10 reasons to book your next family holiday with Travel Counsellors

15 July 2019

Our passion for being personal comes out in every holiday we book for our customers, including family holidays. And with parents being among the most time-pressed people on Earth, we know just how difficult it can be to find enough hours in the day to pin down the right holiday for your family at the right price. That’s where we come in – whether you need a relaxing all-inclusive or a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we have the knowledge and the personal experience to guide you to the very best option.

Why book with Travel Counsellors?

 “Travelling with children can be a daunting prospect, no matter if its your first or fifth child! When you book a family holiday with me, I take care of all the little details, from pre-booked seating on the flights to arranging for a cot or kid’s bed in your room or car seats on the transfers/car hire, to top family hotel and destination recommendations.






 “The sights you witness whilst on safari will stay with you for the rest of your life… What an amazing memory to make and share with your family! […]  Now, you might be thinking that this all sounds amazing, but the sheer volume of organisation needed to book it sounds like too much. Thats where we come in! We work closely with professional companies with local knowledge and expertise based in South Africa.”




I am a big believer in the importance of travel for families; it introduces us to the world, creates inquisitive minds and gives us confidence. Experiencing the world through your childrens eyes also provides a fresh perspective to more travel-hardened parents […] An adventure tour is a great place to start, whether you are looking for a stress-free, active family holiday or are experienced travellers looking for a unique adventure. The family adventure travel market caters to families of all shapes, sizes and budgets including tours expressly for solo parents and their kids.






Some of Our Most Popular Family Destinations



For inspiration and to book your family holiday, contact your Travel Counsellor today.

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