Six Continents, Six Water Sports Destinations To Visit In 2018

02 January 2018

Shoot, glide or float across the waves; there’s nothing like a water sports holiday that everyone will enjoy!  Here are six destinations, one for each continent, that you might want to think about visiting as a water sports enthusiast in 2018…

Europe… Dubrovnik

The charming Croatian city of Dubrovnik enchants travellers with its cobbled Medieval streets, old-world monasteries and attractions like the 16th century Lovrijenac fort. One reason many people love Dubrovnik is for its beaches, so it's no surprise that this is a top destination for water sports lovers. Head to the scenic isolated beaches of nearby Šipan Island and try kayaking, tour the city’s historic fortifications by boat, or embark on a wind surfing adventure on the shores of the Babin Kuk peninsula. You can even take your kids cliff jumping in the city’s rocky Buza One area!

North America… Barbados

Tasty rum, delicious fish fry's, Bridgetown’s colonial architecture, sun-kissed shores and spectacular sites like Harrison’s Cave; there’s so many reasons to love Barbados. Another is that this Caribbean paradise is great for water sports. A major draw is the wild Bathsheba Beach, which provides some of the best surfing in the world! A good site for families is the impressive Animal Flower Cave, where your kids can play in natural rock pools. Other popular water sports here include peaceful Caribbean boat tours and kite surfing, while Barbados hosts some of the Western Hemisphere’s premier scuba diving sites.

South America…. Rio de Janeiro

A host of must-see attractions await in sun-soaked Rio de Janeiro, from Christ the Redeemer to Sugarloaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach. When you’re not touring these legendary landmarks, delve into Rio’s exciting water sports scene. For something truly thrilling tour the lush Rio Islands by speedboat, white water raft in the nearby town of Casimiro de Abreu or pump yourself high into the air with a fly boarding session in the Atlantic! Your kids will enjoy snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters surrounding nearby Illa Grande Island, while the calm waves of Copacabana are ideal for paddle boarding, and you can even tour the rainforest-dotted coastline of Sugarloaf via canoe; there’s so much to do!

Australasia… Auckland

The rugged landscapes, iconic Sky Tower and multicultural cuisine of Auckland make it a must-visit location for most travellers, and it also attracts many water sports lovers. Auckland is one of the world’s major sea kayaking hotspots, with dramatic scenery like volcanic islands and sandy beaches for you to tour. Visit Mission Bay and find a range of water sports like stand-up paddle boarding, boat tours and canoeing, while the Waitakere Ranges are ideal for surfing with their choppy waves. The number one must-try activity here is jet boating, a sport invented in New Zealand where you hurtle down steep canyons and river gorges in boats capable of pulling off 360-degree turns!

Asia… Colombo

When you’re not touring Colombo’s intriguing attractions, like the mysterious Dambulla cave temple and the cutting-edge Lotus Tower, there’s plenty of water sports to keep you busy. A standout family attraction is the Leisure World Water Park, where your kids can ride water slides at different heights on the ‘aqua trail’. A menu of exciting pursuits awaits here including snorkelling at the golden sandy Hikkaduwa Beach, white water rafting in the tempestuous Kelani river and diving amid the vivid corals of Mirissa. Enjoy a more relaxed experience by renting a pedal boating and spending the day on placid Lake Beira, situated in the heart of Colombo!

Africa… Zanzibar

Zanzibar is many peoples’ idea of heaven with its sugar-white sands, blissful waters, lush palm stands and unspoilt landscapes. Another reason you’ve got to visit this African paradise is for its provides amazing water sports. It’s one of the best scuba diving locations in the world with spots like Mnemba Atoll Marine Park where you can meet vivid reef fish and dolphins. One great diving spot for your itinerary is Magic Reef, where you can swim through sea mountains, observe a diversity of corals and see rare ‘big honeycomb moray eels’. Other popular activities include snorkelling, yachting and thrilling jet-skiing, while the village of Nungwi is a great place for fishing.

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