Unique Cruise Locations

07 December 2020

There is something endlessly exciting about visiting destinations outside of the obvious choices, allowing the discovery of unique cultures and waterways that haven't been ventured by many. Unwind on pristine beaches, enjoy fine cuisine and nightlife through picturesque canals. Thrilling and diverse destinations and landscapes await on your next cruise journey…

Cruising in the Panama Canal

Comprising a 48-mile man-made feat of engineering linking the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean as a gateway to either Central or South America, the Panama Canal shipping route is steeped in historical intrigue and primed for excitable discovery. Stop off at the alluringly contrasting Panama City, famed for its vibrant nightlife spanning casinos, bars and restaurants, while nature enthusiasts can explore the rain forests and waterways circling the city. This memorable canal experience can be taken aboard a range of luxury cruise ships, with itineraries visiting some of the finest eastern and western destinations in the Americas.

The Azores

While many yachts and cruise liners sail near the autonomous Portuguese islands of The Azores on their way across the Atlantic, it is rare for them to stop and explore the region. The prevalence of blissful bays, peaceful anchorages and protected harbours sees the Azores as an untouched cruising destination awaiting discovery, and with its diverse landscapes spanning everything from mountains and cliffs to picturesque fishing villages and expansive green fields, it may not remain a well-kept secret for much longer.

Iceland Cruises

The opportunity to see glaciers and volcanoes before swimming in a hot spring is an indication of how varied and inviting Iceland is as a cruise destination. The near-prehistoric magnificence of the nation ensures its landscape is ripe for exploration, while the combination of culture, creativity and journeying through Icelandic Viking history amid the colourful buildings and charming ambience of capital Reykjavik ensures Iceland is a discerning choice when seeking a captivating cruise destination with a difference. 

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