Put down the sugar and lemon juice! 7 incredible pancakes from around the world

28 February 2017

We all have our favourite pancake fillings for Shrove Tuesday, don’t we? Perhaps yours is savoury. Maybe it’s heaped with sugar. Ever tried layers of chocolate spread and slices of banana? Or lashings of beef stew?

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday and our love of pancakes, we thought we’d inspire you with a few of our Travel Counsellors’ favourite pancake fillings. (And, doughnuts!)

After all, there’s always room for just one more scrumptious pancake, isn’t there?

France: Galettes with ham and eggs and buttery crêpes 

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Frederic

“French 'pancakes' are known as ‘galettes’ or ‘crêpes’ - and not pancakes! They are a specialty from Bretagne (Brittany) and come in two categories: 'Galettes' are the savoury kind, normally made with rye flour, and they can be filled with anything savoury. Cheese, ham and sausages may be the most common ingredients but there is no limit to imagination!

'Crêpes' on the other hand are made with wheat flour and are served with anything sweet, from simple sugar to any kind of chocolate sauce, jams, fruit, and so on. 'Crêperies' (specialist restaurants) can be found just about anywhere in France, not just in Brittany.”

Travel Counsellor Sarah agrees and recommends buttery crêpes:

“It’s hard to beat a freshly cooked, lace-thin crepe, oozing with beurre-sucre. Simple but delicious!

I have a specific memory of sitting in front of the Pompidou Centre in Paris and trying to avoid getting sticky butter all over myself!”

Argentina: Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche pancake

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Michelle

“My favourite filling is dulce de leche [a delicious caramel-style sauce made from milk and sugar].

I’m not sure if my family eat pancakes much in Argentina but I always have them with this special Argentine spread here in the UK!”

Poland: Doughnuts on Fat Thursday (Pączki Day)

Doughnuts for Fat Thursday in Poland

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Eve

“My recommendation for Pancake Day? Celebrate Fat Thursday as they do in Poland with some delicious doughnuts!”

Pączki Day is part of Fat Week, which runs from Shrove Thursday to Shrove Tuesday. The doughnuts eaten during this time were originally conceived to use up the eggs, dairy products and meat that couldn’t be eaten during Lent.

England: Lemon juice and sugar

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

(We simply couldn’t leave sugar and lemon juice off the list!)

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Sarah

“My favourite pancake filling? Lemon juice and sugar! Always reminds me of pancake day as a child.”

Turkey: Gözleme with everything you can imagine!

Gozleme pancakes in Turkey

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Mebs

“It’s amazing how popular pancakes are all over the world, each culture having their special version.

I love the Turkish Gözleme. It’s a traditional savoury flatbread and pastry dish, made from hand-rolled leaves of dough lightly brushed with butter and eggs, filled with various toppings, sealed, and cooked over a griddle.

Toppings for gözleme are numerous and vary by region and personal preference. Toppings include a variety of meats (minced beef, chopped lamb, fresh or smoked seafood, sucuk, pastirma), vegetables (spinach, courgette, aubergine, leek, chard, various peppers, onion, scallion, shallot, garlic), mushrooms potatoes, yams, radish, cheeses (feta, Turkish white cheese), as well as eggs, seasonal herbs, and spices. It goes on and on with your imagination!

Originally a breakfast item or light homemade snack, gözleme has achieved a very affordable fast-food or starters status in Turkey. The gourmet preparations include the traditional sautéed minced beef and onion, "kıymalı"; spinach and feta, "ıspanaklı"; potato and chive, "patatesli.

For those with a sweet tooth, try chocolate and orange zest or walnut and banana with honey.”

We’re feeling very peckish already!

Spain: Frixuelos with aniseed

Frixuelos pancakes from Spain

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Dinah

“Here’s my recipe:

Mix together eggs, milk, a pinch of salt, flour and anise (aniseed) liquor. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a pan, and then pour in your mixture. When you’ve cooked your pancakes, spread each one with jam, whipped cream or chocolate spread, and roll up and eat!”

India: Appam with rice and coconut milk

Appam pancakes from Kerala

Recommended by Travel Counsellor Reena

“My favourite pancake is a South Indian rice frill dish called appam. This is a special dish from Kerala (and it’s known as Hopper in Sri Lanka)”

Often eaten for breakfast, the soft, pancake-style appam is made with coconut milk and served with vegetable stews.

Enjoy your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, 28th February 2017, and don’t forget to let us know what your favourite filling is!

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