A Thirteen Year Old's Trip of a Lifetime to Brilliant Boston

25 March 2021

Over the last year we have all dreamed of adventures future and past, wondering when the next time that we can make our great escape will be. Our kids are no different. They too have missed the sun on their skin, experiencing new cultures and cities and quality time abroad with their families. This is an account from 13 year old Rebecca Higgins on her last and most memorable trip to Boston, and we loved reading about her travel experience.

Our journey began in Dublin Airport where we set off on the plane to Boston. I was a bit apprehensive about the flight, I thought 6 hours on a plane would be very boring, but I was wrong, we had our own little telly attached to the seat in front of us and there were lots of movies to choose from and we had our dinner on the plane. When we landed in the airport we took a taxi to our hotel. I had always thought Boston would have looked like a big modern city with tall shiny buildings like New York or something... and it did have good few buildings like that but a lot of the buildings were beautiful, old brick townhouses.

We stayed at the Elliot Hotel in the Back Bay area. It really was so lovely all the staff were so kind, and they’d always talk and be friendly towards us - quite often in hotels they talk to the adults more! The doormen were particularly lovely and treated my little brother and I like a prince and princess – they even gave us a gift when we arrived – journals to write all about our holiday. The hotel lobby was kind of a goldy theme with big chandeliers, marble floors and gold railings beside the stairs. I felt like someone famous in that lobby, it was like a room in a castle!

Later that day we went for a little walk around the city, we saw lots of busy shops, taxis and so many traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Buses and cars were honking their horns, even sirens in the background. I had never seen anything like it, it was like being on a movie set!

We ate in lots of great places. My favourite was the place we had breakfast, a café called Stephanie’s where we ate outside and the food was beautiful. There were always little cute birds around and sometimes when we had left our table they would nibble at our food (if we had left any), they were so sweet! One day after having breakfast we saw a man feeding the little birds, he was picking up little pieces of bread and holding them out and the birds would fly up to him and eat the bread from between his fingers. He told my family he was known as ‘The Bird Man of Newbury Street’ and my brother and I tried feeding the birds with him. The birds didn’t trust us at first, but the man whistled and encouraged the birds, and they came right up to our hands. It was a bit tickly but so funny and cute!

We did so many fun activities in the city, it is hard to choose favourites, but certainly some of the best things were going to the aquarium and whale watching. The aquarium was amazing and huge, it was mostly a bit dark with beautiful neon lights. We got to pet manta rays (I loved that!) we saw penguins getting fed, and we also got to see a huge turtle called Mertyl who was 90 years old! She was absolutely lovely. We also saw piranhas which was a bit scary but there was no way of them getting out of their tank. Whale watching was really amazing. We set off out to sea on a large boat, (the journey was quite long, my little brother fell asleep!) but we eventually spotted a humpback whale so the long journey was well worth it! The whale was so beautiful and graceful, it was a lovely experience.

I love shopping and there were so many cool shops – Zara, Nike, Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Macy’s and Starbuck’s they even have a HUGE Penny’s – called Primark there!

We walked everywhere, there are some lovely parks with great wildlife, I actually saw a white squirrel in Boston Common. It’s no wonder they call it the walking city – my Fitbit recorded over 40kms in just three days. So my top tip if you go is bring comfy shoes (we had to buy my Dad new runners!!)

I had the most amazing time in Boston, it was like no other place I’ve been to before and I hope to be back soon but I would love to go to New York first!

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