January's hottest beach destinations

06 December 2019

Banish those winter blues and jet off to soak up some sun on one of the most fabulous stretches of beach on earth. Swap your scarf for a sarong, woolly hat for a wetsuit and leave the snow behind as you get ready to lie on the sand at one of January’s hottest beach destinations.


Cancun is Mexico’s beach capital. Home to 14 miles of talcum powder white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to see why people flock here for a taste of the Mexican sunshine.

Just south of Cancun is the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Morelos – a handy retreat if the peak-season crowds become a little too much. Here, the peaceful beach is a haven of tranquillity where the only noise is the crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Costa Rica

When choosing a beach in Costa Rica, you’ll have the difficult decision of deciding whether you’ll choose one lined by the azure waters of the Pacific or the warm inviting waters of the Caribbean. Each side has its charm and the decision really comes down to personal preference.

On the Pacific Coast on the west, you have Manuel Antonio Beach which is bordered by the dense lush rainforest of Manuel Antonio National Park with its web of hiking trails which present brilliant wildlife spotting opportunities.

In contrast on the Caribbean Coast, there’s the Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge where the only thing that matches the beauty of the beaches is the marine wildlife that inhabit the coastal waters and make the area a snorkelling hotspot.


The island’s laidback vibe and easy-going friendly locals make Jamaica the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Montego Bay sits on Jamaica’s north coast and is famed for its beautiful palm-fringed white sand beaches. Stroll along the powdery sands and let the ocean lap against your feet as the enticing smell of jerk spices fill the air and the sound of steel drums ring out from a local beach bar.


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