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12 January 2017


From its glittering beaches to its vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, from its medieval churches to its Colosseum-like football stadia, Spain is home to enough world-class tourist attractions to keep even the most jaded travellers enthralled and entertained.

If you loved the buzz of Barcelona, why not head to Valencia? Spain’s third-largest city oozes traditional character whilst being renowned for a lively collection of bars, clubs and restaurants. Marvel at the medieval architecture, stroll through one of many beautiful parks or relax on the beach – this sophisticated city has something for everyone.


Travel Counsellor Amanda visited Valencia in November 2016 and said...

"What a stunning place Valencia is. If you’re looking for a mixture between sightseeing and beaches, Valencia is the place. In Valencia City you can visit the cathedral and the historic buildings. It is a beautiful area which is trimmed up for the evening and the perfect place to relax whilst you take in the views and drink sangria. This is truly an interesting place for sightseeing. There's also the F1 track which is no longer in use but great to have a walk around and see. You can hire a car and go in the direction of Benidorm or the other direction to Barcelona. It’s so easy to see various different areas of Spain.`"


A country uniquely blessed with sights, attractions, great food and wine, and a lovely climate; Italy is not only the historical 'centre of the western world', but one of its most enthralling modern-day tourist destinations.

If you loved the ancient history of Rome, why not head to Bologna? This often overlooked city offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences; enjoy a concert or performance in any number of halls, explore the dozens of world-class museums and see countless landmarks and historic buildings as you walk the medieval streets. Afterwards, dine on excellent Italian cuisine made fresh from local produce in one of the gastronomic capitals of Italy.


Travel Counsellor Sally visited Bologna in April 2016 and said...

"Bologna is a very walkable city – we walked for miles each day, mostly just wandering around, looking at architecture (I have never seen so many churches, and although this is not really “our thing” they are all very beautiful and we loved just looking) and numerous statues, people-watching and stopping frequently for a beer or glass of wine – just our sort of place. Wonderful old fashioned delis, pasta shops, cake shops, cheese shops etc mixed with more modern quirky shopping - and a few leaning towers too - Pisa has good competition there!"



High fashion, delicious food, and an overwhelming sense of romance make France one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

If you loved the romance of Paris, why not visit Lyon? Known for its historic architecture, gastronomy and vibrant culture, the many districts of Lyon are just waiting to be explored. Take a relaxing boat ride down its rivers, discover its rich and diverse 2,000-year history in the medieval buildings, or take in panoramic views of the city from Fourviere Hill.


Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, the vast territory of the USA contains jagged mountains, majestic forests, world-class cities, and charming small towns, making it a holiday destination it would take a lifetime to explore fully.

If you loved the famous attractions of New York, why not visit Washington DC? This cosmopolitan city with a much lower-profile skyline offers a range of historic landmarks and character-filled neighbourhoods as well as green parks and open spaces to enjoy. Head to the beautifully landscaped parkland of the National Mall to see the most well-known monuments such as the Roosevelt and Lincoln Memorials.


Travel Counsellor Louise visited Washington DC in November 2016 and said...

"There are lots of museums in Washington, many are part of the Smithsonian Institute. We went to the Air and Space museum which is one of the most popular in the world. It has Amelia Earhart’s plane (she landed this in Wales!), and the Wright Flyer. I learned that the Wright brother made bicycles before they made planes.Definitely worth a visit!"


An untamed wilderness dotted with cosmopolitan cities, a holiday in Canada really is the best of both worlds.

If you loved the variety of Toronto, why not visit Montreal? The second largest city in Canada attracts those looking for music, art and joie de vivre. Visit the several distinctive neighbourhoods, enjoy a play or concert, or shop at the recreation complexes. Montrael is a charming city with plenty to see and do, and families will love the theme and waterparks.


Whether you choose to relax on one of its golden beaches, or head inland and do a little exploring of the country, you are bound to have a rich and rewarding experience travelling through Portugal.

If you loved the allure of Lisbon, why not visit Coimbra? This small but lively town is centred on one of Europe’s oldest universities. Marvel at the majestic university building overlooking this medieval wonderland, take in the sights of churches, museums and archaeological sites, or wander around pretty parks and gardens. Along the winding roads you’ll find restaurants, museums, galleries, bookstores and boutiques to enjoy. Get lost and discover all that this charming town has to offer.


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