The Best Greek Islands for Families

25 July 2017

When looking for the perfect family getaway in the sun with suitable activities for all involved, then travelling to one of Greece’s spectacular islands is often a good start. Short flight times and turquoise hued waters backed by some of the world’s finest beaches are the primed ingredients for a memorable family getaway within a nation that prides itself on looking after its visitors both young and old.     

We’ve selected some of the best Greek island destinations to book for an unforgettable family Greek getaway.


Rest and relaxation is the order of the day in Rhodes, where the whole family can explore no less than 30-miles of pristine golden sand beaches along the east coast. Plentiful accommodation also exists among this stretch, with a range of all-inclusive packages and contemporary amenities featuring wellness centres, babysitting services, kids’ clubs, restaurants and cafes, providing the ideal base for exploring diverse island attractions such as the UNESCO-listed Rhodes Town.



Highly affordable yet no less appealing, family getaways to Corfu entail a wealth of child-friendly activity within a Mediterranean paradise of diverse flora and fauna. Rampant olive groves and orchids chime with equally impressive marine life for enjoyable scuba and snorkelling excursions, while several long sandy beaches are set for long days in the sunshine. There are plenty of family oriented hotels in Corfu, with many running daily activity programmes for children, while the ultimate family escape to Corfu arguably exists in the confines of the beachfront guesthouses offering modern appointments with traditional beachside bliss.   


Otherwise referred to as Zante, Zakynthos is the southernmost reaching of the core Ionian islands. Famous beaches include Shipwreck Bay, one of the most recognisable locations in the Mediterranean, which can be reached via private boat ride from the coast through a host of family-run businesses that will take your kids to this pirate-tale-turned-reality as they survey the washed-up shipwreck on the shore.

Many boat tours will also pass through The Blue Caves, where you have the chance to explore the vibrant blue waters by swimming from the boat, while smaller kids may welcome a glass bottomed boat tour so they can view safely from the boat deck.


Mykonos is often perceived as a romantically inclined Greek Island, but there is a pocket of quieter resorts that discerning families can reside. Much of the beach space here has been immortalised in Hollywood, such is the picture-perfect array of coastline upon which children can while away the hours, before you head into Mykonos town to dine at one of many family friendly restaurants such as Vegera’s seafood specialities or D’Angelo Mykonos’ vegetarian friendly menus and tasty pizzas.


Many Greek island’s offer family friendly beaches in droves, although Skiathos is particularly notable for its welcome variety. Smaller children will delight on the southern coast sands of Koukounaries, with peace of mind made possible by the calm shallow waters and cafes to venture after they grow tired. A recommended excursion for families would be taking a boat-ride to the remote north coast and bask in the secluded expanse of Lalaria, with its beautiful white stoned beach comfortable for both adults and children, provided the little ones wear suitable footwear.

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