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14 April 2022



Seychelles is a haven for world-class activities. Its safe and pristine environment is just the place to treat your family to a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. The spectacular Beau Vallon beach is home to a number of watersports which makes for a perfect activity-packed day by the sea; a wonderful way to enjoy the ocean and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the coastline. Also, with surrounds of tropical indigenous forests, the many nature sanctuaries offer experiences and activities that are once-in-a-lifetime dreams.


Being a melting pot of traditions from all over the world, from its national heritage monuments, museums and natural wonders, to the diversity of its arts and other cultural activities, Seychelles offers an Aladdin’s cave of rich experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Dotted with nightclubs and casinos, the nightlife will never disappoint the free-spirited looking for magical nights out, so whatever your tastes and preferences for activities, Seychelles is a treasure chest of varied escapades just waiting to be discovered.



Lush, dramatic landscapes, unspoilt nature, powder-soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water; this is the Seychelles, where the beaches are the top reason for visiting. 

Not all of Seychelles’ beaches were created equally, every island has its signature shores, ranging from the liveliest to most secluded romantic coves protected from prevailing winds. Some stretch undeniably long, deserted and bordered with wild coconut trees others are picture-perfectly blessed small half-moon beaches with massive smooth boulders and navy-blue lagoons.


Walks and Trails

Seychelles is proudly part of the breeding ground for natural trails in the Indian Ocean. There are many walks and trails to be explored, which serve not only as an attraction for a different clientele but to raise environmental awareness and exhibit the richness and wealth of our islands when it comes to its lush nature and exceptional biodiversity.


Whether you prefer an unhurried stroll along a nature trail or a strenuous hike up a steep mountain path, the locals and tourists alike enjoy the settings of these trails for their physical and mental growth, although there is also the target of developing green tourism in Seychelles and bringing the island's interior riches to the forefront.
You will with no doubt appreciate the wonders of these ecologically preserved trails supported by our paradise archipelago.



No two islands are the same and every island has its own hidden gem, must-see attractions, beautiful beaches and not-to-miss experiences. The wild and rustic Seychelles is unapologetically raw in its natural charm and offers endless things to see.

From island to island, you will find both that perfect peace and the hint of mystery from eccentric houses and crumbling walls, draped with ferns and lianas, telling the story of man’s brief but eventful history there.

With bustling markets, colonial-style mansions, coastal mangrove forests, splendid parks, nature reserves and a reincarnated Eden that is home to the more than fifty endemic plants and trees, including the rare coco de mer palm, the Seychelles islands yearn to be explored. Some islands are walkable in just over an hour and others in much less, making it all too easy to discover castaway beaches and unspoilt marine national parks.



As islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is no surprise that seafood plays a massive part in Seychellois cuisine. Usually served with rice, most restaurants offer fish dishes that use a variety of traditional cooking methods, whether steamed, grilled, salted, baked and even wrapped in banana leaves.
The eclectic fusion of spices is what gives our exquisite Seychellois Creole cuisine its tantalizing array of salads, mouth-watering main courses and decadent desserts; a nod to the country’s rich colonial heritage that has merged Seychellois cuisine with African, British, French, Indian and Chinese influences. Signature delicacies to look out for include Fruit Bat Curry and the classic Ladobe pudding, a sweet dessert of breadfruit cooked in coconut milk and sugar.


The five most typically popular traditional dishes are available in some of the best local restaurants and as quick takeaways at attractive prices in local fares and night bazaars. If you are experimental enough, other delicacies like the boudin or blood sausage are worth a try, washed down with bacca, a local fermentation, or one of our excellent local beers, all of which mirror the varied ethnicity and grand symphony of flavours, tastes and textures which we know today as our local gastronomy.

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