A Twelve Year Old's Trip of a Lifetime to New York City

23 March 2021

Our Travel Counsellor Mandy Walsh has done New York City many times with friends and family, but last year her trip was ruled by the plans of a 12 year old and it was a very different few days in New York than what she was used to. It was far from rooftop bars, delicious cocktails & late night banter in bars and more about cupcakes, candy stores and sports stores galore, but never the less New York was exciting as ever.

So in the words of 13 year old Ella, her experience in New York City was just magical.

“I am so surprised on Christmas Day when I opened my presents, I nearly cried. I marked the date on my calendar in my bedroom and started to count down the days. It was my Birthday a few weeks before we went and everyone gave me US Dollars so I could do my own shopping. The flight wasn’t too long and I got to watch lots of new movies that were out in the cinema.

When we were waiting on our suitcases in JFK we met Ryan Tubridy and he even let my Mum take a selfie. I was so embarrassed but he was really nice to us. We went straight to our hotel called the Fitzpatrick's in Midtown Manhattan and got changed to go exploring.

It was nice and warm most of the time when we were there and we walked soooo much. I loved all the shops especially the ones we don’t have here in Ireland including Forever 21, Macy’s, Old Navy, Justice and Urban Outfitters. I bought lots of new clothes and presents for my friends. We also got the bus one day to Jersey Gardens, there were so many shops and the biggest Food Court I EVER saw.

My favourite thing we did was going to see Mean Girls on Broadway. My Mammy knows how much I love musicals and it was just the best day. I always say to her ‘On Wednesdays we wear PINK’. I can’t wait to go see another show sometime. We also went on a really cool bus called The Ride which drives all around the Broadway area and has lots of dancing and music onboard. It was soooo much fun.

We went to Madame Tussauds, Mr Ripleys, and went on the Hop On Hop Off bus. We also went to Central Park and hired bikes and saw where they made Friends in Central Park. Most days the weather was nice but one day we were going to a lovely park near our hotel called Byrant Park where they have Outdoor Movies but it was too wet so went to a huge cinema near Times Square and saw Elton John’s Rocketman. They had HUGE popcorn buckets. I would love to go back some day but Mammy says I need to start saving”

Mandy said that no matter how many times you go to New York it's always as good as the last time, if not better. She is yet to tick Hudson Yards and the Chelsea Line off her list so hopefully they will get back together some time soon.

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