The Whitsunday Islands

Richard Harbourne 02 May 2009
Whilst visiting Australia we decided to have 1 week on Hamilton Island. What a week it was. Hamilton Island is a tiny island located 16km off the coast of Queensland. We took an internal flight from Sydney which was just a short two hour flight with their low cost carrier Virgin blue.

On arrival into Hamilton Island at their tiny airport we picked up our transport for the week (A golf buggy) this is the main mode of transport on the island although there are a few cars but not many. Everyone drives golf buggies. You can drive around the whole island within 45 minutes which we actually did every single day because the views are just so stunning and driving the buggies was addictive!

We stayed in an apartment on the beach and renting our apartment we were provided free of charge our buggy for the whole week. If you are staying in one of the hotels on the island and there are not many, you can rent the buggies if you want to. I do recommend this as you will not do this anywhere else apart from a golf course or maybe in one of the hotels in the Caribbean. It is the easiest way to get around as there are no busses.

There are only around 20 restaurants and 6 bars located on the whole island but if you are staying here for a week which is what I would recommend then it is enough anyway. The choice of food is great. The main beach on Hamilton Island is stunning and is not busy. Lots of space and the best hotels on the island are located at the main beach.

Even though Hamilton is a very small island there are still lots to do if you do not want to just spend a week on the beach. There are various different activities and the top 5 are:

Day trip to the Great Barrier Reef Sail aboard "On the Edge" to Whitehaven Beach Round of Golf at the Hamilton Island Golf Club Spa treatment at Spa Qualia or Spa Wumurdaylin Bowling at the Hamilton Island Bowling Alley

In the main town where the restaurants and bars are is located a beautiful harbour where you can take boat trips or just have a walk around and do some gift shopping.

The wildlife is amazing with various different types and species of animals (not dangerous). Every evening we would feed different types of birds from our balcony including Cockatoos,Paraqueets and Macaus.

The best thing about Hamilton is that you can really go off and explore the whole island and go anywhere you like. It's very safe and you will have an amazing experience.