Experience A Different Algarve

14 April 2022


Get to know the Algarve on foot with routes stretching for 300km across the inlands.

Or If you prefer to cycle, the Coastal Ecovia is a good alternative, offering direct access to a number of beaches, the Coastal Ecovia runs from one end of the Algarve to other.


The viewpoints in the Algarve are to be found all over the region. Along the Vicentine Coast, see how the clifftop Arrifana Viewpoint faces up to the Needle Rock, a giant rock rising up out of the Atlantic Ocean, and admire the sublime view all along the coastline from the Castelejo Viewpoint.

Or surrender to the delights of the panoramas afforded by the natural viewpoints that overlook gently rolling hills with the sea on the horizonIn the Barrocal.

Natural Springs

For a small piece of paradise, located in the transitional barrocal area, various species of trees and bushes rarely found in the Algarve, grow side-by-side Ash and Willow, contrasting with the Mediterranean vegetation.

Take in the nature around you and you may even spot a raft of otters, and at certain times of the year colonies of bats nestle within the caves.

Walking in the Algarve

The Algarve’s many trails and footpaths make for unforgettable walks. Discover the authentic natural world of the Algarve and its geological riches, which go far beyond the magnificent cliffs alongside the sea. Discover a whole new world that the Algarve has kept hidden, every step, the natural surroundings hold new surprises in store.

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