Four health and wellness tips for your next holiday

07 November 2018

It’s always important to take care of yourself when you are on holiday, whether that’s taking extra precautions to stay safe, preparing yourself for a long-haul flight or keeping active throughout your time away. Here are our top health and wellness tips that you may be able to use on your next holiday.

Stock your hand luggage with the essentials

If you’re flying long-haul, particularly if you have a long layover at an airport several hours away from home, you’ll need a halftime care kit to make sure you’re refreshed and rejuvenated for the second leg. Stock up your see-through plastic bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, moisturiser, deodorant and anything else you need to feel fresh.

Flying long distances will mean you can put your shampoos, aftershave and any other bulky cosmetics in your hold luggage, ready to use when you arrive at your destination. You could also pack a change of clothes, as well as an eye mask and earplugs to ensure a more comfortable in-flight sleep.

Eat well

Holidays are filled with temptation, especially when it comes to what you eat and drink. Airlines may serve up delectable fare but bring some of your own healthy snacks such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds which are low on additives and preservatives, and will give you an energy boost as well as aiding with digestion.

Your Travel Counsellor will also be able to find you a selection of restaurants which are perfect for your dietary requirements. So, if you’re a fitness fanatic who’s counting calories or you need a list of eateries which cater for allergies or specific diets, you’ll be able to depart in the comfort that you know which places are suitable for you and your party.

Prepare your sleeping pattern

If your flight crosses multiple time zones, then it is inevitable that your internal body clock will be knocked off centre and you’ll have to contend with jet lag. It is important you reduce the effects of jet lag’s effects so that it doesn’t impact your trip.

Set your clock or watch to your destination’s time before you board your flight so that you can accurately allocate sleeping time, and when you arrive, try your best to adapt to the local time zone and resist the urge to sleep or eat meals at the wrong time of day. And make sure to have some melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate our sleep patterns, which can be found in cherries, tomatoes, rolled oats, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Stay hydrated

Whether you’re on the plane, relaxing on a beach or exploring a city, keeping hydrated is vital in maintaining good health while travelling. Cabin air is exceedingly dry and will dehydrate your system, so make sure to drink plenty of water during your flight, even if you’re eating and drinking other things.

If you’re heading to a warm destination, you can become dehydrated very quickly, so in addition to plenty of water, make sure to eat snacks with high water content such as watermelon, peppers, cucumber and apples.


If you would like to find out more about what health and wellness holidays you can go on, contact your Travel Counsellor.

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