Enjoy a family adventure to the Caribbean island of Cuba

27 February 2018

Cuba is a land of intrigue and one that provides a fantastic opportunity to whisk your family off to the Caribbean for a spot of exploration and relaxation.

Ongoing economic issues mean that some material goods and Florida-style theme parks and waterparks are few and far between, but the island’s close-knit traditions, beautiful beaches, and blast-from-the-past feel make this an intriguing and exciting destination that all the family can enjoy.

Charming Havana

Havana is an enchanting and captivating capital city, where compelling history is intertwined with rich culture and diversity.

Children will love Havana’s otherworldly feel, with four pirate-era forts including the 18th century Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Canana, renowned for its canon-firing ceremony and actors donning military regalia from the era. They’ll also be able to spot relics such as art deco theatres, eclectic street art, and a slew of vintage cars which line the streets.

Caribbean beaches and resorts

It is easy to forget that Cuba is a Caribbean island when Havana dominates its image, however, Cuba is home to some beautiful beaches and resorts.

Varadero, Cayo Coco and Holguín are popular choices for holidaymakers and families who are lured in by golden sands and turquoise waters. They are also home to several all-inclusive resort-style hotels, many with multiple pools that will keep the kids entertained.

Local experiences

Every provincial city has a baseball stadium, providing a night’s entertainment for small change. The game has a rich history in Cuba, who are the most successful baseballing nation in Olympic history. You’ll often find kids practicing their pitching and batting down the street or in an alleyway.

Ice cream parlours in Cuba are often full of families sharing tables, and imagination and spontaneity are encouraged and inspired at local Casa de la Culturas (House of Cultures), which arty kids will adore. There’s also the opportunity to try something a little different by taking a salsa class. Get the whole family whirling around the room to sound of Latin beats!

Outdoor adventures

Cuba’s incredible scenery is there for the taking, providing the perfect backdrop for family-friendly outdoor adventures. Hop on a horse or take a bullock cart ride through the lush plantation scenery around Viñales, where you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about tobacco and coffee production, as well as catch a glimpse of rural Cuban life.

There’s also the opportunity to view the Cuban countryside from a different perspective, by taking to the skies on a zipline. This fun-for-all-the-family attraction will get the adrenaline pumping, and toddlers can even go in tandem with the guides.

Food and drink

The two foodstuffs that underpin the Cuban diet are rice and beans, so it’s no surprise in Cuba that they aren’t in short supply. Tropical fruit is also big produce on the island, and many places serve up delicious juices, smoothies and fresh fruit.

Seafood, such as crab, lobster and prawns, freshly caught off the Zapata Peninsula goes down a treat, as do meat and fish dishes which are usually lightly spiced, giving younger ones the chance to experience new flavour sensations.

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