River Cruising

Paul Fitzpatrick 25 June 2022
What an amazing family trip!! After a hectic weekend camping, it was time for a more sedate second half of our 2022 family holiday. A few days on the River Shannon was just what we needed. We collected our 36ft cruiser from Carrick-on-Shannon to set off on our voyage.

Feeling confident, after the initial induction, we decided to head north to Lough Key where we spent our first night on the water. Navigating the many locks proved an enjoyable experience and was loved by the kids, (aged 11 & 13 at the time). The more hands on deck the better. The relaxing pace of this trip was a far cry from my last Shannon cruise 15yrs previously. Being a lad’s stag it couldn’t have been more different. The inclement Irish weather meant we were confined to the boat where we enjoyed quality family time playing cards and board games. Something that isn’t done enough when we are at home. The next morning we came across Boda Borg right by the marina. This quality Escape Room proved quite a challenge. Especially for Dad who was shown up by the rest of the family. Restless to get on the move again we cast off and slowly made our way to the lovely marina at Drumshambo, (Yes, this is where they make the gin and it has a visitors centre). The next few days were spent going south again. Stopping along the way for snacks and of course the much-needed 99’s. A cruise, even on the Shannon can suit any group. A group of friends will have fantastic pubs and restaurants to visit. Whilst families can hire bikes and take time away from the screens and Wi-Fi.

While our river adventure was in Ireland I can book your cruise on many of the world's great rivers. How about France, Germany or maybe even Canada?

If you are interested in finding out more or have something else in mind, give me a call, I would be delighted to assist you in creating your dream holiday.