7 incredible pancakes from across the globe

04 March 2019

We all have our favourite pancake fillings for Pancake Tuesday, whether it is a savoury option, more traditional lemon and sugar or maybe something a little more extravagant like chocolate spread and banana. As the annual occasion is right around the corner, we thought we would share with you the favourite pancake fillings and toppings of some of our Travel Counsellors and the destinations in which you can enjoy them, ahead of this year's Pancake Day on Tuesday 5 March.

France: Galettes with ham and eggs and buttery crêpes 

Recommended by Travel Counsellors: “French pancakes are known as ‘galettes’ or ‘crêpes’ - and not the name pancakes. They are a speciality from Bretagne (Brittany) and come in two categories: Galettes are the savoury kind, normally made with rye flour, and filled with something savoury. Cheese, ham and sausages may be the most common ingredients but there is no limit to what you can have on it.

"Crêpes, on the other hand, are made with wheat flour and are served with anything sweet - from just sugar to any kind of chocolate sauce, jams, fruit, and so on. One of the best places to eat them are at crêperies, which specialise in these tasty treats and can be found just about anywhere in France.”

Travel Counsellors agree and recommend buttery crêpes: “It’s hard to beat a freshly cooked, lace-thin crêpe in France, oozing with beurre-sucre butter. It is simple, yet delicious. I have a specific memory of sitting in front of the Pompidou Centre in Paris and trying to avoid getting sticky butter all over myself - it was definitely worth the sacrifice.”

Enjoy a galette or crêpe in... Paris: Known as the City of Lights, Paris is home to world-renowned attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Those wanting some retail therapy need not look further than the Champs-Élysées, an avenue packed with designer brands and boutique stores, while the cobbled streets of the Montmatre neighbourhood are perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Argentina: Dulce de leche

Dulce de Leche pancake

Recommended by Travel Counsellors: “My favourite filling is dulce de leche, which is a delicious caramel-style sauce made from milk and sugar. It's so sweet and so delicious, it's not only one of my favourite pancake flavours, but also one of my favourite foods"

Enjoy dulce de leche in... Buenos Aries: Walk through the streets of Buenos Aries and be instantly captivated by the eclectic mix of European architecture and Latin flair. Explore the barrios and enjoy the range of distinct personalities that each one has, feast on delectable Argentine steak and wine or attend a football game at the stadium of one of the city's world-famous clubs, Boca Juniors and River Plate.

Poland: Doughnuts on Fat Thursday (Pączki Day)

Doughnuts for Fat Thursday in Poland

Recommended by a Travel Counsellor: “My recommendation for Pancake Day? Celebrate Fat Thursday as they do in Poland with some delicious doughnuts. Pączki Day is part of Fat Week, which runs from Shrove Thursday to Shrove Tuesday. The doughnuts eaten during this time were originally conceived to use up the eggs, dairy products and meat that couldn’t be eaten during Lent which is great for those of us who love to indulge."

Enjoy doughnuts in... Wroclaw: As the biggest city in western Poland, Wroclaw has plenty going for it. In addition to the beautiful Market Square, with its tall, colourful buildings, you can visit the Cathedral of St John the Baptist with its viewing platform for unparalleled city views, or go in search of the city's gnomes, which have been a popular fixture since 2001. Have a doughnut at one of the famous Nasza Pączkarnia dougnut kiosks which have ever-changing flavours and are open until late seven days a week.

United Kingdom: Lemon juice and sugar

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Recommended by Travel Counsellors: “My favourite pancake filling just has to be lemon juice and sugar. It tastes amazing and it is a spoonful and squeeze of nostalgia. Eating pancakes with lemon and sugar always remind me of Pancake Day as a child.”

Enjoy lemon and sugar pancakes in... Cornwall: Cornwall is one of England’s most beautiful regions. A large portion of the South West’s tourism is centred along its edges, and in Cornwall, you’ll have access to over 300 miles of coastline awash with dunes and cliffs. Hit the beach in St Ives for the country’s best surfing, paddle the day away at Praa Sands or go rockpooling at Nanjizal.

Spain: Frixuelos with aniseed

Frixuelos pancakes from Spain

Recommended by Travel Counsellors: “The best pancake filling has to be frixuelos with aniseed. Mix together eggs, milk, a pinch of salt, flour and anise liquor, then add a teaspoon of olive oil to a pan and pour in your mixture. When the pancakes are cooked, spread each one with jam, whipped cream or chocolate spread, and roll up and eat. Delicious.”

Enjoy frixuelos and aniseed pancakes in... Barcelona: Enjoy the beautiful seaside city of Barcelona and see the stunning works of Antoni Gaudí including Casa Batlló, the UNESCO-recognised Casa Milá and Park Güell. There's also Sagrada Família, the famously unfinished church with a projected completion date of 2026.

India: Appam with rice and coconut milk

Appam pancakes from Kerala

Recommended by Travel Counsellors: “My favourite pancake is a South Indian rice frill dish called appam. This is a special dish from Kerala, although it can also be found in Sri Lanka where it is known as hopper. Appam is often eaten for breakfast, and this soft pancake-style treat is made with coconut milk and served with vegetable stews."

Enjoy appam in... Kerala: Kerala is a coastal state with a lot to offer whether you’re looking for a beach break, mountain hikes, adventure, wildlife or culture. Stop by Munnar for a tour of their sprawling tea plantations and try a cup of the local produce at the tea museum, head to the coast at Varkala for a stretch of palm-fringed golden sand bordered by beach side restaurants.



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