Travel podcasts to inspire your future adventures

05 May 2020

Over the past few years, the number of people listening to podcasts has increased. With this, hundreds of new shows have sprung up covering everything from science to music and of course, travel. To help you skip straight to the most fun and informative, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite travel podcasts that you chould be listening to for inspiration on future adventures. 

Indie Travel Podcast

With 368 episodes already recorded and ready for your listening pleasure, the Indie Travel podcast brings a laid-back approach to travel podcasting. Each show manages to make it feel like you’re sitting down with old friends (all be it very well-travelled friends) to discuss travel ideas and soak up some of their knowledge.

The podcast covers the hosts’ top recommendations for specific destinations as well as discussing general travel themes that can be useful for any destination that you’re due to visit such as ‘top tips for road trips’, ‘how to find lesser-known attractions while travelling’, and for families looking to explore as a collective ‘how to travel with kids’.

The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries sees host, Holly Rubenstein meet with famous faces to discuss their lives through travel – recounting the destinations and experiences that have shaped them as people.

Holly has sat down with guests such as Tom Kerridge, Ella Eyre, Sir Richard Branson and even explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes to go through their most exciting travel stories. The podcast is a great listen thanks to the interesting guests that Holly invites on, coming from all backgrounds and each bringing their own preferences and approaches to travel. So, whether you prefer to embark on nail-biting adventures of or luxurious getaways, there’s plenty of inspiration and advice available here.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

As the name suggests, the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast takes listeners out of their living rooms and into the great outdoors, inspiring adventures and active pursuits surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

Each episode features an interview with explorers, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, authors and just about any other adventurous profession you could think of. While they don’t all directly relate to travel, they share a common theme of promoting wild ideas and making the decision to embark on an adventure.

Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler podcast takes a very destination-focused approach to discuss travel so may not be the best one to start with. However, once you’ve managed to hone in on a handful of destinations, this can be a really useful resource.

With over 700 episodes available, the show’s extensive back catalogue ensures that you’re likely to find an episode dedicated to wherever you’re looking to visit. Each week, the host, Chris brings on a guest with a link to the chosen destination and spends anything between 30 minutes to an hour delving into their recommendations for anyone that’s looking to travel there.

Flight of Fancy

The Flight of Fancy podcast focuses on adventure-style travel, shunning the resort-based getaways in favour of experiential trips that often veer off the beaten track.

This is an interesting listen for anyone who likes to use their holidays as a chance to explore new places and really immerse themselves in the local culture.



If these podcasts inspire plans for your future adventures or you have any travel-related questions, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor today.

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