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06 January 2018

Explore. Discover. Unwind.

Cruise the world with Travel Counsellors and experience destinations far and wide from the comfort of your cosy cabin or airy suite, available when you book a bespoke cruise itinerary on-board a luxury cruise liner or elegant river sailing boat.

From pre-cruise luxury hotel stays to post-cruise destinations and transfers, we endeavour to ensure that every aspect of your cruise is suited to your exact needs and budget. Looking for the perfect family-friendly cruise liner to entertain the kids? Perhaps you would prefer a romantic saunter along the Seine?

Whichever cruise journey you have in mind, rest assured we can turn your desires into reality through our wide selection and dedicated knowledge of cruise holidays across the globe.

Timeless elegance combines with innovative technology on many cruise liners today, where gourmet dining and extravagant Broadway-style shows exist alongside action-packed sports and water park facilities and unique natural spaces blurring the lines between land and sea.

There are few better ways to explore a variety of destinations on your bucket list than by closing your eyes each evening and awakening the next morning at a different city or beach island location for another day of rampant exploration. From the exotic splendour of Thailand and its ethereal landscapes, to the enduring charm of a Mediterranean saunter in the sun, enjoy the next generation of cruise ships taking you to the most intriguing corners of the world.     


With so many options, it takes time to choose the perfect voyage and your Travel Counsellor will work with you to find the type of holiday that is right for you. Whether you want to indulge in sumptuous luxury, take a family trip, sail the high seas or sample something a little different with a river or niche itinerary, there’s a cruise for you. 

Click here to read our Cruise Brochure to discover inspiration, cruise offers and new ships from now right through to 2018

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