 2019

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In this interview Georgina and Mark talk to me about their Honeymoon to Orlando and a Caribbean Cruise.

• Tell me about your Wedding Day. Our wedding Day was a beautiful sunny day in the beautiful Castletroy Park Hotel, an intimate ceremony it was definitely the right choice for us. Every word & every lyric was heard so clearly and everything went off smoothly. It was a really romantic setting with our nearest and dearest.

• How soon after your Wedding did you go on Honeymoon? We booked our Honeymoon four months after our wedding. We felt it was nice to have something to look forward to after the hype of the big day. Best thing we ever did. It also gave us time to pack and prepare without the worry of leaving the kids and trying to organise everything on top of the wedding.

• Why did you choose a Caribbean Cruise for your Honeymoon? A cruise was never something I had in mind. I always wanted to do a bit of traveling but with work and kids it never would have happened. We are a young couple and I was conscious of the age group on board but Susan suggested the perfect ship to suit our needs. We were never bored. The idea of seeing so many beautiful places in one trip was a dream come true. 17 floors on the ship and at the end of the trip there was still areas we hadn't seen. In no way did we feel claustrophobic, never did we meet the same person twice there was so much to do on the ship.

• What was the highlight of your Honeymoon? The highlight of the whole trip has to be as we docked into each destination, waking up at sunrise on the balcony to sights only seen on a postcard. There was too many experiences on our trip that I cannot put into words. Jaw dropping scenery that everyone in their lifetime must experience. When we first arrived on the ship I was speechless never in a million years would I have thought it was as nice as it was. I would love to go into detail but I wouldn't like to ruin the surprise!

• Any must see/must do’s that you would recommend? My advice to anyone doing a cruise is to do your research into the excursions pre book if you must as the good ones fill up quickly. You may never again visit these destinations so staying on the ship while docked is a personal choice but there is so many thing's to do and see. Do dedicate yourself a relaxing beach day also as its a busy day out on your trips.

• Why did you book your Honeymoon with me (Susan Ryan Travel Counsellor)? You were recommended to me by a friend. We had kept putting off booking as we didn't know where to start and I can honestly say from that very first phone call you put my mind at ease. You did absolutely everything for us. As we all know weddings are stressful enough and a honeymoon should be stress free. You personalised our trip to suit our wants and needs. I do not think I would have booked a cruise if it wasn't for you. You took the stress away from us. We picked our destinations and even added 2 days in Orlando before heading to the ship. When we got there we got a little lost, You were at the end of the phone immediately even past midnight trying to find our taxi as we could not find him. It was such a relief to know you were there for us. We also met up to discuss the trip as I was a little anxious about the dollar and tipping etc on the cruise.. There was a really amazing app that you set us up with and it showed us every thing from our balance, days till our holiday etc. If there was ever an emergency you were there waiting and ready to approach the situation. Luckily enough it was all just so perfect and I have her to thank.

• What advice do you have for other couples planning their Honeymoon? My advise to couples looking to book a honeymoon is find a person who knows everything there is to know about cruise ships and how they operate not just someone who wants to sell you a holiday and that person is SUSAN... It can be quite over whelming when it's your first time so all of her advice really helped us. She made it the most special trip customized for us and little added extras. She checked in with us regularly and even after our trip sent us a welcome home card. Susan will always be a friend to us after all she did we truly appreciated all her help I can't explain how much pressure she took off us. We got a great deal on our cruise and Susan will find a budget to suit your needs. So with all of that I cannot stress enough if you want a perfect holiday you need to book with Susan it will be a holiday you will never forget, dreams made reality!

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