Our Wedding in Rome

Susan Hegarty 12 September 2012
When we got engaged a few years previously I knew that I wanted to get married abroad. We had visited Rome on a cruise and fell in love with it. It is a city with amazing energy, beautiful architecture and a fascinating history. It’s a very walkable city; just soaking up the atmosphere is wonderful.

We found that getting married in Rome was not too diffucult and I picked up lots of tips along the way that I would be delighted to share.

We stayed in The River Palace Hotel which was where we had stayed the year before when planning the wedding. This is a lovely hotel in a great location with friendly staff. I would highly recommend it!

We arrived on Wednesday morning after a short flight with Aer Lingus and the day before our guests. We had a lovely reasonably priced lunch in a restaurant a few doors from the hotel and spent a lazy afternoon in the beautiful Borghese gardens which are just across the road from the hotel. That evening we visited the library restaurant. It was quite expensive but perfect for a romantic evening in Rome.

The following day we met our guests arriving for the wedding. We were surprisingly calm, probably because we knew that everything was organised and that there was nothing we needed to do. That evening we dined in Blanko restaurant which is trendy and modern and close to the Trevi fountain with a tasty, good value menu.

We woke up on our wedding morning to torrential rain! After plentiful Prosecco and a morning with the hair and make-up lady the sun came out, just in time for the drive to the church. The church itself, San Silvestro, is absolutely beautiful, very ornate and dates back to 761 and the ceremony was perfect.

We had our wedding meal at Life restaurant. It is just off the Via del Corso and we had dined here on a previous trip. It is a lovely contemporary spot with a huge menu, friendly staff and reasonably priced. We had reserved their private room and the champagne and food served was excellent.

The following morning we boarded the train for the start of our honeymoon in Venice.