Oman - Sensational Six Senses Zighy Bay

Karen Pugh on 19 September 2017

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The journey from Dubai to Six Senses Zighy Bay was truly exceptional. We were picked up in a 4 x 4, complete with wifi and transported through the rugged landscape of the Hajar Mountains through the UAE into Oman. After 2 hours, we enter the gates of the resort and the jeep climbs the steep mountain, it’s a little hair raising but the view that awaits is absolutely spectacular. You can also paraglide into the resort or take a speed boat - either way you'll feel like James Bond!

Six Senses are one of the top luxury hotel brands in the world and it really did not disappoint, this was probably my favourite hotel experience ever. From the wonderful staff who looked after us so well to our incredible villa which are designed and built in the style of an Omani Village with local materials with it’s own private pool & sand garden - rustic luxury.

The sea was so warm. Camels and mountain goats live nearby. The food is the best in the Middle East. The main restaurant, Spice Market had unbelievably tasty regional Arabian dishes. Zighy Bar had amazing cocktails and bar bites and of course Senses on the Edge, the speciality restaurant is set high up in those arid mountains. The Bedouin dining experience is also a must. They have their own organic garden and even the drinking water is from the sea (filtered on site). So sustainable.

The spa uses ingredients such as goat's milk, dates, almonds, honey, rosewater, sea salt, lime and mint and of course Six Senses are famous for their wonderful spas. The staff were wonderful and welcoming. The best experience and one place I can’t wait to return to!

This beautiful resort is secluded and is suitable for anyone who loves something special from their travels, perfect for that honeymoon or special occasion treat. For more information, contact me as I would love to send you there…

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