Dubai: More than a city in the sun

25 July 2017

With year-round sunshine, Dubai is the perfect place to escape to if the Irish summertime is falling short and you’re in need of some vitamin D. And, with family-friendly thrills, hotels welcoming guests of all ages and international foods to suit every palate, the city is ideal for families, and has so much more to offer than just glorious weather!


Visitors to the city can’t miss the Burj Khalifa, after all it’s the tallest building in the world! After you’ve craned your neck looking up to the top, you’ll be clamouring to see the city from 148 floors (and 555 metres) up. Something sure to wow visitors of all ages but be sure to keep your head at such dizzying heights!



As well as the tallest building in the world, Dubai also boasts the largest shopping mall in the world, so whether you’re one for the shops or not, it’s well worth a visit. Plus, the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest no less, is situated just outside and shoots water 150m into the air!

After experiencing the world’s biggest and best, you’ll be needing some down-time. So why not head to one of Dubai’s stunning beaches? There are lovely public beaches to relax on, plus chilled-out beach clubs where you and your family will be well looked after.



And what would a family holiday be without a visit to a theme park? IMG Worlds of Adventure (another world’s largest) features four ‘zones’ including ‘Lost Valley’, a prehistoric thrill ride back in time to the land of dinosaurs, with the Velociraptor shooting riders out into the deserts of Dubai. For something slower-paced, head to Legoland or Bollywood Parks for cinematic rides and attractions for all ages.

Feeding the family is not concern in Dubai. With thousands of cafes and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. From 5* high end restaurants to burger joints, Asian fusion food to Middle Eastern street eats, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the city of cuisine.



Get a taste of the authentic Arab Emirates with a visit to one of the many souks, the scents of oud and bakhoor filling the streets. Adventures in the desert abound with dune-surfing, camel rides and 4x4 races over the sand or visit the Dubai Historical District for archaeological sites and traditional neighbourhoods.



Without a doubt, the city of Dubai is a sure-fire win for an unforgettable time. With great deals on flights and accommodation, it couldn’t be easier to experience this glittering city, which welcomes visitors with open arms and sends them home with a heart full of memories.

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