This past year in Travel

Sinead Lonergan 16 March 2021

The past year, the travel industry has really been hit badly and I for one have had a pretty intense 12 months. Initially, my priority was getting my clients home and pushing departure dates for those due to travel in March in April out by a couple of months. However, as the year moved on and the severity of the pandemic became more apparent, the bookings that were for March/April and all subsequent months, were moved each time there was new travel guidance to follow or to when my clients would feel more comfortable travelling again. As each booking is tailor made for my clients, every booking takes time to move on, each time – so this has been a very lengthy process. Keeping in contact with my clients when amending these bookings and issuing refunds was crucial to relieve them of this stress, they knew to trust it would be handled. It is a personalised service after all! Whilst the last year has been pretty grim, I am beginning to see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. I am grateful to my clients and I know that all the hard work will stand to me when the world begins to spin again.

After a year none of us will forget any time soon, receiving this amazing testimonial from my clients Liz and Matt Senior means the world to me and left me with a lump on my throat!

Planning travel has become confusing and complicated, so don’t take any chances, contact me for expert advice and guidance.

Stay Safe , Sinead

February 2021 Testimonial for Sinead Lonergan Travel Counsellors We had the pleasure of meeting Sinead from Travel Counsellors several years ago and even though we normally took control of organising our own holidays we were fairly absorbed running our own business so decided to ask Sinead to take care of arranging our next holiday. It was a decision we have never regretted and since the first trip that Sinead took care of, we have never considered doing anything except ringing Sinead.

However, today I don’t want to talk about how professional, approachable, or knowledgeable Sinead is about her industry nor the way she runs her business so seemingly effortlessly that you have 100% confidence in the fact that before you ever know about a potential problem with or about your holiday Sinead has probably already solved it. It really is a case of Sinead treats your holiday like it was her own.

Today I want to talk about Sinead’s integrity, strength, and resilience and why she literally is worth her weight in luggage tags. We had two holidays booked with Sinead, our second honeymoon and an Alaskan cruise, which we were naturally excited about…. then the pandemic struck, whilst other would-be holiday makers were fighting with airlines, hotels and all things travel industry related, we had Sinead!

Once our first holiday looked like it might be in jeopardy Sinead rang and said I don’t want you to worry, I am working on getting you the best solution. She tried so hard to make that holiday happen, she moved flights on I don’t know how many times, she pressured hotels we were booked into to transfer us to new dates, she arranged and re-arranged transfers and she did all these things whilst staying in contact with us outlining new options for us to choose from every time there was a further cancellation. Eventually it became apparent that travel in 2020 was a non-starter so again Sinead set about providing new options for 2021 and rebooked us onto a new holiday.

I don’t think this would be a fair testimonial to give without pointing out the most obvious thing here, Sinead worked tirelessly for the best part of a year not just for us but for all her clients because she made a commitment to them when they entrusted their holiday plans to her. She never gave up until there were absolutely no options left and she did this whilst not receiving any income.

I honestly don’t know many businesses that would continue to demonstrate the level of customer service & commitment that Sinead has demonstrated over the last year and continues to do so into 2021 but if I do know that because of her business ethic and her approach to clients Sinead will still be booking holidays for people in years to come.

Sinead, we admire you and your loyalty and look forward to the day when you will once again be handing us our boarding passes and travel documents.

Liz & Matt Senior