Where to Holiday in Canada

11 March 2022

Montreal, Quebec

The fusion of French and North American cultural influence sees modern day Quebec serve up leading gastronomy and cosmopolitan delights, reflecting a region of distinct identity at every turn.

Montréal is the epicentre of this cultural variation, with chic urban cool emanating from the assortment of both sophisticated and quirky bars and restaurants, with the latter serving authentic produce from the pastoral Charlevoix region.

Canada’s largest province naturally serves up much more than metropolitan delights however, with over 8,000 miles of coastline offering the chance to go whale watching, follow the vast network of cycle trails, or traverse the historic cobblestone quarters of various 17th century inspired districts.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Located on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia offers visitors a mesmerising blend of dramatic scenery, arts and culture, and cosmopolitan cities and towns.

Travelling through the province, you’ll find wineries in Fraser Valley, museums and fine dining in Vancouver, world-class skiing in Whistler, and outdoor adventures


Calgary, Alberta

Alberta is famous for the spectacular Rocky Mountains, dinosaurs in the Canadian Badlands, and the spectacle that is Calgary Stampede. Hike the great outdoors, visit the vibrant cities of Edmonton and Calgary, and don’t forget a camera.



Toronto, Ontario

Ontario province contains many of Canada’s top landmarks and attractions, including the most visited of them all in the majestically soaring Niagara Falls.

Many will begin their adventure through Ontario from the iconic city of Toronto, representing a genuine melting-pot of cosmopolitan multiculturalism. Some of the world’s finest craft beer can be enjoyed from one of many historic pubs, while the undoubted highlight for many would be the chance to survey the city from the CN Tower and the daring full circle, hands-free EdgeWalk.



Halifax, Nova Scotia

A visit to Nova Scotia’s provincial capital of Halifax sees a wealth of friendly pubs to wash away the cobwebs from a full day in the varied Nova Scotian expanse. Elsewhere in the province you’ll find sumptuous seafood and an enticing coastline have captivated visitors to this physical embodiment of a Gaelic collage, with sheltered caves and whitewashed cliffs backing a smattering of lighthouses surveying a picturesque Atlantic seascape.


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