Sunny Barbados

Sarah McCarthy 16 May 2008
My most recent travels has taken me to the Caribbean island of Barbados, and what a trip! The Island of Barbados is recognised around the world for its sheer natural beauty, the richness of its culture and above all the friendliness of its people.

Barbados has three quite distinct coastlines: the fashionable West coast has fine long stretches of sandy beaches with calm waters protected by coral reefs and ideal for water sports. Many luxury hotels are dotted along the coast, where evenings tend to be quiet and sophisticated. The South coast has many excellent sandy beaches too. There is lots going on here and you are never too far away rom the next bar and restaurant. The East coast is scenic and unspoilt. Atlantic waves crash into the rocky shore; an impressive sight. This is a great place for a day out, however, swimming is not recommended owing to dangerous currents.

The one thing that I have learnt about Barbados is that its not just about the sea and the sand, there is so much more to this tiny island.

Whilst I did spend alt of time lying on the powder white sandy beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters I also explored the island and had a lot of fun.

One day I went on an Island Jeep Safari and explored the historic interior of the island with its sugar cane factories and old plantation houses.

Another day I was zip trekking through the forest, not for the faint hearted!! The zip line is 100ft off the ground and you move over 8 platforms and enjoy beautiful views of the island. I personally felt a great sense of achievement having completed this and it was so much fun too.

Having swam with Dolphins in Australia I was very excited to hear that I could go swimming with turtles. Barbados is home to a healthy population of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. Once endangered by over-fishing, these great creatures are now protected and monitored throughout the Island. I headed out on a catamaran one day and swam with the turtles, of course again the crew on board were fantastic hosts, another fun day whilst we sailed to the sounds of Bob Marley.

At night, there is a vast choice of restaurants for every taste and budget. And if you're still raring to go after all that then there is another Barbados of waterfront bars, night-life, music, gaming - and more than 1,000 rum shops to consider. (Rum was actually first distilled in Barbados)

Barbados is an island that caters for everyone; honeymooners, families, singles alike. What really stands out for me about this wonderful island is its natural beauty and the hospitality of its people. Having been there it is easy to understand why this island has so many return visitors.