Travel Counsellor’s tips for creating a wellness retreat at home

05 May 2020

As we try to look ahead to that relaxing getaway, we all deserve at the end of this lockdown, it’s important not to lose sight of the here and now. In this stressful situation, we need to take time out to focus on our own wellbeing and bring a little bit of that luxury wellness retreat to us.

Digital Detox

It’s almost impossible to escape digital inputs nowadays. From our phones, laptops, tablets and even our watches which are now mini computers strapped to our wrists. This easy access to technology is brilliant for maintaining productivity however it does have its downsides, with studies finding links to anxiety as a result of over-usage.

A digital detox is a complete break from any device connected to the internet (and better yet, any digital device at all). It gives us the chance to really connect with those around us and have real-world experiences, freeing up time to do physical exercise, read a book or have face to face conversations with our families without distraction. Travel Counsellor Laura says “just by not going on my phone for the last hour before bed each night allows me to clear my head and relax”.

Daily Exercise

Physical exercise provides both physical and mental benefits. While helping to keep us trim by burning off calories, exercise also keeps our mind healthy and gives us a sense of wellbeing. Studies have found that people who exercise regularly benefit from better sleep, improved memory and higher energy levels throughout the day.

A morning run or home circuit could be just the thing you need to kickstart your day, giving you a rush of endorphins to carry you through your work and keeping you feeling at your best. Travel Counsellor Katie recommends “Start every day with breakfast and do some exercise! It sets me up for the day with a positive mindset.”

Eat well: Plan your meals

You are what you eat – simple, but true. Within our normal routine, many people make the effort of planning their meals in advance, especially lunch which they would usually eat at work. However, given the unusual circumstance, it’s easy to drop off and just make food on the go while you work from home. While this may seem easy, it often results in us eating food that’s deficient in the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and feeling good; and also becomes time-consuming as we spend part of our lunch break preparing food.

Visit any Travel Counsellor’s recommended wellness resort and they’ll tell you that mealtimes are important, which is why they serve up a delicious menu of nutritionally dense food that delights the taste buds and leaves us feeling replenished. The best advice is to prepare your meals in advance, whether that’s the night before or at the start of the week, so you can look forward to healthy balanced dishes.

Create a relaxing environment

Lights out. The smell of your favourite scented candles drifting through the air as the flickering flame gives off a relaxing glow and soothing music lulls you into a state of pure tranquillity.

Making the effort to create a relaxing environment can really pay off and give you something to look forward to. Whether you prefer to enjoy it in the bath or in the comfort of your favourite chair, create a serene environment free of unwanted stimuli to give yourself time at peace.  


While we may not be able to perfectly replicate the luxuriously cosseting surroundings of our favourite spas whilst we’re on lockdown, we can still attempt some home versions of the revitalising treatments they offer.

Visit any supermarket and you’ll be able to pick up a face mask to soothe your skin and breathe new life into your complexion. Another easy find is an exfoliating body scrub which acts as an excellent alternative to a professional massage and a great way to prepare your skin for applying self-tanner— just because you can’t visit Sydney right now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get that bronzed Bondi glow.  

As you’re enjoying your home spa treatments, why not treat yourself to your most indulgent chocolate bar for the extra special touch?


Get in touch today to speak to your Travel Counsellor about your next wellness-inspired getaway or to discuss any travel-related questions you may have.

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