A guide to the Caribbean

06 October 2021

With more than 7,000 islands stretching from the east coast of Florida to the northern tip of South America, the Caribbean archipelago truly does have something for everyone.

What unites this marvellous region is its extraordinary, warm people and its colourful, compelling culture, which shines through in all facets of daily life, from food to festivals, from music to religion – each consisting of a mix of influences including pre-colonisation native communities, European colonisers and successive waves of immigration.

For solo travellers looking for adventures, families following in the footsteps of explorers and pirates, divers and snorkellers keen to marvel at some of the world’s very best marine discovery sites and couples seeking a retreat from the world on some of the most pristine beaches on the globe, the Caribbean is second to none.


To find out more, check out our Guide to the Caribbean.


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