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28 April 2020

Here at Travel Counsellors, we take a personal approach to travel and always act in the best interests of our customers.  With the challenging circumstances over the last couple of weeks, it has been so reaffirming to hear customers' positive stories that show the work we do really makes a difference to people. If you have any positive stories, tag us in them and share the #MomentsThatMatter.  


"It is interesting to see Travel Counsellors is the only travel company to have received the Queen’s award but in my personal experience it is because your company actually values its clients. What is even better to see is this is for outstanding international growth which shows this service is being recognised across the world. Having previously used a vast range of travel businesses across the world, I personally have not received a level of service and attention to detail equal to the quality provided by yourself or the Travel Counsellors brand. I believe this growth will only continue to increase once the current travel restrictions are lifted"

"We have been travelling with Travel Counsellors for many years and have always had fantastic holidays. Our personal Travel Counsellor is more of a family friend and we value her expertise and advice."

I hope this feedback provides you both with a moment to stop and smile, reassure you that your business and your amazing people really do shine light into your customers' lives and that light travels with us forever. Creator of joy, an expert in her field and all you could ever wish for from a Travel Counsellor. You are an amazing human, professional and expert

"I can personally attest that my Travel Counsellor is really Superman.  He is one of the few most reliable, creative, relentlessly positive and hardworking people I can count on. I am proud to know him and grateful for having had many opportunities to work with him. He is a Miracle Travel Genius"

“You said you and Travel Counsellors would be with us all the way.  I bet you hadn’t envisaged quite such a journey!  Where to start with our THANK YOU – thank you for navigating and supporting us through what must have been one of the most stressful of times.  It was constant anxiety for us but you were at the front end working for us all hours of the day and night to find us a flight to get home.  As I said, you were an unconditional lifeline.  You were always upbeat, supportive and positive.  What was so impressive was that you cared, you went more than the extra mile, you wanted to help and wanted to succeed.  Finally you and your colleagues at Travel Counsellors found us a flight and we are home.  We were so touched that you and your family became part of this journey, even to the point of following the flight home."


Amazing support and help from our Travel Counsellor. I think the current climate has only reinforced to me that I will always use Travel Counsellors to help me deal with my holiday plans. Exceptional service and she is someone who really goes above and beyond. Well done to the team over such a difficult period. May we all get to the other side of this outbreak - safe and a lot wiser about what really matters.



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