Reasons to book your cruise holiday with Travel Counsellors

07 December 2020

Our passion for being personal is evident in every trip we book for our customers, including cruise holidays.  Our Travel Counsellors have their fingers on the pulse of this rapidly evolving industry and can share with you all you need to know when it comes to new and classic sailings, new ships and older favourites, the best destinations and the most tempting promotions. This is true whether you choose ocean cruising, a luxury cruise, river cruising, or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure aboard an expedition cruise.

Your Travel Counsellor can also create tailor-make itineraries for you, including land tours, excursions and luxury hotel stays – because a cruise can make up just a part of your holiday, and your holiday should be as unique as you are.

I match my clients with the right ship, with the right cruise line, in the destinations they want, to the budget they have and for their date requirements. With everything taken care of, all they have to think about is having fun.

"Picking the right cruise ship on the right cruise line can be the hardest choice of all, and if you get it wrong then it could put you off cruising forever! Some couples may disagree about what they want from a holiday. One may want to relax and the other may want to sightsee or explore the destination during the day. With a cruise this is possible. Why not even turn your holiday into a twin-centre holiday to include with maybe a city break or an activity holiday? That way everybody gets what they want!

Ian, Travel Counsellor

Why book a cruise with Travel Counsellors?

We had so much fun on our cruise, enjoying first-rate dining options, excellent amenities and even better company, and our mini-break in Venice was the icing on the cake […] It was an absolute delight, and we’d suggest tailoring your cruise itinerary for a more unique holiday to anyone, because it really gives you the kind of getaway that you’ve always wanted.


Some river-cruise cabins have balconies so you can sit out and watch the scenery float by. Large deck spaces, too, with lots of room to relax and listen to the gentle sound of the river. It’s like taking three or four city breaks in one go, and yes, you have plenty of time to explore!


I particularly love the diversity of expedition cruising and being able to venture off the beaten track. From breathtaking scenery to snorkelling close to local wildlife (sea lions and turtles are my favourite!), camping out on Antarctica, or being on deck for polar bear watch in the Arctic, every day is a special and unique experience – quite simply unforgettable!


As a first-time cruiser, I was dubious about whether I would enjoy any time onboard a huge cruise ship. In my mind it would be impersonal, crowded and tedious. What I actually discovered is a new-found love of cruising and a desire to shout about it.”


On the last day, we met the captain, who showed us the spotter in the bridge who looks for whales and dolphins. He showed us the levers that are used to turn the ship and his sword, which the Queen presented, and that was very cool.

10-year-old Rhys, son of Travel Counsellor Louise

Our Top Cruise Holiday Destinations


For inspiration and to book your cruise holiday, contact your Travel Counsellor today.

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