Insider Guide to Tenerife: Our five favourite experiences

29 August 2017

Notable for its warm sunny days and balmy evenings, Tenerife is renowned as a go to destination for guaranteed year-round sunshine. With some of the best natural beaches to be found in Spain, the island is widely regarded as the pinnacle of family-friendly short-haul getaways, seeing attractive coastal space aligned with world class water parts, luscious garden and park areas, historic sights, and an unending list of outdoor excursions and attractions for an action-packed holiday to remember.

Travel Counsellors offer some recommendations for travellers to Tenerife:
"I would recommend Tenerife for a short winter sun break, however there is plenty to do and see for a 7-night stay all year round. My top tips for a trip to Tenerife - take a trip to Siam Park and a trip to Loro Parque. If you are up for exploring and a bit of adventure why not take a trip up Mount Teide and experience a hike and the cable car trip".

Read on below to find out more about the experiences we rate at the top of the list of experiences found when visiting the sun-kissed outdoor haven of Tenerife.

Dreamy beaches

However you imagine your dream beach location when conjured up in your mind, Tenerife’s diverse coastline offers the ideal beachbound experience to suit you. Costa Adeje’s provision of chic boutique hotels and immaculately combed beaches represent a discerning choice for many families, while El Medano’s enviable proximity to welcome trade winds permeating through some of the best natural beaches on the island can also prove alluring.
Whether you’re looking for secluded beach space to unwind, a great spot to explore the volcanic underbelly of the ocean floor, or taking part in a variety of your favourite watersports, Tenerife truly has it all.

Geographical marvel at Teide National Park

A must-see when visiting Tenerife is the otherworldly spectacle of Teide National Park. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, the national park comprises Spain’s highest peak remains iconic to the island’s inhabitants and tourists alike.

Experiencing the unreality of walking through solid volcanic magma as you traverse an area also boasting the largest amount of supra-Mediterranean vegetation on the planet, and you start to see why the park exists as one of the most visited national parks in Europe. Animal enthusiasts will delight at the prevalence of unique insects and reptiles including the Tenerife lizard, the Tenerife gecko and the Canarian lizard, alongside a variety of rare bird sightings in making for an enthralling journey through some of the Canary Islands’ most mesmerising flora and fauna.

Whale and dolphin watching

A fantastic day excursion for the whole family includes journeying off the south-west coast of the island, representing the perfect place to spot some of the marine world’s most striking aquatic mammals in their natural habitat. There are many specialist companies organising such trips off the ports of Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes, with varying times and prices available to suit your requirements.

The plentiful waters near Tenerife are home to 21 different species of whales and dolphins, including the chance to spot a great blue whale and the famous orca. Enjoy watching the moment where the calm of the sail is broken by popping cameras and excited exclamations as the whole family witness the spectacle of spotting these magnificent creatures in the ocean.


Aquatic playground at Siam Park

Visit the glorious Thai-themed water haven extravaganza at Costa Adeje’s Siam Park, where water slides and adrenaline-rushed rides comprise Tenerife’s biggest and best theme park adventure. This spectacular day out for kids and big kids alike includes the daring 90ft plummet down the Tower of Power slide, while those looking for a more serene experience can opt for the snaking Mai Thai river ride in a rubber dinghy.

Other rides providing fun for the smaller ones in the family include Sawasdee, comprising a designated jungle inspired children’s area with varying waterslides suitable for children of all ages, while The Lost City offers the only pool made for babies on the entire Canary Islands, where multiple towers, bridges, nets, and no fewer than 15 waterslides provide endless hours of fun.

Lago Martianez’ giant swimming pool complex

Innovatively designed by esteemed Lanzarote architect Cesar Manrique, Lago Martianez includes a spectacular network of lagoons, plunge pools, channels and fountains set within authentic sub-tropical surroundings. Alongside enjoying the cooling excitement of this water based adventure, dotted around the pool areas are a selection of Manrique’s intriguing sculptures, one of which you can swim through, while the huge fountain in the middle of the main pool section lures many in with gleefully exasperating force, while an underwater casino provides a great location for one of the adults to sneak off and enjoy a flutter or two. 

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