Bespoke Holidays and Unique Experiences in Canada

29 November 2021

From world-class cities to welcoming small-town communities, from vast national parks to tucked-away coastal gems, the customised itineraries, unique experiences, tours and luxury hotels and villas that we at Travel Counsellors can offer in conjunction with our specialist Canadian partner will take you to the heart of this fascinating country with its richly compelling heritage and genuinely awe-inspiring landscapes.

Whether it be Alberta or Quebec, British Columbia or the Yukon, our partner offers stylish luxury travel in the very best of Canada. The focus is often, quite naturally, on the country’s fabulous wildlife, lush forests and breathtaking coastlines and mountains, but from the bustle of urban hotspots including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to the lost-in-time villages of Prince Edward Island, there’s also history, culture and communities to discover in abundance.

 Our boutique partner of travel and product managers has an extensive, direct network of local tour guides, drivers, naturalists, scientists and other experts that ensures the highest level of customer service, expertise, safety and customisation possible in the industry, empowering couples, families and groups to have the most enriching luxury holiday available.

With our partner, we can even give you access to experiences usually closed to the public, including special events, festivals and reservations at the latest restaurants and clubs. It can also include extra touches and details for romantic events, including proposals, honeymoons and anniversaries. Alternatively, for families – including multi-generational family groups – experiences that would be too complex to organise yourself are rendered completely stress-free, so that you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.


Sample Itineraries

Together with our partner, we can design private, independent journeys entirely customised to your needs; our partner's sample itineraries are just a starting point for a holiday fully tailored to your wishes and requirements, to create true once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

To take just one example, we can take you to Newfoundland to marvel at the otherworldly, ‘end-of-the-world’ landscapes of Fogo Island, set out across the water on a quest to see icebergs, whales and puffins, and explore Gros Morne glacial fjords and waterfalls. Your accommodation is unique, too: The Fogo Island Inn, with its suites with floor-to-ceiling windows with views of ‘iceberg alley’ and wood-burning stoves. This non-profit organisation gratifyingly invests 100% of its operational surpluses in the surrounding community.

Or in British Columbia, you might go on a bear hunt, perhaps spotting polar bears in their native habitat in Churchill, seeing grizzlies close up in Bella Coola, and even encountering the rare ‘spirit’ bear in Klemtu. Based at the Seal River Heritage Lodge, you’ll enjoy marine tours in search of beluga whales, seals and seabirds,  well as many other unforgettable activities.

Another favourite is a stay at Arctic Watch, the world’s most northerly fly-in wilderness lodge, located on Nunavut’s remote Somerset Island. Activities here include wilderness hikes to take in the stunning sight of beluga whales peaking and diving into the Cunningham River and the glorious Triple Waterfall with its nesting peregrine falcons, loons and snow buntings.

Meanwhile, an array of optional experiences to put the finishing touch on your trips can include dining in a hut 1,800m up Blackcomb Mountain, reached by snowmobile or snowcat, an exclusive after-hours tour of the Montreal Museum of Modern Art, Arctic char fishing, marveling at the shimmering Northern Lights and horse-riding along mountain trails in the rugged backcountry of the Canadian Rockies.


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