Wellness Brochure

10 December 2019

Our brand-new wellness brochure is out now, featuring some of the finest hotels, resorts and cruises across the globe that will boost mind, body and soul through activities, mindfulness, meditation and a focus on nutrition.

A first-ever for Travel Counsellors, we have produced this brochure off the back of a big increase in popularity in health and wellness holidays and the attentiveness that we show for our customers, caring for their wellbeing by offering highly-personalised travel arrangements and seamless, enjoyable booking experiences.

Click the link below to access a digital copy of the brochure, which we hope will inspire you to start thinking of your next wellness adventure.

Read our NEW wellness brochure by clicking here


If you’d like to book a wellness escape, contact your Travel Counsellor and take advantage of a range of benefits including a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and even after your trip.

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